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An Era Without Gray ( (はい) (いろ) のない () (かん) Haiiro no nai jikan) is the eighth chapter of the Dr. STONE reboot: Byakuya manga.


200 years after the petrification event, Mt. Fuji erupts, covering Tokyo in a blanket of ash 2 meters thick. Roppongi Hills collapses. 332 years after the petrification event, an iron asteroid collides with Rome, creating a large crater and sending shock waves around the Earth. Rei flees in the ISS to avoid the debris.

Thanks to the ash cloud, the Earth enters an ice age and Rei hopes that Byakuya is keeping warm. 470 years after the petrification, Rei needs to consider replacing Lil' Maho once more, as the sun evaporated the comet faster than expected. Rei plans to use an extrasolar comet this time, and finds some sort of creature frozen inside. The comet is placed in the Earth's shadow to prevent evaporation.

490 years after the petrification, Rei uses some of the equipment onboard to make an asteroid tracking device to protect the space station in the future. 1,200 years after petrification, Mt. Fuji erupts again. 1,350 years after the petrification, an earthquake expands Treasure Island. 1,600 years after the petrification, Rei celebrates replacing the solar cells for the 50th time.

3,200 years after the petrification, Rei discovers an asteroid set to impact the Earth in 400 years. It is much larger than the one from before and cause a mass extinction event. Rei makes a roadmap in order to redirect the asteroid, creating a solar farm, factory and heavy hydrogen. Rei makes 4,000 unmanned hydrogen bombs and launches the fleet towards the asteroid. It redirects the asteroid as intended, but leaves the ISS with only a fraction of its original mass.

Rei, very damaged, vows to rebuild the station ready for Byakuya to return.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • Mt. Fuji erupts.
  • An asteroid hits Rome, causing an ice age and damaging the ISS.
  • Rei collects a new comet as a source of fuel.
  • Mt. Fuji erupts once more, and Treasure Island expands.
  • An asteroid is set to impact the Earth, destroying most life.
    • Rei prevents it by using 4,000 hydrogen bombs to redirect its path.
  • Rei begins rebuilding the ISS.


Hunt for Energy Petroleum

The petroleum beast

  • The alien creature Rei discovers could be a reference to the petroleum beast Boichi drew in his 2011 series, H・E: The Hunt for Energy.

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