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Maya Pre Petrification

Maya at the DARPA expo

During her life, Maya was the reigning all-American women's MMA champion, and having never lossed a match in her life, earned enough money from her winnings to retire young. However, she would later have to file for bankruptcy after spending all her winnings on overeating. Because of her martial art skills, she was scouted by the special-ops unit in the military. She accepted the job, under the conditions they fed her. Maya would likely have gained quite a high rank in the military due to being one of the key soldiers in the American Colony, and was one of the key figures invited to the DARPA, which hosted Americas 'top-notch superheroes' according to Brody.[1]

On the day of the petrification, Maya, alongside all her colleagues she works with currently, were attending a classified meeting on the petrification that petrified all the worlds swallows, however at the time they weren't aware of the medusa and thought it was terrorism or a attack from a foreign power. When Xeno shows the soldiers the graph showing the voltage coming from the stone bird, Maya was disappointed asking if that was all, and is shocked when Xeno explains they are brain waves. However the talk is cut short as the petrification hits. Maya alongside the rest of the soldiers hear the order from Stanley to not let their minds fade, and would continue to stay awake for thousands of years thinking about meat.[2]

3700 years later, Maya is woken up alongside the rest of the soldiers, due to being awake all that time. Maya mentions that the event staff (Luna, Max and Carlos) were there on the day and heard Stanley's orders to stay awake. Maya places Carlos' statue on the nitric acid and although Dr. Brody doubts they could have stayed awake, both Maya and Brody are shocked to see that they did stay awake. Maya would go on to help construct the new colony and become a solder under Stanley and Xeno.[3]

New America City Arc[]

Maya eating Meat

Maya's first appearance.

Maya is first introduced talking to Xeno about the KOS. She is seen eating her usual turkey leg and asks Xeno if they are just going to beat the KOS into submission, to which Xeno states he has a more elegant plan.[4]. Maya is the soldier placed in charge of guarding Gen Asagiri while he acts as a spy in the American Colony. Despite being engulfed in her food, Gen states she is watching his every move.[5]

Maya is next seen listening in to Gen's interrogation about the medusa they receive from Ukyo, eating yet another turkey leg. She is surprised when Stanley suddenly returns from his mission to assassinate Senku. After Xeno signals her, Maya tosses her turkey leg over her shoulder and covers Gens ears, while squishing his whole face. Maya begins to show off her angelic voice and sings, much to the dismay of her colleagues and especially Gen. She leads Gen away while bolting her song out, and follows Xeno and Stanley down to Dr. Brody.[6] Maya is later seen doing her usual job of guarding Gen with her favorite food, meat, before both Maya and Gen both hear a loud sound come from downstairs, to which Maya goes in and questions if what Brody's been working on is done.[7]

Maya carrying Yo and Magma

Maya defeating Yo and Magma.

Maya along with many of the American Soldiers are next seen partaking in the big battle against the KOS. While Charlotte distracts the Junior Science Brigade with the aerial battle, the rest of the soldiers attack the boat with the weapon Dr. Brody had been working on; a submarine. As the soldiers seize the ship, Maya lands in front of Nikki and Magma, all of whom are armed with carbon shields. Maya goes in for the attack and takes them all out in 10 seconds.[8] Maya apologizes to the Junior Science Brigade, and in a sing song form declares victory and ownership of the ship.

The Americans are caught off guard at an ambush from Matsukaze and Moz. Maya warns a pyro technician soldier, who was quickly trying to take them out, to not get off large bombs in such close quarters as it will kill quite a few people, including allies. Maya lets the soldiers know they can start to retreat as the battle in the sky is almost over. Once Charlotte is taken down, Maya calls Stanley out with a clap, declaring that hide and seek is over.[9]

After the battle had ended, Maya is seen walking off the ship with a large bucket of meat to celebrate her victory, and greets Max as he runs past to Luna. As the KOS zoom towards the ship in a stolen boat from Xeno, Maya notices something on the bow of the ship with binoculars. Upon realizing its the medusa, Maya and the other soldiers jump into the water to avoid the weapon. As Stanley shoots it off, they realize the weapon is a dud and that they were all fooled and are shocked as the KOS zoom past, leaving them behind.[10]

South America Arc[]

After the KOS escape with Xeno as a hostage, Stanley has the soldiers begin to prepare to depart at once. Maya is seen carrying a barrel the same size as her, and in sing song form with a smile on her face she says once the ship is fueled up its off to retrieve Xeno.

When Matsukaze was reported as wounded by the KOS, Maya carries him aboard the ship and puts him in the med-bay, all with a smile on her face, showing she's happy to help even the enemy. Once the ship begins their journey, Maya announces that 'the Dr. Xeno retrieval tour is kicking off' in a song form, annoying much of the crew onboard. The Americans take the opportunity of having one of the enemy on board and try to interrogate him. Maya reveals a few drawings to Matsukaze to question him, due to the language barrier, and is surprised when Ginro appears from behind the cage and gives the location of Senku and the crew.[11]

While chasing down the KOS on the stolen Peruses, Maya comments on how she doesn't understand much of the radar operations, and later cheers upon hearing the KOS dropped anchor in a cove and can now catch them. Maya later shown to be confused about how the speed boat the KOS stole is now a sail boat.[12] Upon finding out that the KOS split into two teams and one is heading for the Panama canal, Maya doubts the canal is still open after all these thousands of years.[13] When the Americans catch up the decoy that was sent to the Panama, Maya gets on top of the ship alongside Charlotte to see if they can spot the KOS[14]. Maya is present to see the KOS escape on motor cycles and is shocked when she sees the plane Leonard was using crash.[15]

When Brody is giving tips to the Americans on how the fix the plan, Maya remarks on how even in the stone world they are getting remote work.[16] When Leonard and Stanley find the KOS bike tracks, Maya is still suspicious it could be another decoy like before.[17] While lounging about on the ship eating her usual snack, Maya tries to make conversation with Stanley, asking if he thinks the KOS is kicking back and relaxing, to which both Stanley and Leonard give stern and col replies[18]. Maya is seen landing in Araxa alongside Stanley before the KOS[19], and follows along in a group with the rest of the soldiers trying to look for plumes of smoke to locate the KOS.[20]

Maya reveals her weapon

Maya prepares for battle

While searching for the Kingdom of Science's base in Araxá, the American Soldiers trigger the fake gunfire traps set up by the Kingdom of Science. The soldiers split into two groups. Stanley sends Maya and two other soldiers to flank the enemy while the main group continues to attack. While on their way to attack, Maya suddenly halts, to which one of the soldiers asked what's wrong. Maya says that her "instincts as the all-American women's-division MMA champ" are telling her something. After this, she immediately finds where Kohaku, Tsukasa, and Hyoga were hiding. She begins to engage them in battle.[1]

Maya going all out

Maya going all out against Tsukasa.

Both sides begin a small brawl, and at the start of the fight the Kingdom of Science seems to have the upper hand. During the battle, Maya pushes a tree towards Kohaku, intending to crush her. This however was stopped by Tsukasa. Upon hearing his name, the soldiers that were accompanying Maya to the battle realize he is the MMA champion from Japan. This fact absolutely delights Maya, who begins to target him and goes all out. The occurring battle is very fierce, Tsukasa even mentions that its the furthest he's ever been pushed in battle, before knocking her down in a single blow. After this, one the soldiers uses Maya's defeat to take out Tsukasa with a gun.[21]

Maya is seen to have come out of her battle with Tsukasa with only a few bruises. She mentions how they have to hold back now due to the transceiver being broken, and is shocked when Stanley orders them to march on. Upon Stanley pointing out that they sent out the three strongest warriors knowing the risk, Maya recognizes that is rather strange.[22] Maya takes part in the charge on the Science brigade's base.

Maya is the first to spot the petrification beam on the horizon which had been activated in Corn City. She realizes that the light is the very same light they all saw thousands of years ago. Maya would follow Stanley to Xeno, who had discovered where the bag of revival fluid was. She watches Stanley easily dispatch the remaining enemies. After Xeno explains they just have to throw the revival fluid in the air, Maya looks through the bag for revival fluid, however she cannot find any and alerts Xeno and Stan that the bottles are gone. Maya notices Suika's watermelon hat in front of her, and checks it, to which she sees that the hat is empty. Maya and the other Soldiers chase after Suika in hopes of retrieving the bottles, and surround the tower she goes into. Stanley pondered on whether he should gamble humanity's existence and take the risky shot in hopes of it landing on Maya but sacrifices himself for Xeno instead. Maya would be petrified alongside the rest of her comrades as the petrification beam reaches them.[23]

New Stone World Arc[]

Maya and Charlotte shocked

Maya finds out about Why Man and joins the KoS

Seven years would pass after the world was petrified for a second time. Suika, who awoke first, would eventually locate Maya's statue and line it up alongside the wall with the rest of her American comrades.[24]

As the KoS would slowly build up Super Alloy City, they would find that they struggled with a lack of man power, even Taiju Oki grew tired from mining. Taiju was the one to suggest reviving the Americans, to help them with the 75th revival bottle. Upon awakening alongside Charlotte and the rest of Stanley's unit, Xeno explained through Senku's cellphone about Why-man and the goal to build and rocket to the moon. She and Charlotte look at the moon, in awe at the fact that there is someone on the moon and they will attempt space travel in the Stone World. Maya's added strength would prove to be an incredible bonus to the KoS, and even works quite well together with Taiju, connecting fists as a symbol of their bond.[25]

As a part of the Kingdom of Science's power team, Maya would help to mine out the ores the KoS required, and at one point is seen pulling a lazy Ginro back to help the mining process. When the KoS split, Maya remains in Superalloy City to continue to mine ores, alongside Tsukasa, Ginro, Matsukaze and her former leader, Xeno.[26]

Moon Mission Arc[]

Maya is later present for the global online meeting upong the completetion of the internet.[27]. Maya is later one of the many many guests at Taiju and Yuzuriha's second wedding, cheering as Stanley and Yo shoot balloons[28]


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