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Senku Ishigami[]

Luna is Senku's "girlfriend", though Senku only sees this as a political alliance. Any romance is very one-sided: while Luna will often act towards Senku with genuine attraction, Senku remains entirely romantically disinterested in Luna. However, Senku does praise her and gives her no reason to assume otherwise.[1]

When they first met, he welcomed her aboard the Perseus and she appeared taken by his kindness but this was a ploy by him to get info about the enemy.[2] While Luna was searching for the scientist, Senku made no qualms of hiding his intelligence or desire to know about the enemy by using science to make soft serve ice cream to tempt her. It was through her, that he recalled Xeno was his former mentor.[3] However, she has slowly become suspicious of him after hearing of his association with Xeno. After Senku is wounded from the aftershock of the shot, Luna starting to tend to his wounds. [4] [5]

Afterwards, she officially learns Senku is the scientist, realizing her intuition about him was correct while Senku asked her for helping him. Luna agreed to tend to his wounds but asked him to be her boyfriend, something that shocked him. Although Senku agreed, he likened the situation to a political marriage and seems more interested to the potential manpower she brings on the table, his friends speculate that he is using Luna to serve his own goals. [6]

Though Senku does not reciprocate the same feelings back to Luna, he does congratulate her on her accomplishments, showing he acknowledges her contributions to the team. [7]

Max Adams[]

Max is her bodyguard and is completely loyal to Luna, and has aided her with his strength.

Max is very protective of her at all costs, fighting constantly with Carlos over her. When the petrification hit, Max shielded Luna in hopes of protecting her, this also contributed to him staying conscious for millennia. [8]

Carlos Barrios[]

Carlos was her former driver who has been by her side for years.

Much like Max, Carlos is completely loyal to Luna, and was willing to drive her anywhere in the old world. Carlos is a fatherly figure to Luna and wants to help protect her at all costs. Carlos was willing to buy an expensive platinum ring just for her, showing his care for Luna.[8]

Chelsea Childe[]

Although they have not met before, the two seem to have bonded during their time traveling across South America together.

When they first met, Luna was shocked Chelsea went another route that prevented her from meeting up with other survivors. to Chelsea's embarrassment.[9] Luna often finds Chelsea's blunt nature annoying, after she asked about her weight, her relationship with Senku, and just teasing her. However, Chelsea was able to let out her true emotions in front of Luna once they had gotten away from the base and Luna was surprised by this but comforted her, suggesting the two have gotten close[10]


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