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Matsukaze murder spree

Matsukaze slaying his enemies.

According to Senku, Matsukaze was born a few centuries prior to the present. He was one of the descendants of the ISS Astronauts, him being descended from the group that stayed on Treasure Island while the rest headed for Japan. As mentioned by himself, he was the loyal servant of an unknown master who resembled Ginro.[1] Matsukaze witnessed several Petrification Weapons fall from the sky, before he witnessed several people being turned to stone.

He and his master dealt with several brigades who sought to harness the weapons for greed. Matsukaze was forced to cut his master's arm off after it was petrified.

Matsukaze being petrified

Matsukaze petrifies himself

On a hill, his master informed him that he will not survive his wounds. Despite Matsukaze pleading to him, his master questioned why the dreaded weapons fell anyway and wondered if it was to test the human desire.

After his master died from his wounds, Matsukaze slew countless brigades and destroyed all but one of the weapons before allowing himself to be petrified, hoping the future generations would combat the Petrification Weapons like him and his late-master. He carved the shape of the weapon into his arm in order to warn the future generations as he was petrifying.[2]

At some point after his petrification, he ended up in the sea as a statue.

Treasure Island Arc[]

His statue is found and accidentally collected by Taiju, while the latter was collecting the petrified bodies of their allies. Senku and the others are confused on who he is before Taiju explains his mistake. Matsukaze is left petrified, as he is missing an arm.[3]

New America City Arc[]


Matsukaze depetrified

After the battle, his arm is found by Soyuz and Taiju before it is reattached. Although they know nothing of him, Senku depetrified him after Soyuz recognized that the symbol on his arm resembled the Medusa device. He thanks the Kingdom of Science for freeing him and saves a fleeing Ginro, due to his resemblance to his former lord and shows off some of his skill by rescuing him from Kirisame and Kohaku. He relays some his past, before he is cut off by Senku and Ryusui, to his shock.[1]

Matsukaze then witnessed Senku and allies revive several of the petrified villagers. He is greatly amazed by the feat, wishing that the formula existed in his time, while telling Chrome that most of the Petrification Devices were destroyed by his master and the last one was seized by a brigade. Matsukaze then joins the Kingdom of Science by becoming a subordinate to Ginro and carrying supplies on the Perseus.[4]

After returning to Japan, he witnesses the revival of Tsukasa Shishio. When Tsukasa addresses Senku on the situation, Matsukaze remarks on his forwardness, something the others aren't surprised on. Matsukaze then observed that Tsukasa is a skilled fighter. Curious about the latter's skill, he challenges Tsukasa to a sparring match but is easily bested by his opponent and in awe at his defeat, he surrenders.[5]

Matsukaze is present when the globe constructed by Kaseki and Yuzuriha is finished. He listened to Senku revealing the journey to travel the world and create new cities.[6]

During Minami's interview of the crew, Matsukaze declares his desire of defeating the Why-man, as he believes he had something to do with the fate that befell his island. Ginro mentioned that he tried to sneak away but Matsukaze carried him back onboard the Perseus along with the supplies.[7]

During the party after the poker game, a drunk Ginro asks Matsukaze on his past and he tells the story of how the Petrification Weapons got to Treasure Island, how his master died, and how he ultimately came to be petrified. Seeing his gloomy mood, he receives a cocktail from Francois, and passes out after one sip.[8] He wakes up and recalling his drunken pleads to Tsukasa, he apologizes for his behavior before he participates in weapons training with the revived Hyoga and the other fighters aboard the Perseus.[9]

Matsukaze is later amazed by the sights of the sea along with the other Stone world residents. He is pleasantly amazed to see them reach land.[10]

When the Perseus arrives in San Francisco, the warrior team follows the exploration crew on the motorboat. Soon alligators attack, though Matsukaze and the other warriors defeat them and use the Alligator meat to restock on supplies. Matsukaze is exceptionally pleased with the hamburgers that François made from them.[11]

They continue to find corn that has been scattered through the river. That night, the crew set camp before Senku notes that corn was growing, since certain bugs are attracted and questions that. However, Tsukasa and the others note on an eerie feeling, something Matsukaze agrees on before Tsukasa tells everyone to retreat inside the boat, where they could take cover. Surely enough, bullets rain down and Matsukaze narrowly avoids the attacks ducks. After the gun stops shooting, Ryusui has the group enter the boats before fleeing the scene.[12]

The group escape on the river, but Ukyo hears an engine, before they are shocked to witness an aircraft flying above them. When the pilot resumes attacking, Matsukaze's shoulder is grazed in the process. Fortunately, Senku comes up with a plan and has Kirisame bring the plane down with a substance, as the pilot escapes. Senku has the plane salvaged, wanting to use it in the future while Ryusui supports this plan.[13]

Matsukaze is later present for the planning. He remarks that the drawn descriptions of Tetsuya Kinomoto make the plan more easy to follow.[14]

He is later overjoyed at enjoying ice cream after Senku recreates it.[15]

After Senku is wounded from nearly being shot, Matsukaze quickly stops Ginro from letting it slip that Senku survived, telling his lord to keep silent because the enemy might hear them.[16]

He is later seen checking out Kaseki's new invention, he and Moz both believe it to be a weapon for mutilating the enemy while Ginro criticizes them for that.[17]

When the crew is alerted of Stanley's arrival, Matsukaze remarks that the Science War has started with him and the other warriors standing ready for battle.[18]

As the battle between Stanley, Senku, and Ryusui took place. Matsukaze stayed on the deck believing something was amiss, he noted that the aerial battle distracted everyone. When the Perseus came under attack, he was able to get below decks with Ginro and Moz, before he and Moz took down one of the American colony soldiers. They decided to stand against the enemy and moved out.[19]

Matsukaze and Moz made their way to the deck, where they proceed to battle the enemy. Using his swordsmanship, he easily knocks away several grenades. Moz compliments Matsukaze for his skill. Although their strength proves troublesome to the enemy, the real Stanley emerges from the submarine and catches the Warriors off-guard before shooting Matsukaze's sword and wounding his shoulder and destroying Moz's spear while injuring him too. After that, Stanley reports to Dr. Xeno that their enemy was defeated.[20]

South America Arc[]

On the mainland, Stanley's group have the Perseus crew march through woods before the still wounded Matsukaze collapses while the others worry over him. Matsukaze was able to whisper to Minami, Homura, and Yuzuriha over something. Soon Homura, Minami, and Yuzuriha all request for their ally to get tended. Maya carried him to the ship, as Stanley hoped to used the Samurai for interrogation. Though wounded Matsukaze slipped out of bed to learn Ginro's location. He found Ginro hiding and assumed he was trying to infiltrate the enemy, being happy that it was “confirmed”. Having him hide before the enemy appears, Matsukaze is interrogated by Stanley but the samurai refuses to comply. When Stanley seemingly threatens to shoot him, Matsukaze prepares for death while satisfied he protected his allies but a hiding Ginro reveals himself and states they are heading for South America. Matsukaze is dismayed by this, especially when it turns out that the gun Stanley had was actually a lighter for his cigarette. With the new information, Stanley orders his unit to pursue their enemies to South America.[21]

Matsukaze and Ginro remained prisoners aboard the Perseus, while they wonder where Stanley is taking them.[22]

After Stanley has his unit dock the ship, Matsukaze and Ginro were made to march through the jungle in ropes. [23]

Remaining bound, Matsukaze and Ginro were shocked to see Suika being cornered after saving Charlotte. When Ginro asks Matsukaze what "freeze" means, he is equally confused and replies that he believes it means the process of becoming ice. Since neither they nor Suika understand that it's a command to stand still, so Suika bolts. Stanley's men assume that she's trying to escape back to the base and give chase.

When Francois throws a small paring knife out of their bag towards Matsukaze and Ginro. Matsukaze reacts immediately thanks to his anti-medusa training and leaps on top of one of the guards to catch the knife midair. Since he can't cut his own rope, he opts to cut Ginro free instead. This resistance is short-lived, however, as Stanley shoots Ginro's spear to shards and ties him back down. Matsukaze then watch Francois surrender to Stanley.[24]

Leonard guarding the hostages

Matsukaze witnesses the Petrification light

As the rest of the American Soldiers charge in for the attack under Stanley's orders, Matsukaze and the others are guarded by Leonard. Matsukaze alongside the other hostages see the Petrification Light shining on the horizon above the trees. He is speechless at recognizing the light of the dreadful beam he dealt with hundreds of years ago. However, the light distracted Leonard long enough for him to let down his guard, giving Ukyo Saionji time to free the hostages. With help from Ginro, he takes out Leonard after he reacts too late. However, they were attacked by Stanley and Xeno, Matsukaze would go on to be petrified alongside the rest of his comrades as the petrification reaches the base.[25]

New Stone World Arc[]

Three years later, Matsukaze's statue is collected by Suika who was revived earlier. She places Matsukaze with her other collected allies.[26]

Sometime later, he and Ginro were revived and joined the others in constructing Superalloy City. Both he and Ginro were worried about using Xeno's specialty in the rocket building process because of his former enmity with them but Xeno ultimately proves himself in a good light by using his expertise to create superalloy. Much later, Xeno's followers are revived to aid in the construction of Superalloy City. After some days, the city is established with several people revived to inhabit it. [27]

Half a year later, Xeno makes his superalloy, inconel, and Senku finishes his liquid fuel for the engine. After it was decided the group will split into three teams, Matsukaze is assigned to the team staying in Superalloy City, consisting of Xeno, Maya, Tsukasa, and Ginro.[28]


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