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Xeno Houston Wingfield[]

Maya seems to respect Xeno, both his intelligence and leadership. When first introduced, Maya is seen asking Xeno about their course of action against the Kingdom of Science[1], and later when Xeno orders her to prevent Gen from hearing their plans, she doesn't hesitate to follow his orders[2], proving her great faith in him as a leader. It appears that by now, Xeno has gotten so used to Maya's terrible singing he no longer needs to cover his ears when she does so, unlike other soldiers.

When Xeno is captured by the Junior Science Brigade, Maya is one oft he soldiers who goes on the mission to retrieve him, and even chases Xeno all the way around South America, further proving her loyalty and respect to Xeno[3].

Later, Maya and Stan had finally rescued Xeno, but the petrification beam was coming, and fast. However, instead of panicking, Maya had full faith in Xeno's intelligence, and after being told to my Xeno retrives the revival bottles, but they were gone![4]. Upon her revival 7 years later, Xeno explained the new aliance and Why-man, and the words of her former leader was all it took to join this new aliance, akingside her comrades, futher proving her faith in Xeno's leadership[5]. When the KoS split up, she remains with Xeno in Superalloy City alongside other Americans, probably[6]

Stanley Snyder[]

Americans vs The KoS

Maya standing beside Stanley.

Stan and Maya were apart of the same elite unit, and so they have worked together quite closely over the years. When we first see the two interact, a heart pops up next to Maya, perhaps indicating a little crush. It appears Stanley has also gotten used to Maya's songs over the years as he too no longer covers his ears[2]. While subordinate to him, Maya seems to have great respect for Stanley and his skills, refering to him at the 'star'[7]. Maya appears to have faith in Stanley's abilties, jumping overboard when the medusa was heading towards them to both be safe and allow Stanley to make the shot[8].

The Americans arrive at Araxa first

Maya standing besides Stanley at Araxa

Maya follows Stan across the globe in order to retrieve Xeno, further proving her respect for the two of them[3]. Maya can also be more casual with him however, trying to joke around with him by asking if he thinks the KoS are relaxing, to which he did not humour and gave a stern reply[9]. Throughout the South America Arc, Maya is often seen next to Stanley, especially in the final few chapters of the arc, implying that she was the 3rd in command after Stanley, and also implying that Stanley perhaps places the most trust in her and her skills[10].

When landing in Araxa, Maya seeks confirmation from Stanley on what they are looking for, further proving her faith in him[11]. When the Americans were 'ambushed', Stanley trusted Maya and her group to go scout ahead, and she in return followed his orders. It is a relationship of mutal respect for eachother[12]. After their transciever is broken. Maya suggests they stay back until its fixed, and is shocked when Stanley suggests they march on, but after explaining his reasoning for why, Maya trust's Stanley's decision and follows him into battle, even after being badly beaten by one of the enemy[13]. When the petrification beam reaches the horizon, Maya is the first to point it out to Stanley and suggests its the same beam from 2019[4].

Brody Dudley[]

Brody and Maya were also apart of the same special-ops unit, so they have spent years working together. Brody seems to resepct Maya, refering to her as one of the 'American superheroes'[14] and in turn, Maya, much like Xeno, greatly respects Brody's skills and his work. When he finished the submarine, she rushes in excitedly asking if its finished[15], and later trusts his advise on how to fix the plan even if he wasn't there, showing great faith in his skills[16]. Its highly likely Brody crafted Maya's Nagamaki.

Charlotte Bony[]

Maya and Charlotte were likely apart of the same special-ops unit, and the two seem to bond and during the South America Arc they are often not seen far from eachother. The two will have discussions about the chase, such as when the KoS sent the mobile lab to the panama canal[17], or talkign about the bike tracks. Charlotte is also shown to have a better understanding of the Americans strategies than Maya, having to explain why the bike tracks likely aren't decoys[18]. Maya and Charlotte later join the KoS together after listening to Xeno's words[5].

Leonard Maxwell[]

Leonard and Maya were likely apart of the same special-ops unit, and the two have likely worked together for years. Much like Brody, Maya greatly respects Leonard and his skills, stating she couldn't understand his radar science, but she doesn't need to as they have Leonard and his skills. When Leonard states the KoS have landed in a bay, Maya completely takes his word and declares they will be searching that bay, further proving her faith in Leonards skills. We see this happen throughout the South America Arc, if Leonard gives them news on the KoS, every American takes his word for it, proving him incredibly reliable[19].

Maya and Leonard seem to have a close bond, or at least an understanding of eachother, as she is able to tell something is up with Leonard without him saying a word to them[20], and hen Maya attempted to make a joke with Stan, Leonard explained to her why not knowing where the KoS are exactly isn't a problem. He is similar to Charlotte in this way, who often explain the full situation to Maya when she asks/didnt know the full extent[9]. When Leonard let his guard down and allowed the tranciever be destoryed, he was deeply ashamed, and seemingly hid behind Maya and agreed with her suggestion to stay back to fix the transciever, suggestion he seeks safety in Maya, implying an even closer relationship[13].

Former Enemies[]

Tsukasa Shishio[]

Tsukasa and Maya are both MMA champions and were enemies because of their opposing sides.

Maya was able to find Tsukasa, Kohaku, and Hyoga in hiding and engaged them in battle.

Tsukasa impeded Maya after she attempted to crush Kohaku with a large tree. Upon learning that he was a MMA champion from Japan, an excited Maya targeted Tsukasa and went all out against him. Despite her launching furious attacks against him, Tsukasa was unfazed but mentions that she was first to push him to the furthest in battle, before knocking her down in a single blow. [12]

Maya remained in Superalloy City with Tsukasa to help with the mining efforts.

Taiju Oki[]

After the mining and construction of Superalloy City had begun, Taiju would find that even he, with his endless stamina, would struggle to mine day in and day out. He is the one to revive Maya and and request her aid in the mining efforts. Maya would go on to help Taiju while he is struggling to mine a large boulder, and seems to have a mutual respect for him, as they join their hands together, now united.[5]


While not much is seen of them, Maya too would soon come to know of Ginros cowardly and lazy nature, and would pull him back to mine as he tries to sneak away.


Maya would help an injured Matsukaze with a smile, seemingly holding no ill will to him despite being an enemy, and later tries her best to interrogate him despite the language barrier, with art![3]


When the Americans catch Francois and Suika, Maya playfully grabs her and exclaims 'gotcha', perhaps trying to make the child (who they were told was a civilian) feel safe[20]. Maya later notices Suika hadn't been shot but rather escaped, but somehow Suika was able to take the bottles from under her nose, outsmarting Maya (which granted isn't hard)[4]


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