Magma (マグマ Maguma) is a villager from Ishigami Village. Magma is known for being the strongest of all the villagers.


Magma is a large, muscular man with blonde hair which is slicked back, save for a lock in front of his face. He has large eyebrows and a strong jaw. He has tied a piece of white rope around his forehead and placed another over his right shoulder, in keeping with the other members of Ishigami Village by incorporating rope into his outfit.

During the winter, he would take to wearing a coat.


Magma is an extremely ambitious person at first, willing to sacrifice anyone in order to become the Chief of Ishigami Village.[3]

He was shown to be rather gullible in the Village Games, falling for a trick Gen played on him pretending to have put a curse that would destroy his heart on him.

He is shown as being willing and able to kill to get his way when he attempts to kill Gen, thinking him to be Senku. He also initially has paranoia of outsiders such as Gen and Senku, attempting to kill Gen partially because he believed he was a magician and that by eliminating him, he would remain the strongest. This also demonstrates his superiority complex, an obsessive need to prove himself to be the strongest.

This would later be the reason behind his rivalry with Yo as both often compete with each other to prove who is better (especially between pre-petrification humans and post petrification humans).

He also tends to be impulsive and acts before thinking, such as smashing the tungsten that he, Chrome, and Senku brought from the cave once he heard Senku mention he needed something out of the rocks (though he was in a way correct as Senku did need the tungsten smashed) and when Hyoga invaded the village, his first reaction was to attack him one on one without thinking about a strategy or teaming up with Kinro and Kohaku (as all three of them are the strongest fighters of the village and would have a better chance fighting together).

He tends to remark that when faced against a powerful opponent or army, they should simply slaughter everyone, proving his merciless nature and one track mind (without considering the disadvantages of such a strategy or a more peaceful alternative). He once even asked if they could simply smash the stone statues Tsukasa collected so they could dwindle their numbers and lessen the amount of people Tsukasa could revive for his army. This is seen again when going against the foes of Treasure Island. Magma is also sadistic at times, wanting Ruri to watch him hit Chrome over and over again, knowing that they have affections for each other.[4]

Despite this, he eventually cannot bring himself to kill Chrome and Senku. When alone with them in a cave, he chooses to save them from a cave collapse rather than use the opportunity to kill them. He claims that the inventions Senku makes are interesting and so long as he keeps making interesting things, he will not kill him. This is reaffirmed in a conversation with his lackey Mantle, where he states he still desires the village chief position, but not to murder Senku.

He even begins to willingly lend his help to Senku and similarly helps Gen set up a telescope as a birthday surprise for Senku. Also, despite being impulsive, seeing violence as the first and only solution, and charging into battle head first without thinking, he does have some tactical strategy. He can also genuinely admire and respect other people's abilities and strengths. As stated above, he does grow to respect Senku's intelligence and ability to bring new wonders to the village, which ultimately causes him to cease his desire to murder him. He understood and recognized Kohaku's strength. He also admired Kinro's strength and wanted him to be his lackey.

He even compliments and admires Taiju's strong will and bottomless stamina and strength when they were farming. Similarly, he seems to grow a little, managing to recognize abilities beyond strength, such as Senku's intelligence, and he admires Gen's skills and even asks him to be his lackey, despite having once tried to murder Gen.[5]

Abilities and Skill

Magma has an extreme amount of physical strength and endurance, able to withstand a large flurry of attacks from Kinro in the Village Games and go on to win.

Despite his strength, he is inferior to that of Tsukasa, Hyoga, Mozu, and Kohaku who easily swat him aside.


5/5 A
2/5 D
1/5 E
3/5 C
Magma's stats, according to Volume 6


In the previous Village Games, Magma had progressed to the finals and was about to seal his place as Ruri's husband and the chief of the village. However, in his arrogance, he let slip that he planned to let Ruri die in the presence of Kohaku, who proceeded to swiftly beat him in the finals and prevent him from achieving his goals.


Kingdom of Science Arc

As the wary villagers discuss Senku's arrival to the village, Magma states that if Senku poses trouble he will quickly dispose of him and finally win Ruri's heart by doing that.[6]

He, Mantle, and Carbo attempt to attack Senku while he is making a lightning rod[3], but are stopped by Gen who draws their attention with magic tricks. He attacks Gen Asagiri, whom he believes to be a Senku. Unbeknownst to him, Gen survived.[5]

Magma is seen gloating about Gen's murder, believing to have killed Kohaku's sorcerer companion while Mantle praises him. He laments on the fact that he couldn't kill Kohaku herself as she left no openings, though says Kohaku is no threat now that the sorcerer is gone and that he might take her as his wife if she begs for mercy. He is shown to have lost the previous village games to an enraged Kohaku as he said he wants to be the village chief and have Ruri die as quick as possible, even killing her if need be.[7]

Village Games Arc

He compliments Mantle on having successfully distracted Kohaku from the village games. Magma is set to fight Kinro in the first round of the games. Becoming arrogant, he offers Kinro to lick his shoes and become his lackey as he has no chance of winning. Kinro rebukes this and claims he will not fall under any circumstance in order to defend his comrades, attacking Magma and thereby initiating the village tournament.[8]

Magma is shocked by Kinro's battle proficiency, wondering when he got so strong. Eventually, he makes distance between himself and Kinro, preparing to fight more seriously. As visually impaired Kinro inaccurately attacks Magma with his spear, the latter makes fun of how off the mark the strike was. He then assaults Kinro with a flurry of attacks, sending him flying onto the ground. Magma humiliates Kinro again, offering him a subordinate spot in exchange for Kinro licking his shoes. After Suika throws Kinro her helmet with lenses, Magma bursts into laughter and rushes Kinro once again, this time all of his attacks evaded and parried. Shocked, he gets hit with a barrage of returning attacks from Kinro, eventually falling the the ground.[9]

Defeated, Magma inquires whether the helmet Kinro wore was sorcery or not, claiming he will admit defeat if Jasper decides it's not. During Kinro's moment of distraction while agreeing that he will accept disqualification should it be decided it's cheating and Jasper confirming it's not, Magma suddenly rises and strikes Kinro on his head with his spear. Knocking Kinro out, Magma celebrates victory. During Mantle and Chrome's fight, Magma notices that Kohaku is rushing back to the village. He orders Mantle to throw in the match which the latter does immediately, thereby disqualifying Kohaku. As Magma's victory is seemingly certain now, he mockingly blows a kiss to Ruri, saying she should rejoice.[10]

Now partly recovered and gloating, he approaches Chrome for their match and swiftly overpowers him. He states he knows Chrome won't give up his fight for Ruri and that he will make the latter watch as Magma slowly hurts Chrome more and more. Chrome improvises to secretly create an incendiary weapon by pointing Suika's helmet at Magma, the latter bursting into laughter and mocking him for bringing a "broken sorcery weapon" and thinking his opponent would get startled because of it. Magma goes on to humiliate Chrome even more, saying that since that weapon gives sight he will gouge his eyes out as he doesn't need them anymore.[4]

Magma continues his mockery of Chrome until he is interrupted by Gen Asagiri. Him and Mantle ask how he could be alive as Gen replies he utilized sorcery. Gen makes a magic trick of bursting flowers and warns Magma he cursed his heart to explode should he make another step. The mentalist begins his acting of pleading Chrome to beat Magma quickly. The latter realizes this and begins acting himself, Kohaku and Senku noting it's rather poor acting, albeit Gen is making it more convincing, saying that he can only hold the spell for 60 seconds before he runs out of energy.

This empowers Magma to continue mocking both of them, thinking he only needs to wait a short time interval before winning. With their strategy set, Chrome's spear is still shaking and water is unsteady. However, Chrome enters a state of pure determination and resolve, eventually settling his hand down and making the water ripples subside. With enough time, Magma's clothes ignite.

Panicking, Magma tries to put the fire out, only to spread it further across. Chrome states that he doesn't plan on killing anyone, instead impaling Magma in the crotch with his well practiced kick. Magma stumbles and falls into the river, ultimately making Chrome the winner of the match and marking Kingdom of Science's complete victory.[11]

Vs. Hyoga Arc

Gen provokes Magma into assisting Senku and him create an illusion of firing guns at an invading crew of Tsukasa's men, saying that if the village is pillaged, there would be nothing left to rule over for the latter.[12] When Hyoga invades again, Magma is equipped with a katana to help defend Ishigami Village.[13] [13] Magma and the rest of the warriors are quickly dispatched by Hyoga - whose spear breaks upon exerting too much force, thanks to Gen tampering with it prior to the second invasion.[14]

Communications Arc

As the battle with Hyoga comes to an end, Magma, along with a fair number of villagers, is surprised to learn about cellphone's properties and the possibility of its usage in war.[15] Once the cotton candy machine is crafted as a part of the cellphone making process, Magma enjoys the taste of the sweet along with the rest of the villagers.[16] Prior to this, he was tasked by Gen to keep Senku away for the village to make him a birthday present. Despite being treated with mistrust by Chrome, they gather the materials and Magma tells Senku to show more cool things so they can defeat Tsukasa.

He returns to the village and hears the recording left by Byakuya for Senku containing a message from him. Magma is amazed by the event, especially a song preformed by him and the crew.

He helps Chrome and Gen deliver the cellphone to Taiju and Yuzuriha.

Age of Exploration Arc

He enters the contest to draw the perfect design for a boat and tells Mantle that he won't kill Senku now that war is over. However, his design isn't chosen because Senku's is picked and he is in awe at the design.

He helps with gathering a captain for the new boat. The Captain is Ryusui Nanami who Magma is surprised to hear call all the women beautiful before he is kicked in the groin by Nikki.

He aids his allies with creating farmland and respects Taiju for his endurance.

He later laughs at the idea of a hot air balloon and looks to Yo for mockery but the latter is just as confused as him.

Treasure Island Arc

He accompanies the crew of the Perseus to Treasure Island.

He is one of the only members of the crew to be petrified.[17]

His statue is collected by Taiju and he is depetrified by Senku and the others who decide to come up with a plan to defeat Ibara.[18]

He takes a reluctant Gen out to try to assassinate the evil minister after stealing Yo's gun but they are defeated by Mozu.

When Ibara and his forces surround them, Magma watches Senku revive Hyoga. As a shocked Ibara tried to flee, Magma tried to chase him but is swat aside by Mozu.[19] Along with the others, he leaves Hyoga to face Mozu.[20]

On Senku's orders, he tosses the tube meant for Hyoga to modify his spear. He is very shocked to watch Hyoga turned the tables on Mozu with his fighting style.[21]

Magma is petrified along with his allies by Ibara.

After Ibara was defeated, Magma is revived with his allies. When a debate on what to with a petrified Kirisame is made, Magma volunteers to destroy her statue but Gen stops him and Senku revives her.[22]

New America City Arc

Magma later volunteers to be a part of the space crew, Senku is planning to create to defeat the Whyman.[23]

When the Perseus returns to Japan, Magma notices Ginro is acting cocky and questions him.[24]

Once on land, Magma along with Ginro and Yo rejoice at finally being off the ship. The crew of the Perseus then separate into two groups, with Magma's faction staying the near Perseus.[25]

Magma is aboard the ship when they get a call from Chrome, which Senku hangs up because the enemy could track them. When they receive another call, Magma thinks its Chrome and answers it but its Dr. Xeno. Magma speaks to him but the latter insults him, causing Nikki to hold him back. After he calms down, Magma is confused when Xeno reveals his side doesn't have manpower and questions why he doesn't revive the statues they saw before the others reveal Xeno doesn't have the revival formula. [26]


  • His name is a reference to the molten rock found in the upper mantle and just underneath the Earth’s crust.
  • Despite the claims that he was the strongest man in the village, he personally admires Taiju Oki due to his "unlimited stamina" where Taiju did not get exhausted when handling the farm field.
  • Due to Magma's impulsiveness, Senku is careful about explaining science in front of him. Unless brute force is needed, Magma is typically kept busy with gathering wood for materials.
  • Magma tends to get punished by Nikki for his rash behavior; she's kicked him in the crotch and slammed her fists on his head on two separate occasions.
  • Magma also gets into conflict with Yo Uei about modern timers being superior to the Stone World primitives.
  • Magma's English voice actor is the real life husband of Gen's voice actor.


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