Mozu (モズ) is the secondary antagonist of the treasure island arc.


Mozu is a tall, spear-wielding muscular man wearing pauldrons that appear to be made of stone. He has dark dreadlocks that are tied into a low ponytail. He has facial markings of unknown origin that extend from the top of his eyebrows to between his eyes, similar to Kirisame's.


Mozu is a cocksure and easygoing man who enjoys the company of beautiful women, and strong people. He giddily looks forward to the Harem selection every year, hoping for cute girls to appear. He becomes fascinated with Kohaku upon meeting her, due to her combination of strength and beauty, two things he appreciates greatly. He enjoys this fun to a fault, allowing Kohaku into the harem despite her nearly breaking Minister Ibara's hand. Even in the past, he lamented having to petrify the young escaping Amarillys, recognizing how beautiful she could potentially be in the future. Despite all this, he possesses a sharp instinct and cunning, and is hinted that he knows a lot more than he lets on.

Abilities and Skills

Physical Abilities

Mozu is a highly competent fighter, able to easily throw aside five men (including Oarashi) with his strength alone, and was able to effortlessly overwhelm Kohaku with his skillful spearmanship (Although she was not armed with her typical weapons at the time.) He and Kirisame are noted to be the strongest warriors of the Kingdom of Petrification.


Mozu was able to deduce that Kohaku was one of the intruders, although he chose to withhold this information, due to his personal interests.



Mozu was able to sneak up on Senku and his friends. Even with Ukyo's superlative hearing, he snuck up on them without detection.





  • His name Mozu is the Japanese word for Bull-Headed Shrike (Bird that impales prey on thorns)[1]



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