Namari (ナマリ Namari) is from Ishigami village and is shown to be skilled at drawing.


Namari has light colored hair that covers the left side of his face. He has a yaeba tooth in some of his appearances. Namari is also relatively short compared to most of the characters. Like the other Ishigami Villagers, Namari has a rope in his appearance. His is around his neck.


Namari is shown to be cooperative whenever someone tells him to draw something, mostly because he is often forced to.

Abilities and Skill

Namari is able to draw skillfully and in a short amount of time as well.


Namari is first introduced in Chapter 17 along with all of the other villagers. Namari is shown again in Chapter 34, when he is drawing the contestant match ups for the tournament. In Chapter 50, Namari draws the blue prints on how to create a cell phone. In chapter 84, Magma forces Namari to draw a ship for him, when Magma, Yo and Senku are competing to design the best ship. During Chapter 86, when Ryusui is looking to make a currency, Namari is seemingly forced to carve the stamp for the Drago. In chapter 96, Namari and the Mangaka put a sign up for the Kingdom of Science's strategy room.


  • Namari's name in Japanese means lead. Lead is a chemical element that is a metal with the atomic number of 82 on the periodic table and the symbol Pb. This goes along with the rest of the Ishigami Villagers, who's names are also all metals or gems.


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