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A Hunt To Preserve The Space Station (I (アイ) S (エス) S (エス) (まもる) ためには () りにいかなきゃ ISS o Mamorutameni wa kari ni ikanakya) is the sixth chapter of the Dr. STONE reboot: Byakuya manga.


Rei decides to hunt down the comet Maho-320 which is mostly made of water. Rei realizes they need a spaceship to do so, and thus begins crafting one. 2 years later, Rei has combined two space suits and a solar cell to make one, storing supplies within the suits and using the helmet section as a cockpit. Rei names the spaceship the Reigelion

The journey takes 3 years to complete, with the ISS programmed to not crash over that time. When Rei arrives, they realize that their estimates were off by a lot, and the comet is much larger than expected. Rei doesn't think they can bring it back alone, and that their journey was for naught.

Through sheer luck, the comet rotates slowly, exposing a weak point towards the sun, melting the dry ice and fracturing the comet. The smaller piece is portable, and thus Rei returns with the chunk after attaching a spare hydrogen-powered engine. The return journey takes 2 years.

Rei leaves Lil' Maho, the chunk of comet, in a safe place in Earth's orbit and checks the status of the ISS. The ammonia coolant is beginning to run out, however the comet also contains a source of organic matter for Rei to acquire resources from.

8 years after the petrification event, Rei feels off, as 12 of their 60 smartphone motherboards are damaged. The damage is caused by the sun's radiation. Using the comet's and ISS's resources, Rei rebuilds their mind to have the power of 1,000 smartphones along with upgrading the Reigelion.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • Rei travels to the comet Maho-320 for resources.
    • The comet is much larger than expected.
  • Rei returns with a piece of the comet and names it Lil' Maho.
  • Rei upgrades their computing power using the new resources from the comet.


  • On page 18, Rei notes that the brain power is over 9000, a reference to another anime called Dragon Ball Z.

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