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Ramen was made by Senku to gain the trust of several members of Ishigami Village. According to Senku, it was the world's greatest delicacy and was invented by a nameless Mongolian around the 4th century by trial and error.


Due to the lack of availability of proper Ramen ingredients, many substitutions were improvised by Senku to complete the recipe. Its main ingredient, the flour for making the noodles, is from grinding foxtail millet grains. A wild bird's egg is added into the flour with some ash lye and potassium carbonate and kneaded together. For the broth, Senku used various ingredients from nature, such as fish, herbs, the meat of an unidentified bird and some form of wild onion. While the villagers loved it, Senku, aware of the proper taste and composition of genuine Ramen, found it very unpleasant, describing it as tasteless, crumbly and leaving a very bitter aftertaste.


The ramen was used to lure villagers into working for the Kingdom of Science, serving as the payment for their work; initially this job was operating the bellows for smelting iron.

The ramen was served to the villagers from a replication of a traditional Japanese food cart, which once more, had for wheels the pulleys Senku made to remove Kohaku from under the tree.

In the anime, Senku made freeze-dried cup ramen for the cellphone team to take as a lightweight, ready made meal food for the journey, with just the addition of hot water. This never occurred in the manga.[1]

After money was recreated by Ryusui, ramen was seen being sold by Suika for a prize of 200 dragos per bowl.[2]


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