Minami Hokutozai (北東西 南 Hokutozai Minami) is a Pre-Petrification human and former reporter before the Petrification occurred. Originally a member of Tsukasa's army before Tsukasa's downfall at the hands of Hyoga's betrayal, she later joins and helps the Kingdom of Science.


She has long hair with seashells in them.



She seems to prefer strong handsome men as she was enamoured with Tsukasa and heart broken when he was cryogenically frozen to save him. Despite this, she has great confidence in her abilities as a former reporter to determine who would be best to revive, whether working for the Might of Empire or for the Kingdom of Science.

Abilities and Skills


Combat Power
1/5 E
Writing Ability
3/5 C
5/5 A
Minami's stats, according to Volume 9


Vs. Hyoga Arc

Minami first appears in flashback about Hyoga's awakening from the petrification. She comments about agreeing with Tsukasa's ideals about how the world 3700 years ago was awful. She also says how she was a fan of Tsukasa before the petrification.

Age of Exploration Arc

Ryusui barters a flask of Stone Formula to free Francois, in trade for creating a camera.
Minami first appearance

Minami's first appearance in the manga.


  • Her name means North (Hoku/北), East (Tou/東), West (Zai/西), South (Minami/南) which makes her initials "NEWS" [3]


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  2. Dr. Stone Manga — Vol. 6 Chapter 50, Minami Hokutozai first appearance meaning he was revived that year.
  3. Chapter 92


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