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Tsukasa Shishio[]

The one who revived Nikki. Initially, she was loyal enough to follow any orders given by him. Though, it seems that she wasn't fully devoted on serving Tsukasa, as she easily changed sides to the Kingdom of Science.

Senku Ishigami[]

During her alliance with Tsukasa, Senku was initially an enemy to Nikki. However, when Senku played Lillian Weinberg's song through the communication device, she was easily swayed. When Senku promised to never let Lillian's legacy burn out, she claims to have fallen for him, much to Senku's discomfort.

Gen Asagiri[]

After defecting, she tutored Gen on his Lillian Weinberg impression.


Nikki is shown to often keep Magma in check, such as when she hit him hard on the head when he charged in with the gun they made, after which she teased him and told him to do his worse.