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His Master[]

Matsukaze was loyal to his former lord.

Matsukaze cared for his master, as he was quick to save him from being petrified. As his master laid dying, Matsukaze was devastated as he spoke his last words and slew countless brigades in his anger. He carried out his master's dying wish and destroyed all but one of the weapons before allowing himself to be petrified.[1]

When he awoke centuries later, he mistook Ginro for his master until he realized his mistake. However, Ginro told him that he may be a distant relative to his master and thus Ginro then made Matsukaze his subordinate.[2] Matsukaze seeks to avenge his master, by going after the Why-man who is speculated that they were the one who sent the Petrification Weapons to his island leading to chaos and his master's death.[3] Matsukaze still mourns his master, as he was seen sad after telling his full history.[4]


Matsukaze is Ginro's new bodyguard.

Matsukaze initially mistook Ginro for his former lord and saved Ginro from Kirisame and Kohaku, before he realizes his mistake. Ginro was amazed by his skill and to learn he resembled the latter's master who he thinks is a distant relative. Ginro then made Matsukaze his subordinate.[2] With Matsukaze, Ginro is happy to gain protection from his former "tormentors", bragging about his strength to the others' dismay. However, he felt humble when he watched Tsukasa defeat him in a match.[4]

Although Matsukaze has learned Ginro isn't really his lord, he continues to address him as such, as seen when he carried Ginro on the ship, despite the latter's obvious lies to avoid trouble. Ginro once felt bad, when he drunkenly asked Matsukaze about his master and saw his sad reaction.[1]

Despite constantly using him as a human shield, Ginro cares about Matsukaze, as when Stanley threatened to shoot him, he gave himself away and revealed the destination of the other allies to spare his friend from death.

Senku Ishigami[]

Matsukaze is grateful to Senku for freeing him from Petrification and stated he was in his debt.

Senku is pleased to have another warrior but annoyed that he follows Ginro.[2] He is amazed by the young scientist's inventions such as the Revival Fluid and ice cream.[2][5] When Senku is wounded from nearly being shot, Matsukaze was worried about him but made sure to keep him from further enemy attacks.[6]

Tsukasa Shishio[]

As fellow warriors, Matsukaze and Tsukasa have a mutual respect.

When they met after Tsukasa's revival, Matsukaze was surprised at Tsukasa being forward, as after his awakening he was asking Senku about the situation. He observed Tsukasa and could tell that he was a strong warrior and requested a sparring match, which the latter accepted. In the end, Matsukaze was defeated and surrendered, while left in awe at Tsukasa's strength. Tsukasa, in return, acknowledged how strong Matsukaze was and complimented him.[4]

During the voyage to America, Tsukasa was sullen at hearing Matsukaze's past before an inebriated Matsukaze requested that he train him. Although Matsukaze apologized for overstepping, Tsukasa agreed to this, leading to Hyoga, Homura, and Moz being revived.[1]



Matsukaze voices a desire to defeat the mysterious Why-man, as it is speculated that they were the one who sent the Petrification Weapons to his island leading to chaos and his master's death.[3] Matsukaze is aware that revenge will not bring his master back but he feels that he needs to stop this evil foe.[7]

Stanley Snyder[]

Matsukaze saw Stanley as an enemy after the latter started attacking him and the others on the river, resulting in him being grazed in the shoulder.[8] As he was a warrior for the enemy, Stanley saw Matsukaze as a threat and in the midst of the attack on the Perseus, Matsukaze met Stanley personally, when he emerges from the submarine and catches him off-guard by shooting Matsukaze's sword and wounding his shoulder.[9] Stanley also interrogated him for Senku's location but the Samurai refused to budge, despite being threatened only for Ginro to tell them.[10]


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