New America City Arc is the tenth story arc of Dr. Stone as well as the first story arc of The Truth Of The Petrification Saga.


The New Foe


Matsukaze depetrified

After the conflict, the Kingdom of Science is left wondering on the reason that the Whyman having Senku's voice, with some bringing up theories that are either impossible or slim.

Ryusui states that its plausible Whyman would contact again, soon the latter does. Ukyo declares that its a synthetic voice, as Gen wonders how its possible in the Stone World while also wondering on the Whyman wanting to petrify them. Chrome wonders if Whyman is using Senku's voice from the latter petrified Ibara. This raises questions, as Kaseki wonders why the weapon was even on the island. Senku states they need someone who was on the island to know. Soyuz recognizes the symbol but does not know the history.

They soon revive an unknown person who is shown to have the symbol of the Petrification Weapon on his reattached arm. Once revived, the man is revealed to be a warrior named Matsukaze. Through him, they learn several Petrification Weapons once fell from the sky centuries ago and he served under a man who resembled Ginro. The Kingdom of Science have determined that the Whyman is on the Moon. [1]

Return to Ishigami Village

In order to combat their foe, they decide they will have to build a space shuttle using materials from around the world.

They proceed to revive all those on the island, save the previous leader who is unable to be revived. They also learn from Matsukaze that their Petrification Weapon is the only one left after the destruction of the others. They celebrate their victory, as the island welcome Soyuz back home. That night, Senku and Kohaku share thoughts about the ordeal and that of Senku's father and his journey of thousand years ago.

They prepare for voyage, while leaving Soyuz to take leadership of the tribe while taking Kirisame and Matsukaze as his replacement. Soyuz reveals he memorized the Revival formula and will depetrify everyone still petrified. The Perseus departs the island after making it a part of the Kingdom of Science and leaving a radio tower there. Senku tells the others that he will need a crew consisting of him, Ryusui, and a powerful warrior. He declares they will return home to revive Tsukasa. [2]

Reviving the Strongest Primate

The Perseus returns to the Kingdom of Science, where they are greeted by their friends who cheer on the victory.

Senku reveals the Petrification Weapon is almost depleted of power but he will use its remaining power to petrify Tsukasa. The act works and Senku promptly revives him, successfully restores Tsukasa to health.

Tsukasa then questions Senku on the situation, as Matsukaze remarks on his forwardness, something the others aren't surprised on. Tsukasa is then shocked by Senku's plan to head for the moon and how they need a warrior. When Ginro remarked on Matsukaze's strength and states he may be more suitable than Tsukasa. Matsukaze observed that Tsukasa is a skilled fighter. Curious about the latter's skill, he challenges Tsukasa to a sparring match but is easily bested by his opponent and in awe at his defeat, he surrenders. After the topic shifts to Senku's scars, Gen rallies everyone into adorning war paint to recreate their scars as a sign of loyalty to Whyman's defeat. Tsukasa himself joins in on the act.[3]

The New Voyage

Knowing that there will be many places in America, they decide to create new cities, starting in Nevada America and establishing Corn city.[4] After setting off from Ishigami Village for America, it is revealed that Minami has been allowed to come aboard to document the journey. Suika has also been rewarded after her help during the last time by being allowed to come along. Whilst doing interviews with the rest of the crew Minami; she causes both Kinro and Kirisame to become embarrassed after asking what they think of each other, learning Matsukaze seeks revenge on Whyman, Tsukasa declaring he will defend them, Chrome and Kaseki discussing the ship's functions, and Ginro's fear of the journey.

During the voyage, Senku and Ryusui get into an argument over which route to take, with Ryusui optioning to take the long way round due to the crew's inexperience with sea travel. As a result, the two recreate poker with Gen siding with Ryusui and Kohaku with Senku. In the end, Senku wins the game and his course is chosen.[5]

A party is held after the poker game, Ginro convinces Matsukaze to relay his story of how the Petrification Weapon got to Treasure Island, how his master died, and how he ultimately came to be petrified. He receives a cocktail from Francois, and passes out after one sip. He wakes up and participates in weapons training with the revived Hyoga who agrees to join on the condition that he be allowed to revive other fighters aboard the Perseus. His condition is accepted with the warriors training.[6]

The Perseus then continues with the crew being amazed by the sights of the sea. Very soon, Homura reports that land is in sigh and they are pleasantly amazed to see them reach land.[7]

Arriving in America

When the Perseus arrives in San Francisco, the crew of the Perseus yells that they have finally reached America. They are desperate to get back on solid ground and eat fresh meat. Ukyo remarks that the crew has had very little meat during the voyage. Tsukasa notes that the fighters of the crew have been training hard and crave animal protein, as Kirisame is seen behaving relieved. Homura draws the crew's attention to the petrified people lodged halfway into the cliffs nearby. Senku stews over this, as Gen sadly discusses his hope that the lie he fabricated for the fake Lillian had been true: that America had recovered from the petrification, or beaten it altogether. Taiju and Senku tell the crew that they can revive the people no matter what.

The warrior team follows the exploration crew in the motorboat and mobile lab. Soon alligators attack, though the other warriors defeat them and use the Alligator meat to restock on supplies. The crew are exceptionally pleased with the hamburgers that François made from them. Tsukasa then shows one of the Alligators had swallowed an ear of corn and Senku realized gathering corn might be in grasp.[8]

Attack from the Shadows

After setting up camp, the Kingdom of Science discuss things and Senku notes there must be a corn field nearby. Tsukasa then senses an ominous feeling, before he smells smoke, realizing it came from a gun. Hyoga remarks the new enemy did well in luring them to a trap, after noting on finding corn so easily.

Realizing the danger is imminent, Tsukasa alerts everyone to go inside the boat, as bullets rain down and everyone ducks for cover. As the bullets are fired, Ukyo notes that it came from a machine gun. After the gun stops shooting, Ryusui has the group enter the boats before fleeing the scene. Once they leave, the unidentified shooter notes on their escape, while they are revealed to have petrification scars, signifying they were revived. Once at a safe distance, the Kingdom of Science note on the events, as Ukyo brings up the plausible cause of someone reviving on their own like Senku and Ryusui notes they grew the corn field. Senku states they should be grateful because the person did the grunt work for them. However, he notes if the person is a scientist then that person is finished because he won't lose in his strongest field.[9]

Taking the boats down a river, Senku's group discusses a new threat posed by the culprit behind the machine-gun attack. Senku and the group deduce that the attacker has scientific tools more advanced than the groups.

In the midst of the discussion, an engine sound coming from above and they discovered an airplane flying over them. After a brief argument of what should be done, they increase their descending speed whilst being assaulted by another machine gunfire. Ginro panics as Matsukaze is grazed and Yo desperately tries to shoot the plane above with Hyoga telling him it's pointless and a waste of ammo. Soon after, Senku quickly combines water and calcium carbide to form acetylene gas, which he then gives to Kirisame who throws it at the plane, knocking the engine down and making the plane crash, much to the pilot's amusement. After they come out of the crashed plane, the mysterious attacker explains to the person on the other end of their communication device how the attack was carried out. They conclude that the opposing group has an experienced scientist just like the pilot.

Once things have calmed down, a scared Ginro suggests running away as their foes might bring reinforcements now that their attack has failed, while Senku and Ryusui gleefully disagree and suggest they take the crashed plane before reinforcements arrive. As they drag the stolen plane down the river, Senku and Ryusui celebrate, having captured a part of their enemy's firepower. [10]

Dr. Xeno

Dr. Xeno, an American Scientist

The Kingdom of Science note the enemy would perform a tactical retreat, as Senku announced plans to track the enemy. Gen is worried on who will be selected for this endeavor, before surely enough he is picked along with Kohaku and Chrome, to his dismay. Gen bemoans this, while comrades are eager for exploration of the land before Gen realized the enemy is drawing his group in and feels insulted at being underestimated. A now driven Gen he tells Kohaku and Chrome to stand back while he goes off, but not before leaving a trail behind. Gen is found in forest by the enemy and quickly surrendered when a weapon was pointed at him. The enemy proceeded to check Gen but found no weapons and realizes he is not one of the warriors he saw from before. The soldier questions who Gen before Gen reveals he is magician and has Gen follow him. During the trip, the soldier is revealed to have been following his group, since the Alligator hunt and was planning to snuff out his allies sooner but now wants to interrogate Gen for what his colony is. Leading Gen to the American base, the American fortress is fully development and finds the corn field and landing strip. Gen is led to a factory, where he is put onto something and meets the American scientist Dr. Xeno who introduced the soldier as Stanley Snyder before intently questioning Gen on who he is and where he came from. Gen gives his name and some of his history, though withholds his status as a mentalist. As Xeno is fascinated to hear that the man comes from Japan, Gen realizes what he is placed into resembles a polygraph test and decides to use his mentalist tactics. Gen describes his leader's behavior, Xeno makes a point that the stranger may either be honest to a fault or a very good liar. He doesn't mind however, saying that he is fond of both types and Stanley resolves to eliminate his colony's scientist, to Gen's worry. At the end, Xeno inquires on the leader scientist's name, knowing Senku would be easily eliminated Gen thinks of someone stronger and replies with "Dr. Taiju".[11]

Conflict of Interests

The Perseus then gets another call, it is Dr. Xeno who has located the frequency of the group's communication. Xeno requests to speak with his equal, wanting to negotiate with "Dr. Taiju", something that leaves the crew confused. It doesn't take long for Senku to realize this was because of Gen and Taiju dresses up for the part. Despite the struggling call, Taiju talks with Xeno while being walkthrough by Senku on what to say and successfully fools Xeno, to the amazement of his allies.

Xeno states that his side has a clear technological advantage, revealing he has a factory that can produce mass amounts of ammunition. To everyone's shock, Xeno reveals that his side is lacking manpower because he has no means to depetrify the statues. For that, he makes them an offer to completely surrender and serve him. From these statements and a comment from Magma about not reviving an army, Ryusui realizes the enemy doesn’t have revival fluid. His suspicion is confirmed, as Xeno also mentions that only those who have been aware during all 3,700 years can be revived with nitric acid alone, before questioning Taiju how he revived the statues thereby unintentionally confirming to the group he has no idea about the revival fluid. Ryusui prevents Taiju from letting the enemy know this, as Senku informs him they will simply crush the group once they have the manpower to do so. Senku states that they could have Corn City running with the formula. With this, Taiju rejects Xeno's offer and Xeno promptly ends the call.

The group hear a noise and spot another plane, shocked the enemy had another one. Flying above the Perseus, Stanley has discovered the location of the crew's ship. The Perseus crew ask Senku on what they should do, as Senku states they'll battle the enemy in the sky with their new vessels. Senku announces to the crew that he and Kaseki are building a runway for the Perseus.[12]

Story Impact

  • A new warrior, Matsukaze, is revived and his history is revealed.[1]
    • It is revealed that he petrified himself to warn future generations of the Petrification weapon.[13]
  • Several members of the Kingdom of Science replace their lost petrification scars with drawn substitutes.
  • The Kingdom of Science prepares their voyage across the world to create a spaceship.[14]
  • The Kingdom of Science decides to establish new cities while freeing the statues.[15]
    • They decide to make their first goal the establishment of Corn City in America so that they can produce large quantities of revival formula, fuel and food.[4]
  • Hyoga, Homura and Mozu are freed from petrification and become members of the Kingdom of Science.
  • After voyaging for forty days, the crew of the Perseus reach America.[7]
  • Once reaching the American shore, the crew splits off into two teams.[16]
  • The Power Team defeats alligators and Francios cooks gator burgers.[17]
  • An unknown person is revealed to have revived from the petrification and is growing corn.
    • The unknown person has recreated a machine gun, radios, cigarettes and a plane.
    • There appears to be more revived people in America as a person is in contact with someone else. [18]
    • The individual who attacked the Science Kingdom is called Stanley Snyder and they are working for Dr. Xeno.
    • Dr. Xeno has no idea on how to create the revival formula.
    • Due to an attack by Stanley, the Kingdom of Science gain a plane.
    • It is revealed the the Americans have a third individual, an unnamed muscular woman.
    • Three more members of the Americans are revealed, Luna, Carlos and Max.
    • Xeno revived the same day as Senku.


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