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Throughout her childhood, it seems that Nikki had been bullied by her peers for being so butch. Listening to the music of her idol, Lillian, was what allowed her to get her through her rough school life, so much so that she says Lillian saved her. Because of her immense love for Lillian's music, Nikki became a super fan, picking up all sorts of trivia and knowledge about her; from how many CDs she's sold, to her southern accent. Nikki has listened to Lillian so many times that she immediately was able to tell the record in the kingdom of science's possession was legitimate after only listening a few seconds[1]. At some point when she was young, Nikki attended a concert of Lillian's, and was so moved she cried, much like with many of Lillian's songs[2].

At some point in her school life, Nikki is recruited by the Judo Club at her school, because of her large build. It's said she spent every day of her school days training until she was bruised and cut all over. In the worker file, it is stated that her underclassmen called her boss. Despite how tough and brawny Nikki looks to people, she's affectionate deep down. The week before the petrification would hit, Nikki was shown watching Lillian's live performance from the ISS, her hands were bruised and plastered so it can be assumed this was just after one of her training sessions at the Judo Club.

Nikki would later be petrified in 2019 along with the rest of the world, although it is unknown where she was or what she was doing at the time it occurred.

Village Origins Arc[]

She briefly appears watching Lilian's performance in space.

Communications Arc[]

Nikki was on surveillance duty on watching both Taiju Oki and Yuzuriha Ogawa, as ordered to by Tsukasa. Her presence was noticed by the two while they were standing by Senku's fake grave. Taiju began screaming Senku's name, which Nikki assumed was him grieving, completely unaware that there was a communication device buried at the site.[3]

Senku requests that Taiju and Yuzuriha bring a member of the Tsukasa Empire to the grave in order to go through with their plan of deceit. Without any thought, Taiju instantly turns to Nikki and asks her to hear him out.

Nikki reacts violently, punching Taiju repeatedly as he insists for her attention. By his sheer insistence he convinces her to come with them. When she heard Gen's Lillian impression, she decides to quiz them on her CD sales and later her measurements. When they get the measurements wrong, Senku plays a recording of her music to convince her they are the real thing. She sadly realizes Lillian is dead and decides to defect after Senku promises to protect the last record of her singing.[1]

After defecting, she decides to coach Gen on how to improve his Lilian impression.[4]

Age of Exploration Arc[]

On Senku's command, she and the Power Team dug up Ryusui and the other petrified sailors. Although she was worried about what he would be like after Minami describes him. However, Senku revives him anyway, to her shock.[5]

She later aids in making roads.

Treasure Island Arc[]

After the Perseus sets sail, Nikki and Kohaku try to warn Yuzuriha when she questions how the ship functions but Kaseki, Ryusui, and Senku are eager to answer. Nikki and Kohaku state she is doomed but Yuzuriha tells them she is used to this and says she once sat through a five hour lecture about rockets Senku gave. They are surprised to hear that she’s a true veteran.[6]

She is petrified by Kirisame under orders of Ibara. She is depetrified alongside Magma and Kinro.[7]

New America City Arc[]

She takes part in the voyage to America, mostly being in the background.

She is later present at the poker game between Senku and Ryusui on which route should be taken.[8]

During the game, she notes that with Ryusui and Gen's strategy, Senku would have to win with a flush but notes on the impossible feat.[9]

After the recreation of beer, she is confused by a Ryusui being upbeat before it is revealed there is a casino.[10]

She holds Magma back after Dr. Xeno insults him. She is later shocked to see a plane flying over the Perseus. She remarks they shouldn't have assumed the enemy had a second one.[11]

As the battle between Stanley, Senku, and Ryusui took place. When the Perseus came under attack, Nikki and her group were confronted by Stanley's unit. A large female soldier charged at them and was able to subdue them.[12]

Nikki was later rounded up, along with her friends by Stanley's unit. However, Moz and Matsukaze remained free and she watched as the two held their own, in spite of the enemy using guns and grenades. However, they were ultimately beaten by Stanley Snyder.[13]

Nikki overhears Senku making a deal with Dr. Brody by telling him of the revival fluid to establish Corn City.[14]

As this goes on, Nikki and the others converse with her telling Yuzuriha that she knows some English to communicate with the American Colony. When Brody tries to make conditions with Minami, Nikki speaks up and her fierce nature leaves him so impressed that he agrees.[15]

South America Arc[]

She and the others are tasked with creating diamonds. She questioned how it was possible while Yo aired his doubts. She and the others proceeded to look for a real watchmaker so that they could authenticate whether they created a diamond. Nikki witnessed the revival of Joel Gear.[16]After they were done, Nikki was excited when Joel confirm they were successful.[17]After Senku gave the order to fight, Yo joined his comrades in attacking the American soldiers for the Petrification weapon.[18]After deciding to attack, she participated in the battle and called Magma and Yo idiots after they attempted to yell out a Petrification Weapon command for 1,000 meters and one second, as they are too far from it to activate it. Brody realizes their intention to petrify the entire American continent. When Brody commands his men to open fire, gets shot in the torso, but was still breathing immediately afterwards. He complains about his injury but Nikki tells him as long as they're still breathing, they have a chance to survive and that they shouldn't hesitate.[19] Nikki ultimately fell to the ground from his wounds and was ultimately petrified once Joel got to the device and activate the signal of Why-man.[20]

Globetrotting Arc[]

Nine years later, she and the others are revived when Taiju and his group return to America. She watches as Luna update Dr. Brody and the other Americans about Why-man.


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