Minami Hokutozai (北東西 南 Hokutozai Minami) is a Pre-Petrification human and a former reporter before the Petrification occurred. Originally a member of Tsukasa's army before Tsukasa's downfall at the hands of Hyoga, she later joins and helps the Kingdom of Science.


She is a young adult woman who has long blonde hair with seashells in them and a well-endowed figure.

For clothing, she wears a single short dress with a small ribbon around her upper body and goes barefoot.



She seems to prefer strong, handsome men as she is enamored with Tsukasa and is heartbroken when he is cryogenically frozen in order to save him. Despite this, she has great confidence in her abilities as a former reporter to determine who will be the best to revive, whether working for the Tsukasa Empire or for the Kingdom of Science.

She is so passionate about being a reporter and photography that she agrees to exchange her last bit of revival fluid in exchange for the tool of her trade, a camera. Once she gains the equipment, Minami wastes no time in reporting Perseus' voyage for America.

On a side note, she seems to love clothing, becoming quite happy when the Kingdom of Science manages to create cloth and being one of the first to purchase a set of clothes for herself. Though oddly enough, she continues to wear the same primitive outfit despite having new attire, not even bothering to wear shoes.

She seems to be emotional, developing a strong attachment to Tsukasa and crying when he is cryogenically frozen for a long time before Senku snaps her out of it with a job. Similarly, she cries when Senku gives her a camera and when a good portion of the Kingdom of Science goes on their voyage, she wants to take a picture to commemorate it, crying because she understands that it may be a long time before everyone meets each other again. She is in tears of joy at Tsukasa's revival and nervously states how happy she is to see him okay.

Minami likes to pry into people's relationship, as she questions Kirisame and Kinro on their status and is excited at the thought of Ruri and Chrome's obvious attraction.

Abilities and Skills

Thanks to her time as a reporter, Minami has detailed information about countless people all over the world, allowing her to accurately identify any individual with the most vital skills for the Kingdom of Science. This is best highlighted when she helps identify Ryusui Nanami, whose sailing and leadership skills have proven valuable to the group.


Combat Power
1/5 E
Writing Ability
3/5 C
5/5 A
Minami's stats, according to Volume 9


At one point, she interviewed the shipping heir Ryusui Nanami and was put off by his nature.

Prior to the Petrification, Minami was the news reporter who spoke to the astronaut Byakuya Ishigami before he launched into space.


Vs. Hyoga Arc

Minami first appearance

Minami's first appearance in the manga.

Minami first appears in a flashback about Hyoga's awakening from the petrification. She is content with the way things are, aligned with Tsukasa's goals. Minami states that she's been a fan of Tsukasa from before the fated event.[4]

While Tsukasa shows Hyoga around his Empire, he describes how they are making a better life in the Stone World, rather than the modern times. Minami agrees with this and comments about how the world 3700 years ago was awful, since they were all forced to serve others. She also says how she was a fan of Tsukasa before the petrification.

Age of Exploration Arc

Minami mopes about Tsukasa's fate before Senku approaches her and tells her that he has a job. Moving past her sadness, she asks what it is and he replies that he needs a captain.[5]

While going to a certain area, she recalls a potential candidate for the position, Ryusui Nanami, but tries not to revive him because of his nature. She is amazed when Senku has his allies get to work. While looking through the statues, she finds Ryusui and gives a background on him and suggests they go for someone else. Regardless, Senku ignores her and revives Ryusui.[6]

Ryusui and Gen barter with her for a flask of Stone Formula to free Francois in exchange for a camera.

Once Senku creates a camera, Minami is amazed and thinks on how she lost her original. She takes a photo with Senku as the first photo in the Stone World. She comments on the pose he took, declaring only a modern timer would know its meaning.

She then uses the camera to document the next year.

Minami wants to take a picture of the Perseus' crew, since she fears that it may be the last, but the others tell her to cheer up. Minami listens and prepares her picture, while lamenting she won't be in it, but Francois reveals that they have anticipated this and created a timer so she can be in it. Although shocked by the preparation, Minami is happy regardless.

She watches the Perseus sail off and is surprised when Ginro jumps after them.

New America City Arc

Minami is happy when the Perseus returns and sees that most of the modern timers lost their scars. She is worried for Mirai after the others comically grab her hands, nearly crushing them. She is pleased when Tsukasa is revived, but tells Nikki that she will let him reunite with his sister first. She is pushed into talking to him by Ruri and nervously greets him while blushing heavily.[7]

Minami tells Ryusui not to approach Tsukasa with his recreated invention of currency. She notes while he isn't like the rich people of old times, he may not look good to Tsukasa.[8]

She is very happy at the recreation of the voice recorder, which gives her the chance to report the Perseus' voyage to America to revive the whole world.[9]

Minami later documents the poker game between Senku and Ryusui over which course is quicker to reach America. She is put off by the bets, telling her crewmates they will still have their lives on the line. She soon watches Senku use a unique strategy before he wins. [10]

Minami questions why Senku is describing Vikings, as Ukyo tells her that he is describing navigation. She is later scene curious as to whether Chrome confess to Ruri. [11]

After the recreation of beer, she is confused by a drunk Yo's rambling on shooting Ibara and notes he likes to tell stories.[12]

She is excited when they reach land.[13]

She is stunned to see that America is still petrified. She is confused by Taiju referring to it as a vacation, though does lighten up after Senku brings it is the charm of the latter. Minami stays behind with the crew on the Perseus. [14]

Minami is later present when Dr. Xeno contacts them. Minami remarks on Taiju dressing up, despite it being a call. She watches Taiju talk with Xeno while being told by Senku what to say. After Xeno states that his side has a clear technological advantage, Minami asks Senku what Xeno means and Senku says that Xeno has a factory that can produce mass amounts of ammunition. Taiju acts out that he knew this, as Minami is impressed by his acting. Once Taiju refuses to help Xeno, the talk is over and Stanley Snyder is seen in another plane flying over them. Minami is shocked by Senku announcing plans to face Stanley by building an airstrip on the Perseus.[15]


  • Her name means North (Hoku/北), East (Tou/東), West (Zai/西), and South (Minami/南), which makes her initials "NEWS" [16]


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