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The Roppongi Hills Mori Tower was a 54-story mixed-use skyscraper located in Roppongi, in the year 2219, the tower collapsed.


In the year 5739, Tsukasa formed an empire called the Tsukasa Empire and used the tower as a base. The tower remained under the control of Tsukasa for a year until the Stone Wars began, which ended in the total collapse of the Tsukasa Empire and the building was then absorbed into the Kingdom of Science.

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower now acts as the Kingdom of Science's second main location of operations.


Tactics Chamber[]

KoS Tactics Chamber

Tactics Chamber

Tactics Chamber is located on top of the collapsed Roppongi Hills Structure, the chamber is used by the Kingdom of Science's Five Wise Commanders, to plan their operations.[1]

Restaurant Francois[]

KoS Restaurant Francois

Restaurant Francois

Restaurant Francois Is located at the former Tsukasa Empire, the restaurant was created by Francois[2]


Shipyard Is where the Perseus and other ships were docked.


Village Is the new village built around the Tower. It was constructed with the key members of the Kingdom Of Science returning to Japan and more revivals were made presumably to House them.[3]


  • The Roppongi Hills Mori Tower is based on a skyscraper by the same name. It is located in the District of Roppongi, which is located in the city of Minato.
  • It is a three day journey away from Ishigami Village.


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