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Tsukasa Shishio[]

Minami was a big fan of Tsukasa even before the petrification occurred.

She also demonstrates she has romantic feelings for him due in no small part to his good looks, personality, and charisma. In turn, Tsukasa showed deep respect for her abilities as a reporter, remembering to revive her and also having her scout potential people to revive who shared in Tsukasa's ideology. When he was cryogenically frozen, she was genuinely heartbroken, showing her devotion and admiration as being genuine and not just being a shallow fangirl.[1] When he was revived, she was genuinely happy to the point of crying but initially did not rush to welcome him as she didn't want to get in the way of his family reunion of his sister, as she felt family came first. After Ruri pushed her into action, she nervously spoke to him while blushing heavily.[2] While Tsukasa's feelings for her aren't specified, he at the least cares for her and greeted her when she welcomed him back.

Tsukasa Empire[]

As a fan of Tsukasa and member of his empire, she was shown getting along well with the other members. Even after they joined the Kingdom of science, despite limited interaction, she seemed to have no problem getting along with others.

Senku Ishigami[]

While she was technically enemies with Senku, due to her allegiance with the Tsukasa Empire and even tried to report his location to Tsukasa during the war. After the war ended and Senku cryogenically froze Tsukasa, he immediately recruited Minami to join him due to her abilities as a reporter. She was eager to prove her capabilities. Senku holds no grudge for her past allegiance and deeply respects her abilities, while Minami in turn becomes loyal to the kingdom of science.[1]

Minami is grateful for being gifted with a camera (even if it was in exchange for giving the last of her revival fluid for Francois, but also asked Senku to do another pose, but in a sexy way). [3]

Even before Senku's group left for Treasure Island, she shows concern for everyone who was leaving for their voyage, and stating that it might be their last time together. Soon later tears of joy when everyone; including Senku; returned to the Kingdom of Science safely.

She was concerned for him after he was sniped by Stanley Snyder.

Ryusui Nanami[]

When Senku asked for Minami's help in finding a captain for their ship, she immediately remembered Ryusui as being the top candidate but kept quiet and tried to divert attention away from the topic.[4] However, after Senku found his statute, she admitted he had the best skills but also a difficult personality but Senku ignored her and immediately revived him. While the two don't have much interaction, Ryusui seems to consider Minami, like many other women, beautiful and has faith in her abilities as a reporter. Later, when Ryusui is talking about profits with the other members of the Science Kingdom within earshot of Tsukasa, she takes him away to warn him not to talk that way in front of Tsukasa, who hates people who use others for their own benefit. However, she does acknowledge to him that she was wrong about her impression of Ryusui, demonstrating genuine respect for the man and his abilities.[5] Interestingly, she never falls for his flirtations and is instead confused or unimpressed by the attempts.


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