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Humanity's Support System ( (じん) (るい) () (えん) Jinrui no shien) is the first chapter of the Dr. STONE reboot: Byakuya manga.


The chapter begins with Byakuya inviting a young Senku to where he lectures at Hirosue University. He shows his son his plan for a robot named Rei, who is currently at version 23. Rei is intended as a zero-gravity robot to help out in space. Senku gets really excited, but Byakuya admits that he's only the supervisor for the project. He also says that soon he'll be going to Russia for astronaut training and then to space, so he'll be gone for a while.

A day before the petrification, Byakuya meets with the other astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Soon, the world is petrified and Byakuya tells them that they have to go save everyone on Earth. Yakov is sceptical that they can do it, since normally they'd have ground support to help with reentry and any other problems that arise.

Byakuya offers himself as the test subject so no one else has to risk their life, but Shamil tells him that the loners should do it: Connie, Lillian, and himself. With the team chosen, the discuss the ideal landing location. Shamil suggests the Baikonur Cosmodrome, as it's approximately the same distance from the petrification's origin as Japan, host to many scientific facilities and also the Soyuz shuttles can't easily alter their coordinates.

Darya argues that Japan would be better, as attempting a ground landing rather than a water one would be a suicide mission without support. Even if they can't make it to a city, the ocean can provide for their survival. Shamil agrees, but points out they won't have science. Lillian, after hearing Byakuya talk about nothing but Senku the entire time they were training, suggests considering Senku as their tech resource.

Being the commander, Yakov has to agree to the plan, and does so meekly. Rei appears to offer their aid, and thus humanity's final six begin their mission to reach Japan.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • Byakuya has been working on a zero-gravity robot named Rei.
  • The astronauts as well as Rei are introduced to each other.
  • The world is petrified.
  • The astronauts decide to take the risky journey to land near Japan without ground support in the hopes of saving the rest of humanity.


  • Rei 23 is made from an early Meccano type of set, as shown by the modular metal parts.
  • Rei 23 may be based off of Robot, by Jim Henson.[1]


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