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The New Stone World Arc is the 12th story arc of Dr. Stone and the 3rd story arc in the truth of the petrification saga.

After the second world wide petrification beam in order to save everyone has come to pass, several years have passed where everyone in encased in stone once again. After about three years, Suika is revived and begins the process of bringing everyone back, despite the limited resources she has.


Suika's revival journey

Years have passed since the second world wide petrification event. Green has begun to grow onto the statues and structures once more. After many disturbances to the plate the revival fluid was sitting on, it shatters, raining down onto a petrified Suika, who awakens. After a moment of glee, she soon discovers she has awoken alone. She begins to fall into despair, until she remembers Senku Ishigami too awoke alone. Suika sets out on a mission to locate everyone's statues in hopes of finding spare revival fluid. Suika finds food, clothing and shelter and declares to nearby monkeys, 'Suika is a human!'[1]

Suika surviving in Brazil

Suika slowly locates the statues of her friends, and constructs her own 'motor cycle' to transport the statues the long distances. After finding everyone nearby, she still wasn't able to find Luna and Chelsea. She sets out on a longer journey packed with food to find them. Suika soon discovers the broken bottle of revival fluid Luna threw and finds the two, however they too did not have revival fluid. Suika believes she will die alone here, but does not cry nor give up. Suika uses the knowledge all her friends have given her to continue to survive alone. She eventually discovers the paper Senku has was actually the revival fluid recipe. Suika is going to do her own science![2]

An older Suika revives Senku.

Having learned to read from Ukyo during the year that Ishigami village was building the Perseus, Suika realizes that this leaves her with little understanding of the science behind Senku's instructions. Of the three methods he left her, Suika initially forgoes the third as the longest process. After realizing that the first two are beyond her level, however, she concedes to use the third, which requires both a year and a lot of animal feces. Harvesting bird guano from a nearby island and experimenting it, she resolves to keep trying even if different years' batches don't work. Eventually, several years pass, with Suika finally mastering the formula and revives Senku. She apologizes for taking years to revive him after the petrification, though an unbothered Senku praises her for having worked beyond his expectation. Overjoyed at the reunion, Suika tearfully embraces Senku who states that the seven years was nothing.[3]

The dangerous nature of the Medusa

Once Senku is revived, he and Suika get to work making more revival fluid, with Senku being able to make some in just a day thanks to using the method involving platinum. Nevertheless, he still congratulates Suika on being able to revive him. Sixteen days after reviving Senku has made sixteen doses of revival fluid for their allies, the first of which goes to Kohaku, who, upon seeing Suika and despite Suika wondering if she is too old now for a Kohaku hug, receives one from her. Once all their other allies are revived, Tsukasa questions what will happen with Hyoga to which Senku said that he will receive the last revival fluid, Tsukasa wonders if Hyoga will revive despite being sure that he was dead and to his shock, Hyoga is revived.

After reviving, Hyoga works with Tsukasa to find animal skin to be made into clothes for everyone, Ryusui explains that after feasting they will journey to revive all their allies before continuing on their quest for the materials for the spaceship to the moon.

Later that night, after going to relieve himself, Chrome spots Tsukasa and Senku talking. Tsukasa mentions how he was sure that Hyoga was dead and Senku confirms that both him and Tsukasa died the first time they were injured meaning that the Medusa can nullify death. Tsukasa mentions that now they are immortal, with Senku stating that the Medusa is a science taboo that humans shouldn't have which shocks Chrome to his core.[4]

Stone World Spaceship

Superalloy City is founded

Afterwards, the Kingdom of Science get to work and dismantle the new rusted Perseus and use the materials to create super alloy while planning to rebuild and improve it for their journey. In this time, the American soldiers are revived to help them in their tasks. Xeno also informs his followers about the new enemy and how it is necessary for them to ally with Senku. After several days of construction, Superalloy City is founded, with several celebrating people being revived in order to populate it.[5]

Sometime after, Xeno continues working on the rocket engine while Senku sorts out the new Perseus. As there is no oil in South America, they instead use biofuel and store the gas in a special metal sphere as their energy source. In the meantime, Xeno works on building the special heaters for melting the superalloys.

The new Perseus sets sail

Half a year later, Xeno makes his superalloy, inconel, and Senku finishes his liquid fuel. They test a rocket engine near the water and it works as intended, however it is only level 1. Xeno says they'll need a level 99 engine if they want to reach the moon. The next day, Ryusui tells everyone they're splitting into three teams. The first team will stay in South America to improve the rocket engines. The second team will go back to Corn City to revive their friends there and start producing corn again. The third team will continue establishing new cities across the globe, starting by crossing the Atlantic using the new, improved, much faster, Perseus. They bid a quick farewell as Senku and the other set off across the ocean once more.[6]

Story Impacts

  • 3 years have passed, since the second petrification weapon.
  • Suika is the only human revived where gathers the statues of her allies and following Senku's lengthy instruction for the Revival Fluid while surviving the wilderness of Brazil.
  • Suika is able to perfect the revival fluid and revive Senku after four years of being alone.
  • Senku reveals that it has been seven years given that he counted up to 200 million seconds.
  • Even though they were revived, Senku and Xeno retain their scars due to the amount of withering that has happened on them.
  • Despite having been killed, Hyoga is still successfully revived.
    • The Medusa is revealed to have the ability to negate the effects of death.
  • Xeno is revived for the sake of building a rocket ship.
  • The American soldiers (except Stanley) are revived and informed about the Why-man.
  • The Perseus is dismantled and its parts are used to creates superalloy but Senku plans to rebuild it with several improvements.
  • Superalloy is recreated for Canned food and better knives.
  • Superalloy City is established.
  • The Perseus is rebuilt into a futuristic ship with a faster engine.


  • Suika is now around the same age as Kohaku.
  • The Kingdom of Science leave Stanley petrified while the other soldiers ally with them.
  • As of chapter 200, the year is now 5750.


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