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The New America City Arc is the tenth story arc of Dr. Stone as well as the first story arc of The Truth of the Petrification Saga‏‎.

Having discovered that Why-man's messages are originating from the moon, the Kingdom of Science decide to travel the world to collect resources and build a rocket. They start with America, hoping to establish a city of a million people, subsisting on corn, but instead discover a community headed by Senku's former science mentor Xeno and his childhood friend and combat expert Stanley Snyder.


Answers Create Questions[]


Matsukaze depetrified

After the conflict, the Kingdom of Science is left pondering Why-man's new message that uses Senku's voice. Ryusui states that Why-man will likely contact them again, since they now appear hostile. The message "12,800,000 meters, one second" is repeating at regular intervals. While this is happening, Kohaku and Kirisame train against each other and Taiju and Soyuz revive Matsukaze, a warrior with the mark of the Petrification Weapon who they had found while dredging up their friends' statues. Through him, they learn that other petrification devices once fell from the sky centuries ago, and he had served under a man who resembled Ginro. The Kingdom of Science then determined that Why-man is on the moon.[1]

Return to Honshu[]

In order to combat their foe, they will need to build a space shuttle using materials from around the world.

Beginning to revive everyone on the Treasure Island, Soyuz is left in charge as the island's leader. That night, Senku and Kohaku share thoughts about the ordeal and that of Senku's father and his journey of thousand years ago.

TI Cell Tower

The Petrification Kingdom is officially liberated.

Heading back to the mainland, they take Kirisame and Matsukaze with them as capable fighters. The Perseus departs, but not before leaving a radio tower there for communication purposes. For the moon mission, Senku states they'll need a scientist, a pilot, and a warrior, and they already have the strongest warrior in mind for the job: Tsukasa![2]

Their friends and family on the mainland rejoice when the Perseus returns to port, victorious and with the petrification device, however the device's power has been depleted from overuse. With the last remaining bit of power, they petrify Tsukasa and revive him, successfully restoring Tsukasa to full health. The others catch him up with what's happened since he was frozen, and Matsukaze spars with him. After the topic shifts to Senku's scars, Gen rallies everyone into adorning war paint to recreate their scars as a sign of resolve to defeat Why-man.[3]

The New Voyage[]

Roadmap Senku Rocket Manga

The Kingdom of Science makes plans to create cities.

Needing copious amounts of alcohol to make Revival Fluid in order to restore the population, the first stop on their world tour is America's corn fields. While the Perseus is preparing for a longer journey, Tsukasa overhears something about Dragos, and Minami immediately attempts to hide it from him, then berates Ryusui for existing.[4]

Leaving for America, Minami interviews the crew and Senku and Ryusui fight for which route they'll take to reach America.[5] After a game of poker that Senku wins, the shorter but more difficult route was chosen.[6] To celebrate, Francois opens a bar on the deck of the Perseus and makes personalized drinks for many of the characters.[7] Ginro drunkenly asks Matsukaze about his past, and the latter reveals how his former master died of injuries from Matsukaze trying to save him from being petrified.

He receives a cocktail from Francois, and then passes out after a single sip. Later, he wakes up and trains with the others, Tsukasa having requested to revive Hyoga for weapon training, who agrees as long as Moz and Homura are revived as well.[8]


The Perseus crew reach the American continent.

After a bout of bad weather which Chrome solves with a sunstone, the American continent is within view.[9]

An American Welcome[]

When the Perseus arrives in San Francisco, everyone sees countless petrified statues. The mood turns somber as they had hoped that the lie Gen had fabricated about Lillian had been true: that America had recovered from the petrification, or beaten it altogether. They then split into a resource replenishment team, and a corn search team. On the way up the river, the corn search team are attacked by alligators, but then turn them into burgers. An ear of corn is found in the stomach of one of the bodies.[10]


An unknown figure attacks the crew.

Following the corn trail, the team is attacked by a mysterious figure with a powerful gun, and narrowly escape downstream. They realize another scientist must have revived, and Senku is resolved to beat them as a fellow scientist.[11]

The next morning the search team discuss their next move, when suddenly an airplane flies overhead and attacks them again. With the help of acetylene gas and Kirisame's throwing arm, they kill the plane's engine causing it to crash. Stanley's face is revealed as he ditches the plane, while Ryusui and Senku decide to go collect the wreckage.[12]


Dr. Xeno, an American Scientist

Examining the plane reveals that the airfield it launched from is most likely a corn field, a smaller scouting group consisting of Gen, Kohaku, and Chrome head towards the direction the plane came from. On the route, Gen requests that he approaches their enemy alone, and gets himself captured by Stanley. Stanley pats him down, seeing that he's unarmed and thus not a threat, and leads him back to his base. There, he finds Dr. Xeno, who tests him using a lie-detector, which Gen passes easily. He tells Xeno that their scientist leader's name is Dr. Taiju, hoping to protect Senku's weak-ass.[13]

Chrome and Kohaku call-in to inform everyone on the Perseus that Gen's been captured, and Senku tells them to not give too much away over the radio since the other team may be listening in. Xeno then calls and asks to speak with their leader, Dr. Taiju. Taiju takes on the role, and the team discover that Xeno doesn't have the revival formula. Taiju denies his request to give him the recipe.

The group hear a noise and spot another plane, shocked the enemy had another one. Flying above the Perseus, Stanley has discovered the location of the crew's ship. The Perseus crew ask Senku about what they should do, as Senku states they'll battle the enemy in the sky with their new vessels. Senku announces to the crew that he and Kaseki are building a runway for the Perseus.[14]

Spy Versus Spy[]

Entering into a war with the American Colony, the Kingdom of Science rushes to turn the Perseus into an aircraft carrier while Tsukasa's elite infiltration squad rush to meet up with Chrome and Kohaku. In the mean time, Xeno decides they'll end it by assassinating the enemy scientist.[15]

In the forest, Stanley leads his own squad consisting of a young woman named Luna and her guardians Carlos and Max to the location of the Perseus. Luna is tasked to infiltrate the enemy and to lure the scientist out onto the deck for Stanley to shoot. Pretending to have run away from a tyrant, Luna welcomed aboard by Senku who charms her, intending to milk her for information.[16]

Now that Luna is on the Perseus, she begins profiling everyone on board to see who matches the description. She realizes that the target is exactly her type. Luna continues to search until Yuzuriha casually says Taiju's name, the latter then running onto the deck hauling trees. He realizes that she didn't feel attracted to him but instead felt attracted to Senku whose nature surprises her. She feels conflicted, as Senku is more her type, and is given soft-serve ice cream to tempt her onto their side. The crew all enjoy the treat, and Luna comments that if her leader was around, he'd call the treat "elegant". Senku is particularly shocked, realizing the enemy scientist is Xeno, his former science mentor.[17]

When Senku was a child, he'd sent emails across the world to help him build a rocket. One email reached Xeno at NASA, who decided to help him out at various points over the years. At some point, Senku visited Byakuya at NASA and happened to wait in the same location as Xeno.[18]

The night before the petrification event, Xeno and Senku were independently researching the stoned birds. The day of the event, Xeno, Stanley, and his unit were invited to an emergency DARPA meeting to discuss a possible weapon used on the birds. Before they could do much, the petrification's light appeared on the horizon, petrifying all of them, but not before Stanley could tell everyone to try and stay awake. Thousands of years later, Xeno and Senku woke up on the same day.[19]

Xeno and the others had a head start on their revival, as several of them woke up within days of each other, and had the advantage of a platinum ring saved by Carlos. They built a castle and survived off the corn fields while Senku and Taiju had been inventing the revival fluid in Japan. Meanwhile in the present, Luna ponders Senku's past association with Xeno, attempting to eavesdrop on his conversation with the others. Despite having the opportunity, she struggles to signal to Stanley to shoot. Her weird actions alert Ryusui, who feels a bad omen. While the Kingdom realize they're being watched, Xeno figures out that the scientist isn't Taiju, but Senku.[20]

Science Shoot-out[]

Non-Newtonian Armor

Senku creates a bullet proof vest

The crew is thrown into disarray after Ryusui alerted them to a sniper. Stanley is initially annoyed, particularly by Luna revealing his location, but realizes the target's logical actions would reveal them as well. Thinking quickly, Senku ducks for cover and crafts a makeshift bulletproof vest while Stanley confirms Xeno truly wants his pupil dead. He confirms.[21]

Wounded and barely alive, Senku is taken into the ship and cared for. Feeling guilty but wanting to help, Luna recalls her medical training and does what she can. Closer to Xeno's castle, Tsukasa's squad meet up with Chrome and Kohaku only to get the call that Senku was shot and Chrome's in charge.[22]

Chrome decides the best option is to build a tunnel into the enemy's base, and begins working on that while the Perseus continues to be converted to an aircraft carrier. The dead petrification device is delivered to Xeno to gain them some more time.[23]

Needing a specific drill bit from Kaseki, Taiju delivers it using the Mobile Lab, however his driving is awful enough that Carlos helps him out while Max stays behind to watch over Luna. Captive, Carlos watches helplessly as the team drill towards the base.[24]

Luna monitor's Senku's state, needing to do blood transfusions and drain his lungs of fluid. Senku tells her that she's all he has, and in return for her help, she asks if he'd be her boyfriend. Chrome's group then recieve a call from Luna, telling them that Senku is now Luna's boyfriend. With Luna switching sides, Carlos switches too, and helps them draw up a map of Xeno's castle. While Luna asks Francois about relationships and discovers Senku's previous marriage, Yo alerts them that a plane is approaching.[25]

Using the fixed-up plane, Senku and Ryusui engage in a dogfight while the others watch from the deck.[26] As the battle continues overhead, the rest of Stanley's men approach via submarine and attack from below.[27] Despite valiant effort from the warriors onboard, the Perseus is captured. Above, the enemy plane is taken down, revealing Charlotte as its pilot.[28]

In the castle, Xeno is captured after a swift stealth attack from Chrome's unit. While they're escaping, the tunnel collapses, trapping Xeno and Chrome in the middle. They discuss views while digging their way out, and ultimately capture Xeno.[29]

Tense Negotiations[]

Corn city negotiations

Negotiations are made

On the Perseus, Max helps Luna, Francois, and Kaseki escape after hearing about what happened with Senku. They meet up with the ones in the plane, Gen, and the ones who infiltrated the castle. Senku and Xeno greet each other properly, and Xeno goads that Senku has nowhere to go back to since Stanley has taken over the Perseus. With the only option being to move forward, they steal one of Xeno's boats.

Outgunned, Senku tries diplomacy, and calls Brody, supposedly the most reasonable American. Senku gives him the revival fluid formula in exchange for keeping their prisoners safe, hoping they'll establish a new city. Brody agrees, but warns them that Stanley won't stop until he gets his favorite scientist back.[30]

Still needing to escape, Senku hands the negotiations over to his captured friends. Nikki and Minami take over, as their english is the best. Brody frees them and agrees to allow them to build Corn City, and help with it, but keeps them under surveillance just in case. With only one route out to sea, Senku ties the petrification device to the prow of the ship and everyone pretends they'll get petrified. Stanley focuses on shooting the device a safe distance away while the ship escapes. With a final farewell, the smaller ship heads to South America, the source of the petrification, with Stanley in hot pursuit.[31]

Characters Introduced[]

Story Impact[]

  • Matsukaze is revived and provides valuable insight into the petrification device.
  • Treasure Island is left in the care of Soyuz.
  • Tsukasa is defrosted and healthy.
  • Why-man's messages are coming from the moon, and the Kingdom of Science will need a rocket to reach them.
  • The Kingdom prepares for a global voyage to collect resources to build the rocket.
  • Several cities are planned to be made: Corn, Superalloy, Math, Rubber, and Aluminum.
    • They decide to make their first goal the establishment of Corn City in America so that they can produce large quantities of revival formula, fuel and food.
  • Hyoga, Homura, and Moz are freed from petrification and become members of the Kingdom of Science.
  • After voyaging for forty days, the crew of the Perseus reach America.
  • A group of Americans revived at the same time as Senku did in Japan, and built a small armed community fed with corn.
  • A war is waged between Senku and his former science mentor, Xeno.
  • Senku gets shot by Stanley.
  • Senku becomes Luna's boyfriend.
  • The Perseus is converted to an aircraft carrier.
  • The Perseus is taken over by Stanley and the members onboard are taken prisoner, while Chrome tunnels into Xeno's castle and captures him in return.
  • The recipe to the revival fluid is exchanged for the safety of the prisoners and the agreement to begin building Corn City.
  • The petrification device is lost in the Sacramento river.
  • Senku and the other free members of the Kingdom esacpe to South America with Stanley chasing them in the Perseus.

Inventions in Order of Acquisition[]

For a complete list of inventions in more detail, see Inventions and Discoveries.

  • Aircraft
  • Haber-Bosch Plant
  • Various Guns
  • Drill
  • Submarine


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