The Revival Fluid also known as Stone Formula and the Miracle Fluid, is the instant cure to the Petrification phenomenon developed by Senku Ishigami.


Nital is an industrial etching solution also used to reveal the microstructure of carbon steels. Here, nital is used to trigger the depetrification of the petrified humans and swallows. It is normally made from nitric acid and an alcohol, usually methanol, ethanol or methylated spirits.

Mixing nitric acid with ethanol has the potential to be explosive if the concentration of nitric acid reaches over 10% (by weight).[1]


Senku initially uses the nitric acid found in bat guano and ethanol distilled from grape wine as the two sources of ingredients for the revival fluid.

The bat guano replacement setup, where ammonia is converted into nitric acid.

The completed revival fluid is a compound of nitric acid and alcohol created by filtering 'miracle fluid' from the cave and mixing it with as close to 96% distilled alcohol as possible. The ratio is 30% nitric acid to 70% alcohol and the reaction won't occur unless it's perfect.[2][3]


Stone Formula Arc

After Taiju came across the bat-filled cave Senku had woken up near, Senku explains his logic on how the petrification works. Senku concludes that the nitric acid from the bat guano in the cave helped free both himself and Taiju from petrification. However Senku notes that just pouring nitric acid on a statue doesn't undo the petrification. He comments that he wants to try using nital (a stronger corrosive agent) instead but needs alcohol to do it. Several months go by while they collect more nitric acid and distill more alcohol, and during the winter they finally succeed in reverting a swallow back to normal.[4]

Senku later tests the formula in different ways, including on broken off statue pieces which revert to corpse parts. The first human test is on Tsukasa.[5]

Vs. Tsukasa Arc

Senku hides the revival fluid recipe from Tsukasa in case things get out of hand, but Taiju immediately tells Tsukasa about the cave and the 'miracle fluid' found within. It then becomes a race to complete the fluid and revive Yuzuriha before Tsukasa comes back to the cave.[6] Ultimately, Senku is forced to give up the cave and formula to Tsukasa in order to save Yuzuriha's life.[7]

Communications Arc

The Kingdom of Science and the Empire of Might wage war over the Cave of Miracles, the only known source of the nitric acid at the time.

After Senku revives Tsukasa's sister, Hyoga has Homura destroy the cave, thereby preventing either side from reviving anyone else.

Treasure Island Arc

Senku stopping petrification in its tracks using the revival fluid.

The Kingdom of Science obtain platinum from the Soyuz capsule left by the astronauts. With that, Senku was able to build a device to turn ammonia, sodium hydroxide and shells into nitric acid and revive the Perseus crew who were petrified.[8]

Much later, Senku has to revive Hyoga to combat Ibara and Mozu. The people of Treasure Island were shocked to learn that statues can be revived.

New America City Arc

Soyuz revealed he memorized the formula and planned to revive all the statues on Treasure Island.[9]

The American Colony led by Dr. Xeno never discovered the revival formula on their own and wanted to know how the Kingdom of Science managed to revive so many people. They refused to divulge it because it would leave the enemy with no reason to keep them alive as well as realise that they were sitting on a nigh-infinite amount of the stuff.

During the final negotiations, Senku tells Dr. Brody the formula ingredients, in the hopes that Brody will ally with his friends and they can revive a million people to create Corn City.[10]


  • The weaker nitric acid solution only seems to work if the statue is still conscious and actively thinking, and only after a long time.
  • After depetrifying himself, Senku realize that if a part of the body is in the revival fluid while the rest is becoming petrified, the submerged portion will not turn to stone and probably separate and fall off without initiating the rest of the depetrification process. Additionally, bathing in revival fluid would probably protect the person from the beam but they would die regardless from the nitric acid.[11]


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