Mirai Shishio ( () () (あう) () (らい) Shishiō Mirai) is the little sister of Tsukasa.


Mirai is a petite girl just a little older than Suika. Her petrification scar is the dark hairline in her hair.


She is loyal to her brother, as after hearing the story of how he tended her, she sought to repay it by staying by his side.

Abilities and Skills


Mirai was clinically brain dead prior to the Petrification due to a car accident. Her brother Tsukasa refused to give up on her and took on his MMA matches to keep paying the medical bills that kept her on life support.


Communications Arc

She is depetrified by Senku as part of a deal with her brother to end the war. Senku had a theory that the Petrification could heal any wound and that the restoration formula would bring her back in full health. This proved to be true as she was fully restored and fully healthy when she woke up from the stone. She was saddened to see her brother go into stasis and plans to wait for him.

Age of Exploration Arc

True to her word, Mirai stays by the bed of her comatose brother. She is present when Senku and his group return with Ryusui Nanami. She is particularly delighted by the restoration of new clothes, money, and other things.



  • The likely reason Mirai remained short during her coma was due to her brain not being able to release any growth hormone from the pituitary gland.


  1. Dr. Stone Manga — Vol. 1 Chapter 1, Mirai Shishio is Petrified along with all of Earths Human Population.
  2. Dr. Stone Manga — Vol. 9 Chapter 79, Mirai Shishio is revived by Senku.

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