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The Mobile Lab (研究室 (ラボ) カー Rabo kā) is an amphibious vehicle created by the Kingdom of Science. It acted as a portable lab that was able to transverse rough terrain and bodies of water. It was destroyed by Stanley Snyder, during his pursuit of the science group to South America.

Following the second petrification event, the Kingdom of Science constructed a new mobile lab.


The mobile lab is a four-wheeled amphibious vehicle approximately 5 meters long.[1] The front has two seats, one for the driver and the other for using the periscope, similar to the ones on military tanks. There are four round windows, but only two are visible when the camouflage cover is on. The back end is a storage area with several shelves lining the walls, and a large space in the middle for passengers or cargo. There is no way to strap anything down.

The lab has been modified several times for other uses, such as a "self-driving" car,[2] a decoy boat,[3] a rice transplanter and rice harvester.[4]


Treasure Island Arc[]

Ukyo shows Soyuz the mobile lab, describing it as a science powered sickbay in the Stone World.[5]

Chapter 135

The mobile lab with its camouflage cover

When Ibara and his group search the ship for survivors, Suika and Ginro were able to avoid detection and reclaim the mobile lab. Suika pilots the lab, disguised as an animal, into the ocean and back to Senku's group. When on land, the team is surrounded by Petrification Kingdom natives who mistake it for an animal. Using this to his advantage, Senku creates skatole (poop smell) and the lab rides away, after the villagers are convinced it's just an animal.[6]

The mobile lab is taken to a nearby cave, where Senku's group make their refuge. Using the contents in the lab, the group create the necessities to give Kohaku a makeover. Unbeknownst to the group, the tracks left by the lab caused Ibara to realize there were intruders on the island. [7]

When Senku realized that he had to craft a drone, he broke off parts of the lab to build a motor.[6]

After the tracks of the lab was discovered, Ibara realized that there were intruders and had the petrified crew thrown into the ocean, Senku and his allies began the construction oxygen tanks to pull a covert rescue mission and they are complete after several hours. Despite the tanks providing only ten minutes worth of air, the mission was a success.[8]

Self-Driving Mobile Lab

"AI" upgrade

Kaseki was disappointed at the state of his lab while petrified and started to repair it.[9]

After everyone on the island (except Senku and Ibara) were petrified, Senku used the recorder from the lab to make a plan. Ibara discovered the lab and believed it was more of the enemy's sorcery.

New America City Arc[]

Once in San Francisco, the mobile lab was used to travel across the river, it came under attack by alligators, but the warriors fended them off.[10]

That night, Stanley opened fire on the Kingdom of Science with his machine gun. However, the warriors were able to rescue their allies while Stanley was taking time to reload, they took the opportunity to flee to the mobile lab on the river.[11]

The mobile lab was pursued on the river by Stanley who resumed opening fire on the group. However, Senku crafted chemicals in the lab and the enemy plane was brought down by Senku and Kirisame. The mobile lab was soon used to tow Stanley's downed plane.[12]

Carlos and Taiju on a drive

The mobile lab's interior

Taiju later drove the lab to the enemy castle, taking Carlos Barrios with him. Taiju's erratic driving frustrated Carlos to the point that he took over as driver and made it to the castle for him.

Once Xeno was captured, the mobile lab was placed in one of Xeno's yachts.

South America Arc[]

To give Stanley the slip, Senku used the mobile lab as a decoy. Senku's choice was met with some sad responses from the Kingdom of Science because of the mobile lab saving them on many occasions. Being practical, Senku said they can always construct another ship. Regardless, some of the crew sent the mobile lab with sad send off. When Stanley learns of the ruse, he becomes infuriated at being deceived and orders it to be destroyed.[13]


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