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Quail Egg Toss (うずらの (たまご) () Uzura no Tamagonage) is the second chapter of the Dr. STONE reboot: Byakuya manga.


The chapter begins with the astronauts discussing their reentry plan. Byakuya recommends Chiba's Kujukuri beach, as it's near the water and also a large target to aim for. The others agree, and Byakuya draws up a roadmap for them. Yakov and Shamil stress over the calculations and simulations needing to be done, but Byakuya reassures them that they'll be fine.

Byakuya's short speech riles Yakov up, triggering his "wild side", wherein he starts issuing orders to the other members. Connie and Lillian are in charge of supplies, while Darya and Shamil program the ship. Byakuya and Yakov are then left to input the simulation settings for their reentry.

After some time working on the calculations, Yakov realizes that they can't lower the margin of error on the landing site. Connie suggests they give up on Japan and aim or Russia again, but Byakuya reassures her that he'll figure it out. Shamil challenges Byakuya, as no one agreed to Byakuya being the leader, however Byakuya retorts by suggesting Shamil be leader instead, which renders him speechless. Lillian then tells everyone to go to sleep, and that she's the leader now.

Later, Lillian finds Byakuya unable to sleep, still thinking about how to get to Senku. Lillian tells him they'll find a way. Byakuya says that he just wants to see his son again.

Byakuya then comes up with the plan to add the atmospheric density into their calculations in order to reduce the margin of error, and to have Rei calculate it as Rei is a supercomputer.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Chapter Notes[]

  • The astronauts plan their trip to Kujukuri beach.
  • They split into pairs to prepare for the journey:
    • Connie and Lillian organize supplies.
    • Shamil and Darya program the ship.
    • Yakov and Byakuya run the simulations.
  • The margin of error on the simulations does not improve.
  • Lillian tells everyone to go to sleep.
  • Byakuya suggests adding the atmospheric density to the simulation, and having Rei calculate it.

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