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I See You ( (きみ) がみえる Kimi ga mieru) is the seventh chapter of the Dr. STONE reboot: Byakuya manga.


20 years after the astronauts left the ISS, Rei wonders how Byakuya is doing. Rei observes the Earth from spaces and sees Japan, mentioning that Tokyo has become entirely green. Rei wonders if Byakuya managed to leave the island they landed on.

On the island, we see an older Byakuya surrounded by children, asking him if he went up the hill to visit granny Lillian. Another child asks if Byakuya really came from space, so Byakuya tells a story about a house in the sky and his robot that probably burned down a year after they landed. A third child shows Byakuya a flag they made for the village, which Byakuya adds some details to. The flag depicts a rocket heading towards the ISS, with a small ball representing Rei inside the ISS. In the background, there is a star and a sun. Byakuya then tells the children he must leave and collect more "shiny sand" for when humanity comes back and wants to go to space again.

Back on the ISS, Rei assesses the state of the space station and decides they need to acquire new parts to fix the engines and solar cells. With numerous satellites present in various orbits around the Earth, Rei uses the new Reigelion Type-R autonomic space ships to collect them.

25 years after the petrification, Rei has acquired 100 tons of spare parts from the satellites. 38 years after the petrification, Rei needs to upgrade their mind again, this time to 3,000 SP (Smartphone Points) of power. 42 years after the petrification, Rei realizes that Byakuya may not know that the ISS is still up and running. Rei decides to try sending a signal.

On Earth, Byakuya is now very old and in a river collecting the precious sand. He knows his body is on its last legs but pushes on regardless. Meanwhile, Rei sets up a giant lamp on the ISS, setting it so that it flashes on when the ISS passes over Tokyo.

That night, Byakuya's body gives up and he collapses into the river. He no longer has the energy to get up. He stares at the reflection of the stars in the water when Rei lights up the lamp for the first time. Byakuya sees it and cries. Rei, unsure if Byakuya noticed it, hopes that at least one of the times Byakuya will look up and remember Rei. Byakuya is buried along with the rest of the astronauts while the ISS twinkles overhead.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • Byakuya is now a grandfather to many children.
    • One of the children makes a flag.
  • Rei decides to collect all the other satellites to upgrade the ISS and use them as replacement parts.
  • Rei makes a signal to remind Byakuya that Rei is still up in space.
  • Byakuya dies, but not before seeing Rei's blinking light.


  • This chapter shows an elder Byakuya mentoring the children after the deaths of his team.
  • Byakuya is revealed to have died forty years after the petrification.
  • Another reference to Dragon Ball Z is made.

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