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I Am Here (わたしはここにいます Watashi wa koko ni imasu) is the ninth and final chapter of the Dr. STONE reboot: Byakuya manga.


3,572 years after the petrification, Rei has used up almost all the resources available in the Earth's orbit. The ISS has shrunk to the size of a milk crate, so Rei goes off to collect the final satellites. Rather than rebuilding the station immediately, Rei decides to build a giant 3D printer.

While building the printer, Rei listens to the recording of Lillian's final song and hears that it's been damaged. Rei also assesses their wear, and realizes that they don't have any means to repair themselves and they'll cease to function.

Rei gives the 3D printer a huge set of commands: the first set is to rebuild the space station's primary body all at once. The second set is to create several smaller and smaller 3D printers, with the final printer printing Rei. The time to print should last 150 years, however a single error will doom the whole process and Rei won't be around to fix it. Rei finally asks questions like "when do humans die" and whether or not there is a significance to the forest covering the Earth. Rei chooses to wait rather than wanting to know the answers.

Rei recalls a moment long ago when they had seen Byakuya's original concept for Rei, and wonders whether loneliness is a bad thing. Rei then goes quiet, waiting to be reprinted.

3,718 years after the petrification, Rei awakens in a new body: the one Byakuya originally intended. The ISS has been rebuilt as well, more like a set of wings than the other one.

On Earth, Senku looks up to the sky and sees the ISS's beacon light flash, assuming a shooting star or the ISS, but decides that the latter is impossible. He's about to question Chrome about it but gets interrupted. It's revealed that over the years, Chrome mapped the locations of the beacon's flash in the night sky, a message from Rei: "BYAKUYA I AM HERE".

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Chapter Notes[]

  • Rei collects the remaining satellites.
  • Rei builds a 3D printer.
    • The printer first prints the new space station, then reprints Rei.
  • 150 years later, Rei has the body Byakuya originally intended to build and the new space station is operational.
  • Senku notices a blinking light in the sky.
  • Chrome has mapped the locations of the blinks when he was younger, revealing a message from Rei.

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