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The New Stone World Arc is the twelfth story arc of Dr. Stone and the third story arc in The Truth of the Petrification Saga.

After the world was petrified a second time in order to save the Kingdom of Science, Suika awakens alone, and with no more Revival Fluid to save her friends. Thus, she must make some.


Suika, All Alone[]

Years have passed since the second world wide petrification event. Foliage has begun to grow onto the statues and structures once more. After many disturbances to the plate the revival fluid was sitting on, it shatters, raining down onto a petrified Suika, who awakens. After a moment of glee, she soon discovers she has awoken alone. She begins to fall into despair, until she is reminded of Senku's diliengence when he woke alone, and begins acquiring the basics.[1]

Suika feasts

Suika surviving in Brazil

Suika collects all the statues she can, repairing any damage sustained. She struggles to find Luna and Chelsea's statues without her glasses, but eventually does. With Chelsea's statue, she finds a map of the local area, and finds instructions for revival fluid on Senku's statue.[2]

Suika 7 years later

An older Suika revives Senku.

Reading carefully, Suika tries all the methods written down to make nitric acid. Despite her best efforts, she can't get any of the quick methods to work. Instead, she chooses to use the third, which requires both a year and a lot of animal feces. Harvesting bird guano from a nearby island and experimenting with it, she resolves to keep trying. Eventually, several years later, Suika succeeds with the recipe and revives Senku. She apologizes for how long it took, but Senku praises her for having worked beyond his expectation.[3]

The Truth of Petrification[]

With Senku back, reviving the others only takes 16 days. The final person to be revived is Hyoga, who Tsukasa wasn't sure was alive or not. The team celebrate their victory, while Senku and Tsukasa steal away to have a private discussion. Tsukasa confirms that Hyoga really did die, and they realize that the depetrification process can heal even death.[4] Chrome, who had been listening in and was worrying about how long Kaseki had left, rejoiced loudly at this. They then revive Xeno Houston Wingfield, as they need his help to get to the moon. They tell him about what they learned, and they discuss the ramifications of it. In exchange for his help with the rocket, Xeno wants Stanley to have a lighter sentence. They agree, and rocket building begins.[5]

Stone World Spaceship[]

Superalloy City

Superalloy City is founded

Collecting materials from the land and dredging up the Perseus, they begin reviving the locals and create a new settlement on Isla Martin Garcia for rebuilding the Perseus. The American soldiers are revived to help, and Xeno informs them about the plan to fight Why-man on the moon, and how they'll be allying with the Kingdom of Science. After several days of construction, Superalloy City is founded.[6]

Neo Perseus

The new Perseus sets sail

As there is no oil in South America, they begin making biofuel as the energy source for the Perseus. In the meantime, Xeno works on building induction heaters.

Half a year later, Xeno makes his superalloy, inconel, and Senku finishes his liquid fuel. They test out the basic rocket engine, but they still have a long way to go before they can use it to get to space. The next day, Ryusui tells everyone they're splitting into three teams: the first team will stay in South America to improve the rocket engines, the second team will return to Corn City and revive their friends, and the third will continue establishing new cities across the globe. With the new Perseus complete, they head across the Atlantic to make the next city.[7]

Story Impact[]

  • Several years have passed since the second global petrification.
  • Suika revives alone and works to recreate revival fluid.
  • Suika revives Senku first, who makes more revival fluid quickly to revive their friends.
  • Hyoga was brought back from death by the depetrification process, proving that it can nullify death.
  • Despite the petrification, Senku and Xeno retain (most of) their scars.
  • Xeno and most of the Americans are revived to help establish Superalloy City and build a rocket.
    • Stanley is left petrified.
  • The Perseus is rebuilt with more modern materials.
  • Superalloy City is established.

Inventions in Order of Acquisition[]

For a complete list of inventions in more detail, see Inventions and Discoveries.

  • Several Ores
  • Argon
  • Liquid Fuel
  • The New Perseus


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