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Waiting for Byakuya is a Busy Job ( (ひゃく) () () つのは (いそが) しいこと Byakuya o matsu no wa isogashī koto) is the fifth chapter of the Dr. STONE reboot: Byakuya manga.


Alone on the ISS, Rei waits for Byakuya's return. Rei spends their time thinking, occasionally charging themselves when needed.

126 days into their wait, debris collides with the station and damages some solar cells. Needing to fix it for the humans' return, Rei repurposes Shamil's equipment and the Canadarm to be able to maneuver in space. Replacement parts for the solar panels are unavailable in space, however Rei successfully repairs the power system.

380 days into Rei's wait, they decide to check the status of the ISS's trajectory. To do so, they build a laser gun and fire it at the planet's surface, calculating the distance using the delay. Rei realizes with surprise that the ISS is 600 km below standard trajectory, due to the elliptical orbit caused by Byakuya's course correction a over a year ago.

With no fuel left thanks to the humans, Rei uses other resources to propel the station: namely, dimethylhydrazine and dinitrogen tetroxide. Collecting oxygen and hydrogen from water, nitrogen from the air and carbon from the leftover food, Rei creates fuel. Rei also upgrades themselves so that they can move around in an airless environment.

Setting the ISS back on its original trajectory, Rei realizes that their job isn't done since the ISS will continue falling towards the Earth. To avoid it, Rei turns the existing engines into a hydrogen engine, but leaving the ISS with no air, food, or water.

With more water needed to sustain the ISS, Rei prepares to head to outer space in search of water.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • The ISS's solar cells are damaged.
    • Rei modifies the Canadarm to maneuver in space.
    • Rei fixes the wiring but cannot replace the cells themselves.
  • Rei checks the ISS's trajectory using a laser. It has fallen 600 km.
  • Rei makes new fuel for the ISS and sets it back on course.
  • Rei upgrades themself and the ISS's engines.

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