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Give Me Space ( () (ちゅう) をください Uchū o kudasai) is the third chapter of the Dr. STONE reboot: Byakuya manga.


The chapter begins with Byakuya listing all of Rei's equipment and data, bragging about Rei's skills. The downside is that Rei lacks common sense, and has no idea of the length of human lifetimes.

Yakov returns and tells everyone they can't get the satellite climate data as the internet has gone down on Earth. Byakuya corrects him, that it's not the internet that's gone down, but the power supply. The world has gone dark. Moments later, small flashes of light begin appearing on the surface—thermal power stations burning down.

To get the climate data they need, Byakuya suggests asking the satellites directly as their communication frequencies don't change much, and finding them using the communication equipment onboard. Yakov quickly discovers that the weather satellites are drifting away, and as they're incapable of adjusting their trajectory they'll only have 20 more hours before they're out of range. Byakuya tells Rei to rush the calculations, beginning to improve Rei's cooling so that Rei can calculate faster.

Hours later, Lillian finds Byakuya staring out into space, and tells him the calculations are done. She says she can relate to how he's feeling right now, and states that humanity may never get back into space once they're all back on the surface. Lillian begins dancing in zero-gravity since she'll never get to again, triggering tears from everyone else. Asking Byakuya to be her audience, she starts singing a song in Japanese.

Filled with hope, the team prepare for their mission back to Earth and launch the Soyuz module.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • The climate data cannot be retrieved from Earth because the power's gone out.
    • They instead rush to grab the data from the satellites directly.
  • The satellites cannot be redirected, so the team have 20 hours to collect the data before they're out of range.
  • Rei successfully calculates the trajectories needed to return to Earth.
  • Lillian sings and dances in space for the last time.
  • The Soyuz module is launched back to Earth.


  • Byakuya says "one hundred million percent" rather than "ten billion percent" as Senku would.

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