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Magma Mantle Carbo anime introduction

Magma, Mantle, and Carbo's anime introduction

For someone who had grown up in a small village of around 40 people, Magma didn't have many friends outside of Mantle and possibly Carbo. After his loss at the Grand Bout, Magma began to interact with a larger group of people thanks to the hard labor the Kingdom of Science required. By the time they had defeated the Tsukasa Empire, Magma had matured somewhat and gained more friends because of it. If Mantle's not around, he spends most of his time with the other power team members.



Magma Mantle eating by the fire

Magma and Mantle after murdering Gen.

Mantle is considered by most to be Magma's lackey, however Magma himself never treats him as a lesser being. Despite this, there is an obvious imbalance in their conversations, as Mantle acts as a hype-man for Magma, calling him "the Mighty Magma" and eagerly agreeing to anything he says.[1] As such, we know very little about Mantle's inner thoughts other than that Magma is important to him. These intimate fireside conversations tend to be held away from the village, as the only time we see their conversations are times when they're scheming together.

Magma Mantle carrying logs

Magma and Mantle carrying logs.

As one would expect, Mantle follows Magma quite closely, joining him on hunts[2] and for any menial labor Senku gives them to do[3] (although Mantle tires a lot faster than Magma does, he still tries to help). Despite this, Mantle was not considered part of the Power Team and stayed behind in Ishigami Village when Magma left to Treasure Island.[4] This was the only time the pair were split for any length of time, as Mantle then came with them to the Americas along with others who weren't originally invited.[5]

Magma Mantle bout drinking

Mantle handing Magma water after his fight with Kinro.

Since their relationship is established pre-canon, we don't see much development of it throughout the series as both parties are secondary characters. What we do see is that each time Magma's opinions of the Kingdom of Science change, Mantle is supportive of whatever Magma wants to do, even if he's confused by it.[6] As such, their relationship is incredibly strong and stable.

Former/Current Enemies[]

Gen Asagiri[]

With Magma's plans foiled by Gen at each turn, the mentalist ended up being more of an opponent to Magma than Senku ever was.

Magma stabs Gen

Gen, injured by Magma.

The pair first met on the bridge to Ishigami Village, Magma under the assumption that Gen was the outsider everyone was talking about. With Gen's display of magic on the bridge during the storm,[7] Magma took him to be a threat to the village and dispatched him accordingly.[8] Thus, their relationship was off to a rocky start.

Gen tells Magma return in 3 days

Gen telling Magma to return with Senku in 3 days.

Their second meeting was just as bad, as Magma was in the middle of a frustrating battle with Chrome who was refusing to forfeit when Gen dramatically revealed that he was still alive.[9] As Magma only ever sees the results of Gen's "magic" and not how it works, Magma was probably wary of going against his wishes in later scenes. He doesn't argue much when Gen tells him to throw the rock at Hyoga[10] nor when Gen tells him to bring Senku back in three day's time from the cave.[11] Despite Magma's possible fear and awe at Gen, Gen still makes a point to tell Magma he can benefit from whatever he proposes, such as "don't you wanna steal the chief's throne from Senku? [...] Stand up and fight."[12] As such there is an information imbalance, as Magma knows almost nothing about Gen and Gen seems to know everything about Magma.

With Gen's confusing signals, Magma takes a while to understand the layers to Gen's interactions. When Gen appears to sell them out to Hyoga, informing him of their strongest warriors, Magma believes that Gen is betraying them. Magma's reaction, asking if Gen is their enemy now too rather than jumping to kill him, shows that while they've always been at odds they seem to have some sort of stalemate with regards to killing each other.[13] This is also the first scene where Magma could actually understand how Gen's turn-cloak tendencies work against an adversary.

Once Magma returns from the cave, he begins helping the Kingdom out in earnest. He patiently listens to Gen's explanation on why the tungsten is important for their battle against the Empire, then proceeds to take the initiative and start turning the rocks into powder.[14] This change of heart is probably because of the first-hand demonstration of scientific advancement in the cave, but it wouldn't have been possible without Gen's prior influence on him.

Gen stops Magma

Gen, chickening out on mutilating statues.

The cellphone delivery is the first time Magma spends any significant period of time in Gen's company. Magma initially starts off his usual grumpy self, huffy about having to carry something heavy so far for the weaklings. Once they get the call that Homura's tracking them, Gen ends up walking close behind Magma in order to relay Morse-code messages to Senku on their status. With the coordinated attack on Homura, Magma's need for violence seems temporarily sated so he's in higher spirits when they finally reach Roppongi Hills.[15]

Gen injures his hand

Gen explaining why he's a chicken.

Within the boundaries of the Tsukasa Empire, Magma and Gen find the pile of numbered statues to be revived. This is the first time Magma and Gen have to make a decision together, and initially they were on the same side. Magma suggested breaking off the limbs so they wouldn't be able to be revived; a brutal but practical solution. Gen agrees, however his conscience forces him to stop Magma before he damages any of them. Magma willingly stops his blow rather than plowing straight through Gen's block (which, given his strength, we know would be possible), showing Magma's deference and respect for him. Gen's hand gets somewhat scuffed by the block, could demonstrate that Gen is unafraid of Magma's power and trusts him to not hurt him (again). Magma calmly listens to Gen's explanation of his change of heart, and does not argue with him on the decision, only giving Chrome a surprisingly tepid retort when he points out how ready he was to dismember people.[16]

Magma getting up to follow

Magma risking his life for Gen.

Unlike Chrome, who frequently calls Magma stupid or a muscle head, Gen never insults Magma directly to his face or complains about his impulsive moves, such as smashing the rock in chapter 64. Magma also never directly insults Gen, unless he's calling the science group a bunch of wimps. Additionally, Magma was willing to risk his own life (and Chrome's) to ensure Gen made it back to the village safe, his last thoughts before joining the suicidal distraction being "if you don't make it back home after this... I'll murder you!", which for Magma probably just means he cares.[17]

At this point, Magma is starting to understand more about how the Kingdom of Science functions, changing his speech from "sorcery" to "science".[18] Despite being incredibly excited by the prospect of a tank battle, Magma was persuaded to stay back near the tank that Gen was driving rather than immediately charging forward and clashing with the Tsukasa Empire like Kohaku and Kinro did. In fact, Magma doesn't hit anyone until halfway into the battle, first checking on Senku and Gen and then setting up the shock cannon. Given he stays near the tank and cannon, it might be possible that Gen successfully persuaded him to protect the science weapons and himself at the cost of Magma losing out on some fights.[19] He persists near the tank even when Tsukasa and Hyoga arrive.[20]

With the Stone Wars over and the Kingdom of Science's populating doubling, there's bound to be new problems. Gen sees Magma and Yo fighting each other and realizes he needs a way to unify former enemies. Gen takes inspiration from Magma, using his strong desire to be a leader to create a boat-designing competition that Senku will win. Without Magma, Gen's plan would be inconsequential as there would have been no competition since Yo only joins after overhearing Magma's plan. Of course, Gen didn't tell Magma he was being used at any point and was obviously stunned by how badly he lost.[21]

Several chapters later, Gen uses Magma again to inspire the wheat team to work harder and prevent slacking off.[22] This time, Magma loses more graciously to Taiju, as the soil pH was a learning experience and he still managed to achieve his own wheat field which were things he could be proud of. Due to the very different roles Gen and Magma fill in the Kingdom, the rest of the Age of Exploration Arc is spent away from each other.

The next time Magma and Gen are together is in the control room of the Perseus discussing the people on Treasure Island. Gen hopes they'll be friendly, to which Magma replies that they have enough fighters onboard to wipe them out if there is any trouble. We can see from these comments that neither character has changed much in the last 100 chapters, as Gen still wants to avoid doing work and Magma still wants to kill first, ask questions never.[23]

Magma running off with the gun

Magma running off with the gun, chased by Gen.

In a bid for glory, Magma steals Yo's gun in the hopes of shooting Ibara and thus earning himself the chief's throne back in Ishigami village. Gen, who was also out lurking, caught Magma and gained several bumps on the head for his effort. Instead of calling for help, Gen follows him away from the mobile lab. Based off the previous events that Magma had stopped and listened to what Gen had to say. This could be to show that Magma is no longer afraid of Gen's "sorcery" as he doesn't listen to what he has to say, or that rather than the power balance being tipped in Gen's favor, Magma now sees them as equals. In any case, despite Magma's indestructibility, Gen still feels the need to follow him and make sure he's okay.[24]

Magma and Gen stealing a boat

Magma and Gen stealing a boat using "magic".

Even though Gen is the strategist between the two of them and cares highly about his own survival, he still helps Magma with his plan. He has the bright idea to scare some islanders away from their boat using "death sorcery"; the first time in the series Gen's ever used his skills for someone other than himself and in a way that doesn't benefit him later.[25] For someone who's always aware of how they're presenting themselves and what they're doing, it seems odd that Gen only has this so-called lapse of judgment around Magma. In addition, Magma explicitly says he likes Gen, which is the only time Magma's ever directly praised someone. Their banter reveals that Magma also doesn't remember trying to kill Gen, confirming that Magma no longer sees Gen as a threat or an enemy, but instead as an equal (or underling).[26]

Gen asking Magma to throw a pipe

Gen asking Magma to deliver the pipe to Hyoga.

Once the group has fled from Ibara on the Perseus and the fight between Moz and Hyoga, they quickly make Hyoga a new pipe for his borrowed spear. Even though Kaseki was the one to complete the pipe by adding the lubricant to the interior, Gen is the one to give it to Magma along with an ego-boosting speech about the "village's mightiest man". The speech isn't necessary since Magma's already been helping the Kingdom for some time without the praise, but Gen adds it anyways. With his earlier loss against Ibara and Moz, Magma's especially determined to get this perfect, and he does, slipping it perfectly onto the shaft.[27]

After their little adventure on Treasure Island, they seem to have grown closer since they're both shown standing next to each other on the deck of the ship,[28] similar to when they were standing next to each other when the commemorative photo of the Perseus was taken.[29]

In America, the pair don't spend any time together due to their very different roles and geographical separation, however the events that unfolded on Treasure Island seem to have taught Magma the benefits of planning and getting (and how to get) people on your side before going to attack and kill the current adversary of the Kingdom of Science.[30]

Senku Ishigami[]

Magma and Senku's relationship is much more uneventful compared to Magma and Gen's, with Magma only having thoughts of murdering Senku (and Chrome) rather than acting on them to any degree. Senku ignores Magma's threats for the most part, probably because he either knows there's nothing he can do to stop Magma if he tried, or that now he's got enough fighter friends that he'll be protected from any attempt on his life.

Magma and Senku learn of each other's existence early on, but don't meet until much later. Magma's initial opinion is that if Senku stirs up trouble, he'll kill him in the hopes that Ruri will be impressed and he can become village chief.[2] Senku first learns about Magma when Kohaku and Chrome warn him that he can't be reasoned with and will attempt to stop them building the magnet.[31] They don't particularly care about the other's existence until they independently realize they want the same thing: control of the village.

Katana Gang

Fighting with Katanas.

Despite his loss at the Grand Bout, Magma helps with Senku's plan to defend the village from Hyoga by throwing a rock really hard, but disappears immediately after.[32] Later, Magma uses one of Senku's katanas, but quickly replaces with his trusty axe again.[33][34]

Magma saving Senku

Magma saving Senku.

The first time Senku and Magma spend any amount of time together is when spelunking, where Magma plans to kill both him and Chrome. Regardless of his posturing, Magma's first reaction is to save Senku from falling into the mica pit.[35] Chrome assumes he tried to kill them and, possibly flustered by the out-of-character move, proceeds to insult both of them and wishes that Senku had never shown up to the village.[36] Very quickly, Magma regrets his attempt to save Senku as his pacing in the hole they're both stuck in is irritating. While Chrome sets up the siphon, Senku explains how science works to Magma, as before now no one's ever told him. Senku tells him that everyone has a role in it, even "muscle-bound oafs" like Magma. Magma says he doesn't buy it, but refrains from attempting to kill him again while in the caves, even helping Senku out of the pit before him when he seems to be struggling. As he does, Magma explains that his alliance with Senku is built on the promise of him continuing to show Magma the amazing things that science can build; he also says that Senku can lead unopposed, at least until Tsukasa is defeated.[37]

Senku holds Magma

Senku saving Magma.

Once they reach the skarn deposit, Magma admits to have planned to murder them both in the caves, but also never says that he won't still try to.[38] Magma and Senku then bond over how cheesy Chrome's statement about friendship is.[39] Remembering Gen's words, Magma then rushes Senku back to the village, hauling him blindfolded up to the observatory to celebrate his birthday despite not appearing that excited about it.[40]

Senku and Magma trapped together

Senku and Magma trapped together.

From that point, he becomes more enthusiastic about helping Senku with projects such as the cell phone and the steam engine, even if there is no reason for him to help, nor was he asked.[41] Whether or not this change was because of Senku's promise to show him "awesome stuff" or simply because Magma finally spent some time with Senku, enough to become acquaintances, is unknown.

What could have happened in the pit

What happens in the cave, stays in the cave.

By the time the Tsukasa Empire is integrated into the Kingdom of Science and the Age of Exploration begins, Magma was impressed enough that he rejects killing Senku as a way of becoming chief, though he still has the ambition to become a leader.[6] When Gen proposes a boat design competition, Magma immediately steps up to counter Senku. Rather than having an outburst, Magma challenges him politely, although he does rub it in a little with the sparkles.[42] The politeness is likely from the realization that Senku can command the villagers while Magma can command the Tsukasa Empire members without having any competition between them.

Throughout the building of the Perseus, Magma diligently does whatever Senku requires without much argument, or even before he asks.[43][44] By the time the Perseus sets sail, rather than believing that he deserves the position automatically, he realizes he needs to prove himself first to Senku and the others.[4] He does so by stealing Yo's gun and unintentionally being the key to Senku's plan to grab the petrification device on Treasure Island.[45]

Later while escaping Moz, Senku prepares a lubricated bamboo pipe for Hyoga's spear. Senku asks Magma if he can throw it to Hyoga for them, and Magma replies that he didn't even have to ask, proving that Magma is, in fact, happy to have a role in the Kingdom of Science alongside Senku.[27] Magma's threats also become less effective and more like something Magma says to emphasize his point.[46]

Magma's relationship to Senku doesn't change at all during their time in America; Magma continues trying to gain small amounts of power,[30] working diligently on scientific items for Senku,[47][48] and also complaining in his usual brash way.[49]


Chrome does not think favorably about Magma and consistently sees him as a danger. On the other hand, Magma appears to ignore him and his comments for the most part.

The first time they appear near each other in the series, Chrome immediately yells that Magma is bad news.[31] Later, after hearing Kohaku's story about the earlier Grand Bout, Chrome calls him bad news once more in reference to him becoming chief.[50]

Magma beats Chrome

Magma tenderizes Chrome.

Throughout the whole Grand Bout, Chrome takes it upon himself to specifically train himself against Magma and challenge him,[51] however Magma doesn't seem to acknowledge him at all until he watches Mantle's fight against him and decides that Chrome won't pose a problem.[52] During the Chrome versus Magma fight, Magma simply pulps Chrome, never seeing him as a threat until his clothes catch fire and he's pushed over the edge of the arena.[53] Even then, it's unclear if Magma felt threatened by Chrome, or by Gen's magic and the fire instead.[54]

Chrome threatens Magma

Chrome bringing out the sweaty fire lens.

Chrome's wariness about Magma is inconsistent. Sometimes he'll nonchalantly select Magma as being the man for the job,[12] and other times he'll say he's not to be trusted at all.[55] This prejudice made Chrome assume that Magma was trying to push Senku into the pit to kill him, when in reality that action was to save him.[56] Magma then decides to double down and pretend that he was in fact trying to kill Senku. Even though Chrome is still under the impression that Magma had just tried to murder them, he still gets excited about rocks and forgets about the danger Magma poses, calling him "Mr. Muscles" and telling him to start breaking rocks.[57]

Chrome and Magma running

Chrome and Magma risking their lives to distract Ukyo.

After the cell phone delivery, Chrome and Magma work together almost amicably to try escaping safely from Ukyo. They build off of each other's plans, allowing Gen to escape back to the village, leaving Magma and Chrome to work out the second part of the plan.[17] Unfortunately, Magma runs off and Chrome deliberately gets captured.[58]

For the most part after this, they're either separated into their science/power team groups, or simply ignore the other one until they need the other's help.

Nikki Hanada[]

Nikki and Magma first met on the battlefield for the Cave of Miracles. Prior to the fight, they had both stayed with their respective factions with their only chance of meeting being over the hidden cellphone. With Tsukasa and Hyoga now in the fight, Nikki had grabbed the sound cannon and called Taiju for help. Instead, she got Magma and Mantle who stood behind her to back her up and break her fall.[59]

Magma sandwich

A Magma sandwich.

Later, they both helped capture Homura although they weren't shown directly interacting.[60] Because of the fact that they're both very physical people, Magma and Nikki tend to be put on the same team: the power/gorilla team. In fact, their first proper interaction happened at Ryusui's revival where Magma commented "three beauties? Did he forget how to count? Cuz I only see two." Offended, Nikki then knees him in the groin while telling him not to say everything on his mind.[61] This first conversation they have set a precedence for all their future interactions; one where Magma says or does something stupid and Nikki stops that behavior with threats and violence.

Nikki vs Magma's rocks

Nikki crushes Magma's stones.

During the Age of Exploration arc, Nikki and Magma are once again on the heavy labor teams but slightly separated. Nikki collects dye[62] while Magma spins thread,[63] then later with the wheat fields they seem to be working in different areas, Nikki only passing by to call Magma and Yo a couple of slackers.[64] Once Why-man contacts the Kingdom, Nikki and Magma are shown in the same small squad a lot more, pulverizing gems and gravel.[44] [65] For all the time they seem to be spending together over more than a year, their relationship still seems to be quite distant.

Nikki vs Magma's noggin

Nikki knocks Magma's noggin.

Once they reach Treasure Island, we have another instance of Nikki needing to stop Magma from doing something stupid— in this case, running off and murdering all the inhabitants of the island. As expected, she stops him by kicking him in the groin.[66] When Magma steals the gun and runs off, Nikki comments that "[Magma] isn't the type to plan too far ahead"[67] telling us that Nikki does have a basic understanding of how Magma operates, at least to the degree that she knows to keep an eye on him but not enough to have prevented him stealing the gun and escaping. Nikki, possibly feeling responsible for Magma's actions, gives chase to stop him rather than joining in everyone else's goal of buying time or stopping Ibara.[68]

As expected, Nikki chooses to stop Magma through violence and pummels his head, leaving him with several bumps. They then have a childish argument where they threaten each other with more bodily harm, to which Gen comments that Nikki is "like a dependable big brother". This statement insinuates that Nikki fills the role of babysitter more than friend or anything else to Magma due to how childishly he acts at times.[69]

Nikki stopping Magma fighting the phone

Nikki preventing Magma beating up a phone.

In America, Nikki seems to not let Magma stray too far away from her as the times they're shown apart drop significantly. This is probably due to him stealing the gun previously and will now not let him out of her sight. On several occasions, Nikki doesn't even argue with Magma to stop him she simply blocks or traps him with her body.[70][71] Sometimes she still feels his impulsive plans need explaining as to why they won't work, and why they'd get him killed. This tends to be done by yelling loudly, similar to the gun explanation on Treasure Island.[72]

They do have somewhat civil conversations, but only if a fight of some sort is happening at the time. They also tend to be restricted to the format of Magma yelling about something while Nikki comments calmly but with a hint of wariness, the opposite of Magma.[73] Proper cooperation between them is restricted to combat or power team duties.[47][74][75]

Yo Uei[]

Magma Beating Yo

A typical moment between Magma and Yo.

Magma and Yo often get into fights about the capabilities of the pre-petrification people compared to the post-petrification people, and rarely, if ever, cooperate despite both of them being on the power team. They have similar personalities, strength, and desire for power and leadership.

They first met when Senku said they'd be heading to the other side of the world, and Magma erroneously laughed that he'd fall off if he tried. Yo, unable to contain himself, laughs at Magma's ignorance. Magma, also unable to contain himself, starts a fight with him.[76] Kokuyo is then forced to break them apart as they don't stop until someone else gets involved. They don't ever progress past this point.

Nikki stopping trouble makers

Nikki stopping the troublemakers.

Throughout the whole of the Age of Exploration arc, Magma and Yo are in competition, perhaps simply to prove to the other that their people are better. First Yo steals Magma's idea to build a boat in the hopes of gaining power but he fails spectacularly.[77] Then they argue over who's sewing is better despite neither of them doing work.[78] Then after that, they compete to see who should be the "food king", the one with the best field of wheat; both, however, are drastically outshone by Taiju.[79] Throughout this time, the pair are still fighting, always started by Yo laughing at Magma's lack of knowledge of the modern world even though he's asking genuine questions.[80]

Magma and Mantle persuade Yo

Magma and Mantle persuade Yo.

However, during the arc, there is also a short moment when they are in agreement about the plausibility of flying, but Magma is afraid of Yo laughing at him and thus cuts himself off short. This could show that their fights are one-sided, and that Magma sees it as bullying rather than a very physical friendship since he appears to want to avoid it.[81]

Upon reaching Treasure Island, the pair are eager to get onto land to murder and find buried treasure but are quickly stopped by Nikki.[66] While their actions may be similar, their respective motivations are very different, and Magma uses that knowledge to later persuade Yo in America.[72]

Both wanting a title for themselves, Yo intended to use his gun to stop Moz and become boss of the kingdom,[82] but Magma had already stolen it because he wanted to become village chief.[83] In this respect, the two are very similar but, unlike Magma, Yo has never shown any qualities that paint him as a leader apart from coercion under threat of violence.

In America, rather than competing against him for once, Magma tries to get Yo on board with his plan so they can use his gun without having to steal it from him. Yo is initially skeptical, but is quickly swayed by Magma and Mantle flattering him and explaining what he gains from the team-up.[72] For the most part afterwards, they work together with minimal direct interaction, such as when making the diamonds or fighting to reach the petrification device.[84]


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