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As the two used to work for Ibara, the two seem to have known each other for a long time. While Kirisame is focused and dedicated to her duties, Moz tended to focus more on women and fighting. She also appeared annoyed at his womanizing ways and often told him to stay focus. Despite her disgust at him, she did seem to hold respect for his abilities. Kirisame once described Moz as "the last person you'd want to make as an enemy, but a surprisingly reliable ally".[1]

In turn, Moz never seemed to view her as a potential romantic partner unlike other (beautiful women) despite her not being unattractive. He also did hold some respect for her strength and considered her a good warrior but correctly deduced he would be able to beat her in a one on one fight if she ever lost the Petrification Weapon. The two now work together again under the Kingdom of Science and are more casual.



They met during the harem selection. He was impressed by her skill, stating she was strong but declared his status as strongest and engaged her battle nonetheless. Kohaku was in awe at his skill, especially when he easily overwhelmed her and he offered her the chance to be with him if she gave up her friends. However, she refused the offer but the battle never reached an outcome, as Kohaku was petrified.


At first, he was amazed at Hyoga being revived from stone. He wondered if Hyoga was a strong opponent. When Hyoga questioned him on his intentions after revealing his views, Moz tried to sway him into allying with him but subtly thought of betraying him. After his offer was refused, Moz wasted no time in engaging Hyoga.[2] In the fight, Moz noted Hyoga was the first warrior to get him to struggle. After Hyoga won, Moz gave a sign of acknowledgement for his skill because it was his first battle he lost. When the island was being engulfed in petrifaction, Moz and Hyoga promised if they’d be freed that they would spar again.[3] During Hyoga's revival, he requested that he gets to revive Moz and they finally got the chance to spar.[4]


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