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Prior to the petrification event, Luna appeared to have been an heiress and was always tended to by Carlos and Max. Before the science expo, she became a student for medical department thanks to her father’s connection, despite the lessons being sometimes difficult to her, but it paid off.[1] One day at a science expo, Luna was petrified along with the rest of humanity. Having overheard Stanley ordering for everyone to keep their consciousness, Luna retained consciousness by refusing to die single and persisted for over thousands of years.[2]

After her revival, Luna at some point became an employee of Dr. Xeno.

New America City Arc[]

Luna accompanied Stanley along with Carlos and Max through the forest. Luna questioned Stanley on whether they should trust Gen Asagiri but Stanley explains his mistrust of Gen, something Luna hurriedly agrees on. Luna then deals with Carlos and Max, shrugging off their advances before Stanley tells her that she has to preserve her strength because she has a role to play. Luna is obviously confused but continues to journey with Stanley. After gathering a good vantage point, she catches a glimpse of the Perseus and remarked that the science leader is nothing to Xeno. Luna questions Stanley if he really intends to kill the leader in Stanley confirms it was glaring at Luna when she tries to question him on why. Moving the questions further, she asks why he needs her. Stanley explains that he will send Luna to spy on the Kingdom of Science to draw out the science user for him to snipe him. Luna hesitantly agrees and gets her self battered up, to give the illusion that she needs help. Luna then makes her presence known to the crew, begging for after escaping Xeno before Senku approaches her and helps her. She is seemingly awestruck to look at him while the rest of the crew observe the scene.[3]

Now on the Perseus, Luna started to work out who the Scientist is. Luna notes to herself on what type of man he is, believing that he might be an intelligent hard working man with conviction to match, her exact preference. Luna then eliminates a few candidates out before Yuzuriha casually says Taiju's name and the latter reveals himself. Luna is flabbergasted to find Taiju, who is not what she expected of a head scientist. However, she begins to ponder how to lure him for Stanley to eliminate. As she does, she realizes that she didn't feel attracted to him but instead felt attracted to Senku whose nature surprises her and he makes no qualms of hiding his intelligence like when he used science to make soft serve ice cream to tempt her. Luna is surprised and states if Xeno was present he would say the word "Elegant". She's particularly shocked when Senku reveals that Xeno was his science mentor.[4]

Pondering on Senku's past association with Xeno means, Luna notes on her possible attraction to Senku and attempts to eavesdrop on his conversation with the others. However, Taiju's yelling makes her recall her goal of having him assassinated. She tries to signal Stanley but after hesitating for a while she is unable to because of the kindness the crew showed her. Luna then decides to notify her comrades of Senku having a connection to Xeno.[5]

When the crew is thrown into disarray after Ryusui revealed a sniper, Luna is worried that the plan fell through before looking into the direction of Stanley unknowingly causing Senku to give away his identity when he looks.[6]

After Senku is wounded from the aftershock of the shot, Luna wonders what she has to do now at the mission have been a success. Luna remarks on a quick thinking of Senku, after he created a bullet proof vest. Luna recalls her time in the medical class and remembers the basics, easily diagnosing Senku. The crew believe that she might be a doctor but Luna states that’s not the case though Taiju begs her to help his friend and she agrees.[1]

Luna remained on the Perseus where she tended to the wounds of Senku.[7]

Luna continues her work and noted to herself that her impression on Senku was accurate because the scientist was confirmed to be him. After he wakes up, he tells her what she needs to do to heal him though some of his methods worry her, she agrees. Luna then states that there is only one condition he has to agree to: being her boyfriend, to his shock. Using Morse code, Luna contacts Carlos and tells some of the good news, much to his dismay. Sometime at the bar Luna is talking to François about her recent relationship and she becomes dismayed when she hears that Senku was briefly married and used it to further his goals. They also speculate that he's doing the same thing with his relationship with her.[8]

When Senku and Ryusui engage Stanley in an aerial battle, Luna frantically wonders why Senku was in the plane, despite his injuries.[9]

Sometime later, the Perseus comes under attack by Stanley's unit and they capture most of the crew. Luna, in particular is held captive by one who taunts her situation.[10]

Afterwards, Luna is freed by Max after she informs of the situation. She is able to get him to bring Francois and Kaseki too. The group arrive at the Castle, where Luna finds Senku and Ryusui have arrived too. She is bashful at seeing him before complimenting him on surviving the plane battle. She imagined being praised, though recalls the words she has heard of Senku and expects to be ignored but is surprised when he does express amazement at her skill. She sides with Senku and joins his group in escaping on a yacht. Afterwards, she watches Senku and his group discuss how there's someone in the American colony who most likely would not want to see blood shed in contact Dr. Brody. Luna watches Brody being uninterested in a truce until Senku makes him an offer. Luna is greatly shocked when Senku reveals the ingredients to the revival formula.[11]

South America Arc[]

Luna continued traveling with her new allies on the new ship.[12]

Soon they disembarked on an island to gather fuel supplies. Luna became exhausted at the intense labor, though denies it to Max. She and the others were later surprised by Taiju showing symbols in the sky, Luna scared at the thought. They investigate and find Chelsea, an associate of Xeno who revived later than the American Colony. Luna is dismayed that her instincts and survival methods led her to go opposite of the Colony.[13]

Chelsea and Luna watch the base get attacked

Luna and Chelsea witness the attack

Luna was shocked when she and Chelsea were chosen as the backup revival team after Suika and Francois were captured. As they move out, she witnesses Chelsea suffers an emotional breakdown while realizing everyone's efforts might be in vain. Her reaction causes Luna to nearly head back to the Fort, though they see it has already come under attack. [14]

Luna and Chelsea noticed the beam approaching and fearing the worst, she attempted to throw a bottle of revival fluid but because of her poor shot the bottle curved, to their horror. She was ultimately petrified, along with Chelsea.[15]

New Stone World Arc[]

Years later, Luna and Chelsea's statues were located by a revived Suika. [16]

Four years pass, with Suika being able to revive Senku who completed the formula and revived everyone, Luna included. An overjoyed Luna hugged the now older Suika before watching everyone else revive. She watched as Tsukasa and Hyoga later hunted several animals and used their pelts to make new outfits for everyone. That night, she joined the others at the celebration and tried to flirt with Senku.[17]

Half a year passes, with the establishment of Superalloy City and the creation of the new Perseus being made. However, Luna is dismayed when Ryusui reveals they will be splitting into three teams to succeed in reviving the whole world. Luna is further troubled when she is placed with the group to travel to Corn City that consists of: Hyoga, Taiju, Ukyo, Carlos, and Max. She complains about being separated from Senku but is easily swayed by Gen stating Senku hardworking women.[18]

Globetrotting Arc[]

During the tests for communications, it was determined that everyone will learn Morse code. Luna is understandably stressed by being separated from Senku, but resolves that she is needed to handle the situation with Brody.[19]


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