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Prior to petrification, Minami was a very well known reporter, even Tsukasa hearing of her skills. Minami was known for her large network of connections to companies and people, using said network to get every last detail of a case she works on. Minami herself calls her connections and intel on people her weapons. In her worker file, it is stated that Minami takes pride in what she does and would never stoop down and use her sex appeal to get information on a case she's working on.

At some point in her life, Minami would attend a press conference by Ryusui, and would look very displeased with him[1]. This could perhaps be due to his lavish lifestyle of partying and spending, something she would down upon as she states she had to work incredibly hard only for half the money she makes go into things like rent.

Minami had stated that even in the old world, she was a fan of Tsukasa[2]. It is unknown how the two came to know each other, however it can be assumed Tsukasa has been interviewed by her many times before as he acknowledged her skills and placed her in charge of reviving people for him.

In the old world, Minami owned a camera, which she loved very dearly. When Senku provides her with a new camera, she breaks down crying and thinks about the camera she lost over the 3700 years she was petrified. Her love for this camera is a testament to how proud of her job she is.

On the day of the Petrification, Minami was standing in a large crowd in a city, presumably Tokyo. Upon seeing the light on the horizon, Minami attempts to to grab a photograph of the light, however she is too late in doing so, and is petrified while shedding a tear, believing it to be the end. Over the thousands of years she is petrified, her camera shatters, and is lost along with the rest of humanity[3].

Vs. Hyoga Arc[]

Minami first appearance

Minami's first appearance in the manga.

Minami first appears in a flashback about Hyoga's awakening from the petrification. She is content with the way things are, aligned with Tsukasa's goals. Minami states that she's been a fan of Tsukasa from before the fated event.[2]

While Tsukasa shows Hyoga around his Empire, he describes how they are making a better life in the Stone World, rather than the modern times. Minami agrees with this and comments about how the world 3700 years ago was awful, since they were all forced to serve others. She also says how she was a fan of Tsukasa before the petrification.

Age of Exploration Arc[]

Minami mopes about Tsukasa's fate before Senku approaches her and tells her that he has a job. Moving past her sadness, she asks what it is and he replies that he needs a captain.[4]

While going to a certain area, she recalls a potential candidate for the position, Ryusui Nanami, but tries not to revive him because of his nature. She is amazed when Senku has his allies get to work. While looking through the statues, she finds Ryusui and gives a background on him and suggests they go for someone else. Regardless, Senku ignores her and revives Ryusui.[1]

Ryusui and Gen barter with her for a flask of Stone Formula to free Francois in exchange for a camera.[5]

Once Senku creates a camera, Minami is amazed and thinks on how she lost her original. However, she is shocked to see that Senku made more. She then asks to takes a photo with Senku as the first photo in the Stone World. She is annoyed by Ryusui's comments on buying the photo, but surprised by his noble reasons while Francois states she misunderstood his personality. She and Francois both state Senku should pose after he does so, she tells the stone world members that only a modern timer would know its meaning.[3]

She then uses the camera to document the next year.

Minami wants to take a picture of the Perseus' crew, since she fears that it may be the last, but the others tell her to cheer up. Minami listens and prepares her picture, while lamenting she won't be in it, but Francois reveals that they have anticipated this and created a timer so she can be in it. Although shocked by the preparation, Minami is happy regardless.[6]

She watches the Perseus sail off and is surprised when Ginro jumps after them.[7]

Treasure Island Arc[]

After the conflict on Treasure Island is done, Minami is with the others at the base when Ruri uses the cellphone to contacts Senku.[8]

New America City Arc[]

Minami is happy when the Perseus returns and sees that most of the modern timers lost their scars. She is then excited when Chrome states they have found a device that can petrify them at will. She is worried for Mirai after the others comically grab her hands, nearly crushing them. She is pleased when Tsukasa is revived, but tells Nikki that she will let him reunite with his sister first. She is pushed into talking to him by Ruri and nervously greets him while blushing heavily.[9]

Minami tells Ryusui not to approach Tsukasa with his recreated invention of currency. She notes while he isn't like the rich people of old times, he may not look good to Tsukasa.[10]

She is very happy at the recreation of the voice recorder, which gives her the chance to report the Perseus' voyage to America to revive the whole world.[11]

Minami later documents the poker game between Senku and Ryusui over which course is quicker to reach America. She is put off by the bets, telling her crewmates they will still have their lives on the line. She soon watches Senku use a unique strategy before he wins.[12]

Minami later questions why Senku is describing Vikings, as Ukyo tells her that he is describing navigation. She is later seen curious as to whether Chrome confess to Ruri.[13]

After the recreation of beer, she is confused by Yo's drunken rambling about shooting Ibara and notes he likes to tell stories.[14]

She is excited when they reach land.[15]

She is stunned to see that America is still petrified. She is confused by Taiju referring to it as a vacation, though does lighten up after Senku brings it is the charm of the latter. Minami stays behind with the crew on the Perseus. [16]

Minami is later present when Dr. Xeno contacts them. Minami remarks on Taiju dressing up, despite it being a call. She watches Taiju talk with Xeno while being told by Senku what to say. After Xeno states that his side has a clear technological advantage, Minami asks Senku what Xeno means and Senku says that Xeno has a factory that can produce mass amounts of ammunition. Taiju acts out that he knew this, as Minami is impressed by his acting. Once Taiju refuses to help Xeno, the talk is over and Stanley Snyder is seen in another plane flying over them. Minami is shocked by Senku announcing plans to face Stanley by building an airstrip on the Perseus.[17]

She remains on the communicators, as a way to hold a civilized conversation while telling Ginro and Homura its worth a shot to try. When Senku creates ice cream, she complains on the stench of some of the items before enjoying it.[18]

She later observed noise from communications, which was Xeno discovering Senku was the science user.[19]

After Senku is grievously wounded by an enemy sniper, Minami is in a panic until Ryusui calms her and the crew.[20]

When Francois translates Senku's plan to send the powerless Petrification Weapon to Xeno and have someone describe its ability, Minami questions if they have someone who could do that. Unknown to her, Gen was the one fit for the job.[21]

She is later seen checking out Kaseki's new invention, she is creeped out by Moz and Matsukaze's belief on it being a weapon of mutilating the enemy, telling them what it's purpose is.[22]

While Luna and Francois spoke at the bar about Luna dating Senku, Minami looks away in shame after Luna asserts that Senku appeared legitimately interested in her and not merely using her, knowing full well Senku was manipulating her. They also informed her that Senku had actually once married someone for his own ambition and then divorced her, much to her dismay.[23]

She bears witness to the aerial battle between Senku, Ryusui and what appears to be Stanley. Minami notes on Mr. Mangaka being talkative as he describes the battle.[24]

Minami soon notices submarine emerge and enemy soldiers proceed to raid the ship.

She watches Moz and Matsukaze battle the enemy soldiers, while voicing her disgust of Moz's antics to Kirisame, particularly due to his desire to protect the "cute girls". She notes he is both strong, calculating but thickheaded. [25]

Much later, she overhears Senku's transmission and hears him reveals the ingredients for the revival formula and his plans to free over a million people.[26]

Minami continued to hear Senku speak with Brody and listens to him wanting an alliance with the American colony. When Yuzuriha asked who spoke English, Minami revealed her fluency and served as Senku's negotiator with Brody. At first, she was nervous when Brody tried to establish rules but Nikki Hanada stepped in and intimidated him to easing off. Minami watched Nikki inform Brody that their goals align and that if he wants to save humanity, then they're a team. Amused by the girl's ferocity, Brody agrees to ally with them and establish corn city but notes on Stanley's desire to hunt them should he learn of Xeno's capture.[27]

South America Arc[]

Minami and the others were tasked by Senku to re-power the Petrification Weapon. Under the guise of using it to heal people who are ill or wounded until the doctor is revive, they get the permission of Brody to find a way to dissect the device that Brody permits under supervision. Minami and her allies examine the device together, discussing how best to take it apart. They soon decide they need to find a skilled watchmaker to take apart the device, but don't know where to find one.

After Senku recreated the fax machine, Minami is dismayed to see Yuzuriha working to create the map. However, they get directions to find a watchmaker. Minami along with her allies and one of Brody's men then follow the map to the remains of the airport. They revive the CEO, who directs them to their star employee, Joel. They find and revive Joel, who is immediately embarrassed by his nudity in front of the girls. Minami looks unimpressed but comments on his normal reaction to being nude after reviving. They allow him to take apart the device. After being the device, he notes several things about it. Joel describes new parts being the fact that the circuitry is glass or mineral-like, and the core is a diamond. Joel petrifies himself to test the device after restarting it. [28]

Minami was later amazed to hear from Senku that they can create diamonds in order to power the device. After they are successful, she is pleased when Joel confirms it is such. However, she is dismayed when Senku has them find a real diamond as well because they need both to power.

Minami was petrified when the Petrification Weapon was activated by Joel using the Why-man' signal.


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