Minami Hokutozai (北東西 南 Hokutozai Minami) is a Pre-Petrification human and former reporter before the Petrification occurred. Originally a member of Tsukasa's army before Tsukasa's downfall at the hands of Hyoga, she later joins and helps the Kingdom of Science.


She has long hair with seashells in them. For clothing, she wears a single short dress with a small ribbon around her upper body and goes barefoot.



She seems to prefer strong, handsome men as she was enamored with Tsukasa and heartbroken when he was cryogenically frozen in order to save him. Despite this, she has great confidence in her abilities as a former reporter to determine who would be best to revive, whether working for the Tsukasa Empire or for the Kingdom of Science. She is so passionate about being a reporter and photography that she agreed to exchange her last bit of revival fluid in exchange for the tool of her trade, a camera. She seems to be emotional, developing a strong attachment to Tsukasa and crying while he was cryogenically frozen for a long time before Senku snapped her out of it with a job. Similarly, she cried once Senku gave her a camera and once a good portion of the Kingdom of Science went on their voyage, she wanted to take a picture to commemorate it, crying because she understood it may be a long time before everyone meets each other again.

Abilities and Skills


Combat Power
1/5 E
Writing Ability
3/5 C
5/5 A
Minami's stats, according to Volume 9


Vs. Hyoga Arc

Minami first appearance

Minami's first appearance in the manga.

Minami first appears in flashback about Hyoga's awakening from the petrification. She comments about agreeing with Tsukasa's ideals about how the world 3700 years ago was awful. She also says how she was a fan of Tsukasa before the petrification.

Minami was the news reporter who spoke to Byakuya Ishigami before he launched into space.

Age of Exploration Arc

Ryusui and Gen barters a flask of Stone Formula to free Francois, in trade for creating a camera. She takes a photo with Senku as the first photo in the Stone World.


  • Her name means North (Hoku/北), East (Tou/東), West (Zai/西), South (Minami/南) which makes her initials "NEWS" [4]


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