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Humanity's Return to Mother Earth ( (ひと) (みな) (はは) なる () (きゅう) Hito ha minahahanaru chikyū e) is the fourth chapter of the Dr. STONE reboot: Byakuya manga.


The Soyuz module Connie, Shamil and Lillian were travelling in crashes several hundred kilometers off course and is stuck upside down, leaving them unable to escape. The members still left on the ISS are left with the difficult decision for what to do.

Firm on saving their team and the rest of humanity, Byakuya suggests they aim for a nearby island, hope there's a boat or build a raft if there isn't one, and swim over to the capsized capsule. On Byakuya's request, Rei calculates their trajectory, adding the ISS as a variable rather than a constant. Yakov worries that what Byakuya is suggesting is impossible, but "A Russian hoping to save his friends...[has] gotta be stronger than any god."

With the calculations done and the ISS on the correct trajectory, the remaining astronauts prepare to leave. Darya takes a moment to ask Byakuya whether or not he's okay with never seeing his son again, and he replies that he'll just have to find some way to make it back up to him.

20 minutes before the Soyuz module launches, Rei asks Byakuya if they're also his friend. Byakuya says yes, and Rei asks if Byakuya would return someday. He says yes again, knowing it's impossible.

The module returns to Earth, leaving Rei alone in space.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • Connie, Shamil and Lillian are trapped on Earth with 8 hours of oxygen left.
  • The remaining astronauts decide to return to Earth to save them.
    • The maneuver uses up most of the rest of the fuel on the ISS.
  • Rei requests Byakuya come back to visit.
  • The Soyuz module returns to Earth, leaving Rei alone on the ISS.

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