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He hails from a family of warriors and was blessed with extreme warrior talent. At the young age of seven, Moz nearly committed patricide when driven over to strike his abusive father and slamming the latter away. He has not lost a battle since then.[1]

Five years before Senku came to Treasure Island, Moz and Kirisame were on a boat and found a group of kids including Amaryllis trying to escape the island with their boat. Kirisame petrifies all the kids with her weapon but Moz misleads her to not petrify Amaryllis, as he finds her cute and wants to let her age into adulthood, likely for highly questionable reasons.

Treasure Island Arc[]

Moz attends the harem selection and notices Kohaku's strength when she grabs Ibara. He then tells Kohaku that he admires her strength and wishes to fight her.

He later finds out Kohaku is an invader and fights her.

Moz then tracks down the rest of the Kingdom of Science by following Amaryllis and hits Taiju when he tries to defend. He agrees with the Kingdom's terms and joins them in a plan to take the petrification weapon and fight Ibara. Moz plans to dominate everyone on the island after taking the petrification weapon. Disguising himself as an invader he proceeds to attack other warriors under the guise of being mysterious.[2]

The next day, Moz watches Oarashi reveals an invader attacked him. He internally comments to himself on how the latter is perceptive when comparing his strength to a supposed invader. Moz soon recalls Gen advising him to attack a braggart who would tell the others and make himself look well. This was well placed, as Oarashi started to boast that the invader only got him because he was surprised.[3]

Moz then leads the rest of the army to the Wavebreak Cliff where they have a confrontation with Kingdom of Science. When the plan fails he chose to kill the rest of the Kingdom of Science members.

Yo tries to shoot Moz but Moz knocks him overboard. Moz easily swat aside some of Senku's allies on the ship. Moz and Ibara corner Senku and his allies in a room where Senku revives Hyoga.[4]

Startled to see someone revived from stone, Moz stops in his tracks to understand the events. Soon he stops Magma from pursuing Ibara, as Hyoga caught his attention and questioned him on his intentions after revealing his views. Moz tried to sway him into allying with him but subtly thought of betraying him. Ultimately Hyoga declines the offer, before stopping Moz from killing Senku. The two go onto fight on the ship and are equal for some time. [5] [6]

During the battle, Moz believes he's gotten the upper-hand and taunts him, though Hyoga dives in the water, something that Moz realizes. He pursues Hyoga who is seemingly running away, only to learn its a trap. Hyoga modifies Kinro's spear to better fit his Kan Style to fight better. Moz tried to defend himself from Hyoga's new fighting style but was overwhelmed and defeated.[7]

When the island was being engulfed in petrifiction beam, Moz remarked on how fitting it was that his first loss was in the last battle he had. He and Hyoga promised if they'd ever be freed, they would spar again and would like to learn more from each other. He, along with Hyoga and everyone else on the island (with the exception of Senku) was petrified by Ibara.[8]

New America City Arc[]

It is revealed Moz's statue was taken by the Kingdom of Science. When Hyoga agreed to join the Kingdom, he requested Moz be revived. After being depetrified, Moz is part of the combat team, sparring with Tsukasa, Matsukaze and Hyoga, excluding Kinro and Ginro who trained elsewhere.[9]

When the Perseus arrives in San Francisco, the warrior team follows the exploration crew. Soon alligators attack, though Moz and the other warriors defeat them and use the Alligator meat to restock on supplies. [10]

When a girl named Luna arrives, Moz is in awe at her beauty, while Kirisame berates him for being focused on her looks. While the rest of the crew discuss their suspicion of Luna, a love struck Moz states that she is cute and there is nothing to worry on.[11]

He is later seen checking out Kaseki's new invention, he and Matsukaze both believe it to be a weapon of mutilating the enemy while Ginro criticizes them.[12]

Moz was on the dock, where he and the others spotted a plane and prepared for battle. [13]

Staying below decks while the ship came under attack, Moz was confronted by an enemy soldier who threatens him. Not afraid of the gun, Moz defeated the soldier before he is joined by Ginro and Matsukaze who avoided capture. Moz tells his defeated foe that while his weapon may scare modern timers, he and the other island warriors do not know their rules. [14]

Moz and Matsukaze made their way to the deck, where they proceed to battle the enemy. Using his spearmanship, he easily knocks away several enemies. He notes that training Hyoga taught him came in handy. When the enemy fire is grenades he is briefly worried until Matsukaze knocks them away. Moz compliments him on his skill before he warns the enemy that if they need more people then they should not kill them. Although their strength proves troublesome to the enemy, Stanley emerges from the submarine and catches the Warriors off-guard. Moz tries to attack Stanley but is dodged before Stanley shoots Moz's spear, destroying it and hitting him in the shoulder. Stanley reports the enemy was defeated. [15]

South America Arc[]

Moz has recovered from his injuries and was present when Joel completed the Petrification Weapon. Moz noted that Joel's watch that has a wiretap is similar to the earring from Treasure Island, and that he's been trading information with the other group on how to build the diamond batteries. After Senku sends a message to fight, a pleaded Moz remarks he was tired of playing nice and with everyone else lunges at the armed soldiers.[16]

Having decided to attack, Moz used his spear to force a route between the Americans to get to Brody. He successfully cuts the keychain off of Brody's necklace, flinging it upwards. Homura swiftly jumps to action, leaping above everyone else and catching the keys. He was presumably wounded when the soldiers open fire on him and his allies. However Joel was able to reach the Petrification weapon and used the signal of Why-man to activate it. [17]

Moz was petrified along with his allies.[18]


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