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The Petrification Kingdom (石化王国 Sekka ōkoku) is a kingdom located on Treasure Island. It is inhabited by the descendants of the International Space Station crew. It is also Soyuz's birth place.

For 20 years, it has been under Ibara's reign of terror; he abused the Petrification Weapon to petrify anyone who defied him in the slightest.

Later, after the Kingdom of Science exposed Ibara's crimes, the rightful heir Soyuz took his place as the kingdom's next ruler. It also became part of the Kingdom of Science.[1]


Amaryllis and her four friends being petrified

Trying to escape results in petrification.

They would sometimes hold a harem selection ceremony where the most beautiful women of the island would be paired with a warrior.

During Ibara's reign, it was forbidden to create new things, as Ibara feared the possibility of usurpation. He also prevented escape, as he would be without subjects to rule and had his warriors punish those who tried, such as with Amaryllis and her friends.

Now that Soyuz has become leader, it is likely that Ibara's tyrannical laws have been repealed, though it is unknown if Soyuz plans to make any new rules of his own.


The kingdom was founded by the descendants of the astronauts who were the only known humans to not be petrified. Since that time, some chose to leave the island, eventually populating mainland Japan and create Ishigami Village.[2]

Matsu's Treasure Island

Petrification devices falling above Treasure Island

Centuries after the petrification event, several of the Petrification Weapons rained down from the sky. Brigades sought to use them to conquer the island but a majority of the weapons were destroyed by a warrior that soon lost his life, but his servant Matsukaze carried on his work.[3]

Matsukaze was able to destroy most of the devices but one device remained. Wanting to warn future generations, Matsukaze petrified himself. The last weapon ended up in the hands of the brigades and was passed down.[4]

17 years prior to the start of the series, Ibara petrified Soyuz's father to claim the throne for himself. Ibara tried to kill Soyuz because the infant witnessed the assassination. However, Soyuz's mother took the child and fled the island with him. She was wounded and ultimately died but her son ended up leaving the island, washing up in Ishigami Village.

TI Cell Tower

The Petrification Kingdom is finally liberated

In the year 5736, Amaryllis and some of her friends tried to flee the island but were caught sneaking out by Kirisame and Moz, who used the Petrification Weapon to petrify them but Amaryllis managed to escape.


New America City Arc[]

Senku and his comrades then revived all those petrified by the kingdom and explained Ibara's deception. They also revived people petrified from centuries ago, such as Matsukaze.[5][3] Soyuz ultimately stayed on Treasure Island, to take his rightful place as the kingdom's ruler and revive all who were petrified. The Petrification Kingdom also became part of the Kingdom of Science.[1]

South America Arc[]

Due to the Kingdom of Science activating the Petrification weapon, a large beam proceeded to petrify the whole world. The beam soon approached Treasure Island where the inhabitants of the kingdom proceeded to get into a defensive stance so that way they would not break while they were statues.

Globetrotting Arc[]

Nine years after the Second Petrification Event, the Perseus returns to Treasure Island. The inhabitants are revived and were given a special assignment by Senku who had modern timers stay on the island to aid Soyuz in creating the rocket launch site. Once Soyuz updates Senku on the special assignment, the residents returned to work as the Perseus returns to the mainland. Much later, Amaryllis reports to the mainland that the rocket site is complete.[6]


Petrification Kingdom

Moz Portrait

Active Members[]

Former Members[]


  • The Petrification Kingdom seems to function as a hermit state. This is noted with its ban on citizens leaving and anyone arriving on the island turned to stone by the Kingdom's warriors as a way to maintain the status quo.
  • It also seems to be completely totalitarian in nature as well. Minister Ibara rules effectively as a dictator with the king, an unseen figurehead, and he can choose any girl from any village as his own regardless of her marital status.
  • There is also a restriction on technological advances to lessen the chances of rebellion and a ban on anyone leaving the island to ensure Ibara's rule over the population for as long as possible.


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