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Nikki Hanada ( (はな) () () () Hanada Niki) is a survivor that was revived by Tsukasa. She later defected from the Tsukasa Empire and joined the Kingdom of Science.

Her unofficial role in the Kingdom of Science is the disciplinary, as she is constantly shown keeping people like Magma and Yo in line, stopping them from doing violent or shortsighted things. She is also a member of the Power Team.


Nikki Icons.png

Nikki is a considerably tall young woman with a slim, but curvy and well-muscled figure with a rather impressive bust size. She has blonde hair that is braided into two ponytails which come down to her shoulders and are tied at the ends with a blue bow. She has round, expressive eyes with large lips and an average sized nose. Her attire consists of a crude green dress with a U neckline that shows her impressive cleavage, that splits at her hips, with a sash belt wrapped around her waist that holds two bat-like clubs, and cloth shoes.

After she is de-petrified again in the Petrification Island Kingdom, her outfit remains as a crude green dress with split hip ends, but now it has a corset design on the stomach region, with the top being replaced by a V-neckline bikini with a fur neck, and on her hips fur tussles held on by two metal plates, and on the back is a leather belt-like holster for her bat clubs.

Like most modern timers, she has a petrification scar on her body but it is unknown where. She later recreates her unknown scar, as a sign of loyalty to Senku.[8]


Nikki is fiercely devoted to Lillian Weinberg. It is implied that in the modern world, she was having a rough time at school and listening to Lilian's songs saved her. When she listens to Senku's broadcast, she is able to tell through Gen's disguise of Lilian due to having a wide knowledge of trivia facts about her. However, once Senku states he has the final surviving copy of Lilian's song, she quickly changes side from Tsukasa's army to Senku's Kingdom of Science to help protect it.

Like Kohaku, she is quite strong for a woman and is shown to handle a great deal of the physical work alongside Kohaku, Magma, Taiju, and Yo. While seemingly proud of her strength, she gets annoyed when others point out her lack of femininity, at one point kneeing Magma severely (and comically) in the crotch for stating she didn't count as a beauty (though, she did agree with him). In addition, despite her strength, she is actually extremely feminine. While making cloth for the hot air balloon, she suggested dyeing it in many different colors. In addition, when writing captions on photographs, her handwriting was so girly and cute people mistook it for Mirai's at first (before she corrected them). She also demonstrated desire for more girly clothing once Yuzuriha began mass producing fashionable modern clothing.

Gen has also pointed out that she is perhaps the purest maiden there is, since when she was asked to fake being in love with Hyoga to try and convince him to fight alongside them, she got flustered at the idea.

Abilities and Skills

Physical Abilities

  • Great Strength: She is shown to be very physically strong, like smashing concrete with a hammer to make roads. She is also capable of carrying a large man like Magma and Yo.
  • Judo: In high school, Nikki was recruited by the judo club because of her brawny build. She spent her school days training hard until she was black and blue from bruises, and earned the nickname 'boss' from her underclassmen.[9]

Mental Abilities

  • Lillian Weinberg Trivia: As a devoted fan of Lillian, Nikki possesses encyclopedic knowledge of Lillian factoids. Nikki comes very close to foiling Senku and Gen’s plan to imitate Lillian and demoralize Tsukasa’s army by asking them for statistics, forcing Senku to make complicated logical guesses to satisfy her. She later tutored Gen on the finer aspects of Lillian’s voice to further perfect their ruse.
  • Linguistic Proficiency: She states as a fan of Lillian Weinberg that she had to learn English to understand her lyrics. However, she is mentioned to be fluent in broken English. Regardless, she was able to understand and communicate with Dr. Brody during their negotiations for the establishment of Corn City.[10]


4/5 B
3/5 C
2/5 D
3/5 C
Nikki's stats, according to Volume 8


Throughout her childhood, it seems that Nikki had been bullied by her peers for being so butch. Listening to her idol, Lillian's, songs is what was able to get her through her rough school life, so much so that she says Lillian saved her. Because of her vast love for Lillian's music, Nikki became a super fan, picking up all sorts of trivia and knowledge. She remembered every detail of Lillian, from how many CDs she's sold, to her southern accent. Nikki has listened to Lillian so many times that she's immediately able to tell the CD is real from just a few seconds[11]. At some point when she was young, Nikki attended a concert of Lillian's, and was so moved she cried, much like with many of Lillian's songs[12].

At some point in her school life, Nikki is recruited by the Judo Club at her school, because of her large build. It's said she spent every day of her school days training until she was bruised and cut all over. In the worker file, it is stated that her underclassmen called her boss. Despite how tough and brawny Nikki looks to people, she's affectionate deep down. The week before the petrification would hit, Nikki was shown watching Lillian's live performance from the ISS, her hands were bruised and plastered so it can be assumed this was just after one of her training sessions at the Judo Club.

Nikki would later be petrified in 2019 along with the rest of the world, although it is unknown where she was or what she was doing at the time it occurred.


Village Origins Arc

She briefly appears watching Lilian's performance in space.

Communications Arc

Nikki was on surveillance duty on watching both Taiju Oki and Yuzuriha Ogawa, as ordered to by Tsukasa. Her presence was noticed by the two while they were standing by Senku's "grave". Taiju began screaming Senku's name, which Nikki assumed was him grieving, completely unaware that there was a communication device buried under the grave.[13]

Senku requests that Taiju and Yuzuriha bring a member of the Tsukasa Empire to the grave in order to go through with their plan of deceit. Without any thought, Taiju instantly turns to Nikki and asks her to hear him out.

She punches Taiju for every four letters he says, until he convinces her to come with them. When she heard Gen's Lillian impression, she decides to quiz them on her CD sales and later her measurements. When they get the measurements wrong, Senku plays a recording of her music to convince her they are the real thing. She sadly realizes Lilian is dead and decides to defect after Senku promises to protect the last record of her singing.[11]

After defecting, she decides to coach Gen on how to improve his Lilian impression.[14]

Age of Exploration Arc

On Senku's command, she and the Power Team dug up Ryusui and the other petrified sailors. Although she was worried about what he would be like after Minami describes him. However, Senku revives him anyway, to her shock.[15]

She later aids in making roads.

Treasure Island Arc

She is petrified by Ibara and his forces. She is depetrified alongside Magma and Kinro.[6]

New America City Arc

She takes part in the voyage to America, mostly being in the background.

She is later present at the poker game between Senku and Ryusui on which route should be taken.[16]

During the game, she notes that with Ryusui and Gen's strategy, Senku would have to win with a flush but notes on the impossible feat.[17]

After the recreation of beer, she is confused by a Ryusui being upbeat before it is revealed there is a casino.[18]

She holds Magma back after Dr. Xeno insults him. She is later shocked to see a plane flying over the Perseus. She remarks they shouldn't have assumed the enemy had a second one.[19]

As the battle between Stanley, Senku, and Ryusui took place. When the Perseus came under attack, Nikki and her group were confronted by Stanley's unit. A large female soldier charged at them and was able to subdue them.[20]

Nikki was later rounded up, along with her friends by Stanley's unit. However, Moz and Matsukaze remained free and she watched as the two held their own, in spite of the enemy using guns and grenades. However, they were ultimately beaten by Stanley Snyder.[21]

Nikki overhears Senku making a deal with Dr. Brody by telling him of the revival fluid to establish Corn City.[22]

As this goes on, Nikki and the others converse with her telling Yuzuriha that she knows some English to communicate with the American Colony. When Brody tries to make conditions with Minami, Nikki speaks up and her fierce nature leaves him so impressed that he agrees .[10]


Tsukasa Shishio

The one who revived Nikki. Initially, she was loyal enough to follow any orders given by him. Though, it seems that she wasn't fully devoted on serving Tsukasa, as she easily changed sides to the Kingdom of Science.

Senku Ishigami

During her alliance with Tsukasa, Senku was initially an enemy to Nikki. However, when Senku played Lillian Weinberg's song through the communication device, she was easily swayed. When Senku promised to never let Lillian's legacy burn out, she claims to have fallen for him, much to Senku's discomfort.

Gen Asagiri

After defecting, she tutored Gen on his Lillian Weinberg impression.


Nikki is shown to often keep Magma in check, such as when she hit him hard on the head when he charged in with the gun they made, after which she teased him and told him to do his worse.

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Vs. Hyoga Arc
46. Stone Wars Absent
47. Science Vs. Power Absent
48. Blades of Science Absent
49. To the Present Absent
50. Humanity's Greatest Weapon Pictured
Communications Arc
51. Sweets for the Stone World Absent
52. Age of Energy Absent
53. Hard Knocks Crafting Club Absent
54. Flickering Blue Jewel Absent
55. Treasure Dungeon Push Start Absent
56. The Treasure Absent
57. Heat Heart Absent
58. Wave of Science Absent
59. Voices from Here to Infinity Absent
60. Angel's Song, Devil's Whisper Absent
61. Stone Wars Begin Absent
62. Double Chase Absent
63. Information Warfare Absent
64. Hotline Debut
65. Call From the Dead Appears
66. Liars and Truth Tellers Appears
67. Full Mobilization Appears
68. Flame of Revolution Absent
69. Steam Gorilla Absent
70. Paper Shield Absent
71. Prison Break Absent
72. Experience Points Absent
73. Top-Secret Mission Appears
74. Fateful 20 Seconds Pictured
75. 20-Second Countdown Appears
76. Final Battle Appears
77. The Power of Science Appears
78. That Which Destroys or Saves Absent
79. For This Very Moment Absent
80. Humanity's Strongest Tag Team Absent
81. Fingertip Absent
82. Epilogue of Stone Wars (End of Part 2) Pictured
Age of Exploration Arc
83. Dr. Stone Appears
84. People = Power Appears
85. Ultimate Resource Appears
86. Money Appears
87. Senku's Department Store Appears
88. Wings of Humanity Appears
89. Adventures Absent
90. New World Map Absent
91. Need Bread? Start with Wheat Appears
92. Desire is Noble Appears
93. The First Shot Is Yours Absent
94. The Scent of Black Gold Appears
95. First Contact Absent
96. Eye of Science Appears
97. The Joy of Leadership Pictured
98. Ryusui Pictured
99. Kingdom of Science Photo Journal Appears
100. Origin of the 100 Tales Appears
Treasure Island Arc
101. Treasure Chest Absent
102. Perseus, Ship of Science Absent
103. Light of Hope and Despair Pictured
104. Men of Forensics Petrified
105. The Island's Great Beauty Absent
106. The Secret of Petrification Absent
107. To the Trump Card Science Vessel Absent
108. Two Trump Cards Absent
109. The Great Escape Absent
110. Beautiful Science Absent
111. Science Wars Absent
112. King of Three Dimensions Absent
113. Cryptography Science Absent
114. Silently, Science Pierces the Stone Absent
115. One Second, One Grain Absent
116. Miracle in Hand Absent
117. The Kingdom of Science Strikes Back Petrified
118. Silent Soldiers Absent
119. Science Soldiers Fantasy
120. Top Secret Absent
121. Medusa's True Face Absent
122. Brain-Battle Puzzle Pieces Absent
123. The Battle of Wits' Deal Game Absent
124. The Invention of God and the Devil Absent
125. The Decisive Three-Dimensional Battle Pictured
126. A 3-D Strategy Pictured
127. Medusa and Perseus Appears
128. Island-Wide Battle Royale Appears
129. Joker Appears
130. Devil's Choice Appears
131. Nasty Crimes Absent
132. The Strongest Weapon Is... Pictured
133. Flash of Destruction Pictured
134. Commander Faceoff Petrified
135. Counting Petrified
136. Medusa Vs. Science Absent
137. Last Man Standing Absent
138. End Of Part 3 Appears
New America City Arc
139. First Dream Appears
140. New World Plots Appears
141. First Team Appears
142. World Power Absent
143. Ryusui vs. Senku Appears
144. Ryusui & Gen vs. Senku & Kohaku Appears
145. Bar Francois Appears
146. Bar Francois: Bitters Absent
147. Science Journey Pictured
148. Pioneers of Earth Pictured
149. Light Lure in Darkness Absent
150. Righteous Science User Absent
151. Dr. X Absent
152. Doctor Vs. Doctor Appears
153. Science Wars Appears
154. Spy vs. Spy Appears
155. Science Is Elegant Appears
156. Two Scientists Absent
157. Same Time, Same Place Absent
158. Who's the Scientist? Appears
159. Lock On Absent
160. Gunshots Echo Absent
161. Craft Wars Appears
162. Down the Earth-Stained Path Appears
163. Multifront Final Battle Absent
164. Re-Lock On Flashback
165. Know the Rules, Make the Rules Appears
166. Ultimate Knight Pictured
167. Different Strokes Absent
168. Corn City: Population One Million Pictured
169. RISK or HEART Appears
South America Arc
170. Staring Up at the Same Moon Appears
171. Staring at the Same Light Absent
172. Marked with an "X" of Wisdom Absent
173. Earth Race Absent
174. The Specter of the Panama Canal Absent
175. Ultra Race Across South America Absent
176. Net-Breaking Battle Plan Absent
177. Medusa Mechanism Appears
178. Science Scales Mountains Absent
179. Bonds on the High-Wire Absent
180. Sickening Yet Beautiful Pictured
181. New World Science Absent
182. Diamond Heart Appears
183. Stone Sanctuary Appears
184. Fort Medusa Absent
185. Lovely Cleavage Plane Absent
186. To Each Their Own Blade Absent
187. Cyber Guerilla Mentioned
188. What I Once Sought to Destroy Absent
189. Our Dr. Stone Absent
190. Science Transcends Life Pictured
191. Divine Scream, Down to Earth Appears
192. Until We Meet Again Absent
193. Our Stone World Absent


  • Nikki's full name is composed of "ni" ( virtue) and "ki" ( princess), with her nickname Nikki also being an alternative reading of the name, and her last name "hana" ( flower) and "da" ( field) creating "flower field".


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