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Kohaku defeating Magma

Kohaku defeating Magma in the previous Grand Bout.

In the previous Grand Bout, Magma had progressed to the finals and was about to seal his place as Ruri's husband and the chief of the village. However, in his arrogance, he let it slip that he planned to let Ruri die in the presence of Kohaku, who proceeded to swiftly beat him in the finals and prevent him from achieving his goals.


Magma killing Gen

Magma killing the outsider sorcerer.

Kingdom of Science Arc[]

As the wary villagers discuss Senku's arrival to the village, Magma states that if Senku poses trouble he will quickly dispose of him and finally win Ruri's heart by doing that.[1]

He, Mantle, and Carbo attempt to attack Senku while he is making a lightning rod[2], but are stopped by Gen who draws their attention with magic tricks. He attacks Gen Asagiri, whom he believes to be Senku. Unbeknownst to him, Gen survived.[3]

Magma is seen gloating about Gen's murder, believing to have killed Kohaku's sorcerer companion while Mantle praises him. He laments on the fact that he couldn't kill Kohaku herself as she left no openings, though says Kohaku is no threat now that the sorcerer is gone and that he might take her as his wife if she begs for mercy. He is shown to have lost the previous village games to an enraged Kohaku as he said he wants to be the village chief and have Ruri die as quick as possible, even killing her if need be.[4]

Village Games Arc[]

Magma's Foot

Magma presenting his foot for Kinro.

He compliments Mantle on having successfully distracted Kohaku from the village games. Magma is set to fight Kinro in the first round of the games. Becoming arrogant, he offers Kinro to lick his shoes and become his lackey as he has no chance of winning. Kinro rebukes this and claims he will not fall under any circumstance in order to defend his comrades, attacking Magma and thereby initiating the village tournament.[5]

Magma is shocked by Kinro's battle proficiency, wondering when he got so strong. Eventually, he makes distance between himself and Kinro, preparing to fight more seriously. As visually impaired Kinro inaccurately attacks Magma with his spear, the latter makes fun of how off the mark the strike was. He then assaults Kinro with a flurry of attacks, sending him flying onto the ground. Magma humiliates Kinro again, offering him a subordinate spot in exchange for Kinro licking his shoes. After Suika throws Kinro her helmet with lenses, Magma bursts into laughter and rushes Kinro once again, this time all of his attacks evaded and parried. Shocked, he gets hit with a barrage of returning attacks from Kinro, eventually falling the the ground.[6]

Magma Blowing a Kiss

Magma blowing a kiss to Ruri.

Defeated, Magma inquires whether the helmet Kinro wore was sorcery or not, claiming he will admit defeat if Jasper decides it's not. During Kinro's moment of distraction while agreeing that he will accept disqualification should it be decided it's cheating and Jasper confirming it's not, Magma suddenly rises and strikes Kinro on his head with his spear. Knocking Kinro out, Magma celebrates victory. During Mantle and Chrome's fight, Magma notices that Kohaku is rushing back to the village. He orders Mantle to throw in the match which the latter does immediately, thereby disqualifying Kohaku. As Magma's victory is seemingly certain now, he mockingly blows a kiss to Ruri, saying she should rejoice.[7]

Magma Dodges the Helmet

Magma dodging the helmet.

Now partly recovered and gloating, he approaches Chrome for their match and swiftly overpowers him. He states he knows Chrome won't give up his fight for Ruri and that he will make the latter watch as Magma slowly hurts Chrome more and more. Chrome improvises by secretly creating an incendiary weapon using Suika's helmet, causing Magma to burst into laughter and mock him for bringing a "broken sorcery weapon". Magma goes on to humiliate Chrome even more, saying that since that weapon gives sight he will gouge his eyes out as he doesn't need them anymore.[8]

Chrome setting Magma on fire

Chrome setting Magma's clothes on fire.

Magma continues his mockery of Chrome until he is interrupted by Gen Asagiri. Him and Mantle ask how he could be alive as Gen replies he utilized sorcery. Gen makes a magic trick of bursting flowers and warns Magma he cursed his heart to explode should he make another step. The mentalist begins his acting of pleading Chrome to beat Magma quickly. The latter realizes this and begins acting himself, Kohaku and Senku noting it's rather poor acting, albeit Gen is making it more convincing, saying that he can only hold the spell for 60 seconds before he runs out of energy.

This empowers Magma to continue mocking both of them, thinking he only needs to wait a short time interval before winning. With their strategy set, Chrome's spear is still shaking and water is unsteady. However, Chrome enters a state of pure determination and resolve, eventually settling his hand down and making the water ripples subside. With enough time, Magma's clothes ignite.

Panicking, Magma tries to put the fire out, only to spread it further across. Chrome states that he doesn't plan on killing anyone, instead impaling Magma in the crotch with his well practiced kick. Magma stumbles and falls into the river, ultimately making Chrome the winner of the match and marking Kingdom of Science's complete victory.[9]

Katana Magma

Magma attacking with his new katana.

Vs. Hyoga Arc[]

Gen persuades Magma into assisting Senku in creating an illusion of gunfire at an invading crew of Tsukasa's men, saying that if the village is pillaged, there would be nothing left to rule over.[10]

When Hyoga invades the second time, Magma is equipped with a katana to help defend Ishigami Village.[11] Magma and the rest of the warriors are quickly dispatched by Hyoga - whose spearhead falls off before it can impale Kohaku, thanks to Gen tampering with it prior to the second invasion.[12]

Communications Arc[]

Magma and Mantle trying Cotton Candy Anime

Magma and Mantle trying cotton candy for the first time.

As the battle with Hyoga comes to an end, Magma, along with several of the villagers, is surprised to learn about cellphone's uses and its advantages for use in war.[13] Once the cotton candy machine is crafted as a part of the cellphone making process, Magma enjoys the taste of the sweet along with the rest of the villagers.[14]

When Senku realizes they're missing key materials, he gathers a party consisting of himself, Magma and Chrome to go spelunking.[15]Before they leave, Gen whispers to Magma that he must bring Senku back by evening of the third day. In the cave, Chrome is wary that Magma might suddenly turn and kill them, as there would be no witnesses if an "accident" should occur. Senku, however, brushes off the notion as "you think a lunkhead like [Magma] could come up with that plan?"

Magma facing death

Magma facing death.

Later in the cave, the team come across an unstable mica deposit full of pitfalls. Senku happens to step on a weak point, and Magma leaps into action to push him out of the way. Chrome mistakenly assumes that he wanted to kill Senku, and Magma, accepting his imminent death, decides to "confess" that he hates Senku for taking the Village Chief position and that he only came along to murder them both. The pit then crumbles, with Magma taking Senku down with him. While in the pit, Senku informs Magma that in a scientific civilization, there are roles for everyone to play and no one person is more important than any other. Magma doesn't buy it, but Senku finishes his statement with the fact that he can show him the awesome stuff humanity's cooperation had created over 2 million years. At some point while they're waiting for the pit to fill with water thanks to Chrome's siphon, Magma seems to have a change of heart and throws Senku out of the pit, saying "If the [stuff] you're showing me ever gets boring, you're dead meat!!"[16]

Magma kidnapping Senku

Magma kidnapping Senku.

Keeping his promise to Gen, Magma rushes the team back to Ishigami Village in time for Senku's birthday.[17] Magma then helps the others with the production of the cellphone. Kokuyo remarks that he's never seen Magma willingly lend a hand before, and wonders what happened in the cave.[18] Once the first cellphone is complete, Magma listens along with the rest of the village to the first phone call between Ruri and Chrome and is stunned.

He helps Chrome and Gen deliver the cellphone to Taiju and Yuzuriha, and aids with Homura's capture but teaming up with Kinro to cut the tree she was on down.[19] Later, they come across Tsukasa's pile of still-petrified soldiers and Magma suggests breaking off their limbs so they'd be useless if they were to be revived in that state. Gen stops him, as damaging the statues is equivalent to hurting innocent people. That night, the team bury the cellphone at Senku's grave for Taiju and Yuzuriha to find. Unfortunately, Magma's destruction of a particularly hard rock alerted Ukyo who proceeds to pursue them.[20]

Magma's brilliant plan

Magma's brilliant plan.

Ukyo chases them to a section of dry underbrush, effectively pinning them as they can't move without making noise.[21] Magma recommends a plan to use Chrome as a shield so he can run up to Ukyo and beat him up. Chrome adjusts the plan by making a smoke screen and allowing Gen to escape in a different direction. Magma, thinking he's approximated Ukyo's position from the arrows he shot at Chrome, runs off, leaving Chrome to get captured. Since he knows he can't take on all of Tsukasa's empire along, Magma runs back to the village and tells them what happened.[22]

Magma trying to stop the car

Magma unsuccessfully stopping the car.

Magma Fingerblasting

Magma blasting his fingers through the paper.

Magma is shown helping with the construction of the car and, once complete, testing its strength (and losing).[23] He then tests the strength of the new paper Senku creates.[24] In addition, Magma appears to finally be calling the inventions 'science' rather than 'sorcery'.[25]

Magma getting the drop on Tsukasa

Magma about to get the drop on Tsukasa.

During the initial assault on the Empire of Might, Magma is one of the infantry members attacking alongside the other Ishigami Village fighters.[26] Once the tank flips, Magma holds the shock cannon while Chrome and Senku load it. Seconds later, some of the Empire of Might flank the shock cannon, forcing Magma to drop it and hold them off from getting to the scientists. The Kingdom of Science win the first battle, however Tsukasa and Hyoga drop in and it becomes a race for the Cave of Miracles while the fighters keep Tsukasa and Hyoga away. Nikki, Magma and Mantle deflect Tsukasa's throw spear with the shock cannon, but the force of it knocks them over.[27] Tsukasa gets distracted fighting Kinro and Ginro, allowing Magma to come up behind Tsukasa in a similar way to how he took down Kinro in the Grand Bout. Unfortunately, Tsukasa dodges and knocks them all out of the way.

After Tsukasa, Senku and Hyoga have their showdown, Homura is stopped by Magma and the others before she can attack the exhausted Senku. Magma then suggests killing Hyoga, prompting Chrome to ask how long they're planning on keeping him prisoner.[28]

Age of Exploration Arc[]

Magma, after hearing Senku's goal of sailing to the source of the petrification beam on the other side of the world, laughs at him because he believes Senku would fall off. Yo cracks up because of Magma's "primitive" and "ignorant" views.[29] To create the boat, Gen suggests a competition to create the best ship design which fires everyone up. In Magma's case, he believes that winning the boat competition will demonstrate his leadership qualities, and that Tsukasa's lackeys will follow him. He enlists Mantle and Namari to help him with the design, the former for stealthily using the cellphone to call the villager elders for design ideas and the latter for drawing out the plans.

Magma's Boat

Magma's boat design, done by Namari.

Magma and Mantle have a conversation over the fire where Mantle asks "why not just kill Senku under the cover of darkness and be done with it". This makes Magma pause and look grim, spooking Namari who is still drawing. Magma asks if Mantle wants to kill Senku, who seems confused. He continues, stating that "[Senku] makes some fun things" and therefore doesn't need to die. However, Magma mentions he is still interested in pursuing the chief's position regardless. The next morning, the participants show their designs. Magma goes first, and Senku compliments him and the other villagers for their experience. Despite this, Senku still shows everyone up with his huge ship design, impressing everyone. [29]

He helps with gathering a captain for the new boat. The captain is Ryusui Nanami, who Magma is surprised to hear call all the women beautiful before he is kicked in the groin by Nikki. [30]

Magma and Yo proud of their crop

Magma and Yo, proud of their new crop.

When Senku reveals that he's creating a flying machine, Magma again laughs in disbelief at the possibility, however stops part way through his comment as he didn't want Yo to laugh at his primitiveness again.[31] Yet Yo ends up agreeing with Magma since he also isn't sure how they'd manage in the stone world. To make the fabric for the hot air balloon, Yuzuriha shows the two of them how to make thread using a drop spindle then how to make sheets out of the thread. After its completion, Magma is awestruck that people can really fly.[32]

Magma studying hard

Magma studying hard under Ukyo's tutoring.[33]

Magma works alongside the rest of the power team to start the wheat farm. Yuzuriha makes a straw hat to keep the sun off Taiju presumably, and Gen takes it as a motivational opportunity to get Magma and Yo to work harder.[34] They compete against Taiju for the lushest wheat field. Unfortunately, Magma and Yo's land were too acidic to grow the wheat which left Magma heartbroken. By adding the calcium carbonate they got from seashells, Magma and Yo's plants also begin to grow. After the harvest, Magma compliments Taiju on his "stupid never-ending stamina".[35]

The power team also creates the road from the mine to the river.[36] Later, when the Perseus is completed, Magma is one of the people selected to join to globe-trotting team along with the rest of the power team. When boarding, he comments that "I could choose to hang back and take over the village, but...the one who should be chief is whoever proves mightiest in this coming war."[37] Mantle then compliments him, saying that he was never one to settle for small-time ambitions.

Nikki kicking Magma and Yo

Nikki kicking Magma and Yo.

Treasure Island Arc[]

Once the globe-trotting team make landfall on the Petrification Kingdom's island, Magma and Yo are eager to hop off the ship to murder the islanders and find buried treasure respectively. Nikki stops them by kicking them in the groins as they pass.[38]

Later, Magma is found petrified on the deck of the ship along with the rest of the group.[38]

His statue is found by Soyuz and Ryusui, sunk and damaged like the others.[39]

His statue is collected by Taiju at some point and reassembled, and revived with the rest of the power team in order to help with the tug-o-war to grab the petrification device using the drone. Magma trains with Taiju to improve their chances of success with the tug-o-war, however it turns out they need stronger rope.[40]

Power team revived

The power team, back in business.

After the initial encounter with Ibara's warriors, Yo realises his pistol has been replaced with a pistol-shaped stick. As it turns out, Magma slipped away with the gun, hoping to use it to blast away Ibara. Gen caught him in the act but was unable to stop him, and got punched in the head. He follows Magma, insisting that it won't be that simple to do, as Magma has no formal gun training and the accuracy of the weapon isn't that great.[41]

Senku takes the missing gun as an opportunity, as he hopes that the appearance of an unknown and powerful weapon will spook the resident islanders and allow them to take the petrification device.

Magma showing off his guns (and pistol)

Magma showing off his guns.

Unsurprisingly, after Magma attempts shooting Ibara from several hundred metres away, he misses, alerting the rest of the Kingdom of Science along with Kirisame and Moz to his location. Gen, agitated, tells Magma that he's never going to hit anything from this distance, and that they'd need to take a boat to get any closer. As Magma's stray bullet punctured the hull of an islander's rowboat, Gen takes the opportunity to insist it was his sorcery that did it and the two of them steal the boat and head toward the Perseus. This does not work in Gen's favour, as Magma tells Gen that he's useful and can join Mantle as one of his minions, forgetting that he had tried to kill him prior.[42]

The two groups merge and board the stolen Perseus together, Magma still trying to shoot Ibara and Nikki trying to stop Magma wasting all the bullets. He fires off three shots before Nikki hits him in the head. The sound of the bullets hitting confuse the islanders, who think there are several sorcerers attacking. Ignoring the fact they're on an enemy-controlled ship, Nikki and Magma continue threatening each other and the gun is handed back to Yo. [43]

Ibara, upon realising that the newcomers have the ability to revive the statues, flees. Magma tries to stop him with a quip but Moz stops him with a single punch.[44]

Magma throwing the pipe

Magma throwing the pipe to Hyoga.

The team escape the ship with Hyoga and Moz behind them trading blows. Senku quickly fashions a lubricated tube to fit Kinro's spear so that Hyoga can fight with his favoured weapon. To get it to him, Magma uses his immense power to throw the tube to Hyoga, who catches it perfectly on the butt of his spear. He is shocked speechless by Hyoga's sudden leap in power.[45]

Unable to escape the island-wide petrification, Magma turned to stone once again along with his allies by Ibara. While petrified, he comments that Senku better send the beam to hell, otherwise he'll send him to hell instead.[46]

The power team is amongst the last to be revived as Senku prioritises food and the craftsmen. When deciding what to do about Kirisame, Magma responds "smashy smashy kill", his axe ready to drop, however Senku just pours revival fluid on her.[47]

Magma carrying beer

Magma carrying beer.

New America City Arc[]

When Senku starts discussing his goals of travelling the world for other allies, he brings up the necessary roles that need to be filled. Ukyo mentions that in addition to a navigator and scientist, someone ready to leap into action is necessary. Magma suggests running another Grand Bout to determine the mightiest person, but Senku tells him they already know who that is: Tsukasa.[48]

Magma gesticulating at the phone

Magma making first contact with Xeno.

During the long journey across the Pacific ocean, Magma is shown watching the card game between Senku and Ryusui,[49] then later carrying a tray of beer glasses.[50] He is also found at the prow of the boat with the others when the American continent is sighted.[51]

Once the team arrive in North America, Magma, Ginro and Yo rejoice at finally being off the ship and being able to eat fresh meat. The crew of the Perseus then separate into two groups, with Magma's faction staying the near the Perseus.[52]

Nikki stopping Magma fighting the phone

Nikki stopping Magma picking a fight with Xeno over the phone.

Magma later shown aboard the ship when they get the call from Chrome after Gen was captured. When they receive another call, Magma picks it up, assuming Chrome called back immediately and berates him for disregarding Senku's request that they keep the calls short to avoid getting tracked. Instead, Dr. Xeno answers. Magma immediately starts picking a fight with him after Xeno called him a troglodyte, but Nikki, as usual, stops him. After he calms down, Magma is confused by Xeno's comment that his population is lacking, and questions why he doesn't just revive the statues like Senku does. They establish that Xeno doesn't know the revival formula despite sitting on a veritable factory for the the stuff. [53]

Yo, Magma and Mantle off to kill

They're off to kill the evil scientist.

After Senku announces his plans to make an aircraft carrier, Magma rounds up his fellow combat-happy comrades Mantle and Yo in order to evaluate the state of the war and find a way to kill Xeno. Yo is easily persuaded after Magma and Mantle tell him they can just run in, shoot Xeno, and be done with it, commenting that its a "well thought-out strategy". They run off excitedly but Nikki pummels them and drags them back, calling them numbskulls for thinking they can beat a machine gun with the pistol.[54]

When Senku is wounded from Stanley's bullet, Magma and Kinro are the ones who carry him off the deck of the ship and onto the makeshift examination table. [55]

During Ryusui's rallying speech, Ryusui brings up the fact that Dr. Xeno probably assumes that removing Senku means removing the scientific threat, and that at any moment they might come and ask them to surrender. Magma shoots down the assumption that they'd "just give up" and the others agree to continue fighting. [56]

Nikki and Magma making oil

Nikki and Magma bashing beans.

In a flashback during the dogfight, it's shown that Magma and Nikki were the ones pummelling the castor beans to make the high-quality engine oil.[57] They're later shown cheering on Ryusui and Senku from the deck of the ship, with Magma claiming that "once they shoot that fool down, the skies are ours!"[58]

When the Perseus got attacked by Maya and her goons, Magma and his group were confronted directly by her. Maya charged at them and despite it being a 4 vs 1, she overwhelmed them. Later, Magma is shown being carried by her after being beaten and tied up.[58]

During the negotiations between Nikki and Brody, Magma and the rest of the members who were captured on the deck of the Perseus discuss the plans. Magma brings up the fact that they don't even speak the same language, but it turns out between Minami and Nikki they can make it work. They then manage to trick Stanley and some of the goons with the dead Medusa, allowing the smaller boat to escape. However, Magma and the others are still stuck with Stanley's men.[59]

South America Arc[]

When Senku ordered for the members in Corn City to do a diagnosis on the Petrification Weapon, Magma attempted to destroy it with his axe, only to be stopped by Nikki.

Afterwards, they are tasked with creating diamonds.[60]

They were successful, but Magma's relief was cut short by Senku after he ordered they find a real diamond but calmed down once he said they needed both to power the device.[61]

Once Senku gave the order to fight, Magma joined his comrades in attacking the American soldiers for the petrification weapon.[62]

After deciding to attack, Magma yells out a command for 1,000 metres and one second, but Yo has him stop because he's too far from it to activate it. Brody realizes their intention to petrify the entire American continent. This rebellion has Brody command his men to open fire. Regardless, Magma succeeds in grabbing the keys and makes it to the safe. He quickly opens it, only to get filled with bullets moments later but this gave Joel the chance to reach the device and activate the signal of Why-man.[63]

Magma was petrified along with his allies.[64]


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