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  • Where do you think this arc should start? The category page starts at 139, but I think chapter 142 makes more sense. Chapter 141 sees the achievement of the goal for Treasure Island: The revival of Tsukasa.

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    • 138 is the End of Part 3, so I think it makes sense to end the arc there. The revival of Tsukasa is essentially a prologue to the New America City Arc since they revive him for the purpose of fighting against the Whyman.

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    • Hey Guys,

      I originally thought it might have been best to start the New America City Arc on Chapter 141 because it is the chapter in which the Kingdom of Science finally arrives home to Ishigami Village.

      While Chapter 140 is the ending of the Treasure Island Arc due to disembarking of the KoS from Treasure Island.

      But after reading what Damage3245 says and re reading Chapter 138, I can also see why you would say 138 should be the closing point of that Arc.

      • 1. It is the ending of the main conflict of that arc.
      • 2. It reveals how dangerous their new foe is and everything after that point in chapters all rely on that changing the direction of the manga into a new arc.
      • 3. Ingaki himself uses that chapter as a point to end Part 3 of this story.

      So for the discussion on where to end Treasure Island Arc and where to start New America City Arc, I believe we should end Treasure Island Arc at Chapter 138 and begin New America City Arc on Chapter 139.

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    • I'm in agreement with that conclusion.

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  • I'm gonna make you a content moderator due to your experience on other wikis, If you are interested in becoming a Admin i can make that possible but only once you gain some more edits.

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    • You absolute legend, really appreciate your work!

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    • No problem. When I became an Admin at the Worm Wiki my first project was to sort through and categorize about 2000 images.

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  • No. It doesn't. 

    We don't know what Whyman is or why it attempted to activate the petrification device.

    You are making assumptions without any actual facts, that is against wikia rules.

    Until we know for certain what they Whyman's goals actually are, it doesn't belong as either an antagonist or protagonist. The entire existence and purpose of the Whyman is a mystery with currently no actual answers.

    Besides, the Whyman is potentially tied to the entire plot of the series. Which means we won't get any actual answers until the very end of the story.

    The only thing allowed on this wikia are actual facts with the evidence to back them up, you have no evidence and you are just posting your personal opinion or theory.

    We don't allow speculation on this wikia, only truth.

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    Damage3245 closed this thread because:
    20:11, March 14, 2020
    • No need to be so dismissive, I'm well aware that only truth should be allowed on a wiki.

      I'm just stating that for all intents and purposes, Whyman is being treated as an antagonistic force in the manga by all of the characters, even if the exact nature of the Whyman is unknown.

      Hence why I think it is fine for it to be labelled as an Antagonist, but not to be labelled as Male or Female, for example.

      See what I mean?

      You don't have to agree with me, but I object to it being dismissed as just a simple theory.

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    • Look, I am doing my job as content moderator here by keeping only the actual facts on the wikia.

      Your posting things without evidence and only going by your personal opinion.

      Theories are fine for the comment sections, but not for the actual pages. 

      Whyman cannot be antagonist until we know for certain what its goals are. For all we know, the petrification event might have been a necessary or needed for some unknown purpose.

      We don't really know, so until then please keep things like that off the pages until the proof is presented to us.

      I am asking this nicely as a Content Mod.

      Besides, I already removed a previous edit about Whyman being an antagonist from the page before. So I don't need the other users thinking they can just post whatever they want on the pages, as it just makes my job harder then it needs to be. 

      So please, don't post it again until the manga actually decides what role the Whyman has.

      it really is a theory, and nothing else. 

      We don't even know if the Whyman created the petrifiication devices or simply activated them. We don't know anything about what the event was about, its nothing more then theories or guesses at this point in the story.

      Until the manga actually concludes and all the answers are revealed, everything you have are just your personal opinions.

      Try and understand, this wikia prides itself only posting truths and facts. Theories have there places in the comment sections and blogs, but for the character pages we only want what has been revealed or quoted by the author.

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    • I know you're just doing your job. For what it is worth, I'm an Admin for over a dozen manga wikis. But the entire tone of your posts is borderline opposite to "just asking nicely".

      I won't add it again for now, but your response to this hasn't been great in my opinion.

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