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This is a list of notable minor characters of Dr. Stone.

This list includes characters with not enough information for a complete article, such as those with speaking roles but without names, unnamed relatives or associates of main characters, or otherwise noteworthy.

Named characters by order of appearance[]

Mecha Senku[]

Mecha Senku is a character outside of the main story, used to inform readers of additional information, such as the Q&As in the manga volumes[1] and several recipes in the anime. Mecha Senku is said to be from the future according to the the list of birthdays.

Physically, Mecha Senku looks like a robotic version of Senku Ishigami. He is mostly a light gray color with yellow, red and pale navy blue accents. Like Senku, he has jagged markings on his forehead stemming from his eyebrows, but in this case they're the edges of metal plates rather than petrification scars. Only his head, shoulders, and arms are ever visible.

Mecha Senku More Body

Mecha Senku explaining how to make paper

Because of his presence outside the story and never appearing physically in any place, there is no real sense of scale for him, it is unclear whether Mecha Senku would be human sized or oversized like a traditional mech suit.

His personality is very friendly and eager to teach, and cares about the safety of the readers, advising them against blowing themselves up or getting poisoned by copying Senku's experiments.[2]

Hyoga's murdered soldiers[]

Hyoga and his goons

Hyoga and his goons

The following are the depetrified troops from the Tsukasa empire that Hyoga took with him on two raids to Ishigami village during the stone wars. They were six modern people depetrified in the year 5739, whose lives were disposed of by Hyoga in order to test the alleged poison gas that Senku had deployed, which was in reality the toxic fumes from the sulfuric acid spring.

Their names were Gozan, Yuki, Ren, Akashi, Kyoichiro and Morito.

Tsukasa pays respects to them at Senku's cenotaph after Yo fakes his own death. Tsukasa explains that their bodies are buried at this location,[3] and he wanted Yo's stone fragment (his supposed only remains) to rest next to his comrades.


He was a large, muscular man. His petrification mark was a thin line that divided his neck, face and scalp in symmetrical halves, safe for a small zigzag in his forehead. He wore a necklace of animal fangs, earrings made of bone or seashell, and had pale brown hair tied in three bundles.

Gozan Anime Reference

Gozan's reference sheet.

Of the group, he seemed to be the most aggressive and vocal, being the first to jump to attack Kinro and subsequently getting his nose broken. Likewise, when Hyoga was revived, Gozan was the first to pick on him and tried to fight him, but it ended poorly for him and those that followed him into it. He was the most visibly angered by their initial defeat and also teased Hyoga calling him a weakling after he suggested returning to the empire to build a more numerous army.

He shares his English voice actor with Oarashi.


A strong fighter like most of Tsukasa's people, his petrification mark was an irregular line that extended from the front-right side of his hairline, down across his right eye, and then curved leftward, going across his mouth and ending at his chin. His hair was dark brown and spiky, similar to Taiju's but longer, besides being shaven all around his head except on the top.


Although Ren was named by Tsukasa posthumously at Senku's cenotaph, he was never drawn in the manga, though he was present in the anime.

He had a petrification mark that went down from his forehead to his cheeks. His face was slim and long, with large pointy elf-like ears. His hair was black or dark grey, with a pronounced M-shaped hairline, and tied into a spiky bundle resembling Kohaku's ponytail but at the top of his head rather than the back. He had blue eyes.


In the manga, Akashi was sometimes drawn as having a much chubbier build than the others, but consistently his body was generally much wider.

He had blue eyes and a petrification mark that went down diagonally from right to left across his face. He tied his pale brown hair into two bundles, which he carefully shaped like a pair of horns.


Kyoichiro was a modern human depetrified in the year 5739 by the Tsukasa Empire, where he became a soldier.

Kyoichiro was characterized by a petrification mark that went horizontally across his face, connecting his eyes and going over his nose, somewhat resembling the frame of a set of glasses. His hair was of an ash-blond colour tied into a small ponytail.

He shares his Japanese voice actor with Sho.


Morito was a modern human depetrified in the year 5739 by the Tsukasa Empire, where he became a soldier.

He had a petrification mark on his face that originated from his scalp that went down across his eye, then further down and back up around his chin, and then across his other eye back to his scalp.

He wore a necklace of animal fangs and tied his orange-brown hair into a single bundle on top of his head with a delicate bow.

Unnamed Characters by order of appearance[]

Former Priestess[]

Before Ruri, she was the priestess of Ishigami village. She was also Ruri and Kohaku's mother and Kokuyo's wife until her passing from causes unspecified (though likely to be pneumonia) in September, 5736.[4]

Only a couple times she's been pictured, and without much detail; depicting a somewhat youthful slim woman with blonde hair and bangs, naturally similar to her daughters, and her hair either tied or flowing with a length that ends below the shoulder; her face has never been clearly shown.

The first image of her was presented while Tsukasa was pondering where Kohaku had come from when they first encountered, she was drawn with similar bangs albeit terminating in a more rounded shape than Kohaku's, and her hair was tied likewise, but no ponytail was visible.[5] This image somewhat differs from her second appearance, which can be attributed to just being conjecture, though they also were several years apart.

Her second appearance was in a recollection by Ruri of being told about the last of the one hundred tales as a child, laying down one night under the same blanket. Her face was shown from the side although with little to no detail, her hair untied and flowing. It can also be seen that she wore the villager rope as a double loop around her neck, like Ruri does later while taking her position. From here also comes her only spoken line, in which she tells Ruri that the last of the hundred tales is the only real world story among them.[6]

Little is known about her life, but it can be deduced than she must have been born at least 36 years prior to Senku's arrival at Ishigami village on account of Ruri's age and the events that lead to her birth. As a child or teen, she must have been taught the hundred tales by her own predecessor, and into adulthood, she was wed in accordance to the result of the Grand Bout held for this occasion, where Kokuyo was the final winner after beating Jasper.[7] Some time after, Ruri was born, followed by Kohaku two years later. She taught her daughter the hundred tales while she was small, and passed away sometime during Ruri's teenage years, likely in her thirties.

Though never confirmed, she is likely buried at the Ishigami village cemetery.

Tsukasa Empire citizens[]

The following characters are people who were modern humans depetrified by Tsukasa leading to or during the Stone Wars arc in which they participated. Some such characters had specific designs and personalities but no names given, and were not seen after the arc.

Girl with dress and brown hair[]

A young woman depetrified by Tsukasa either in 5739 or 5740. One of the more notorious background characters of the Stone Wars arc, she was featured several times in the manga as well as the anime.

Her personality seems to be that of a rather innocent and cheerful person. She was one of the early people that Taiju and Yuzuriha snuck to the buried telephone near Senku's fake grave, and she was convinced to switch sides to the Kingdom of Science under the impression that Lillian Weinberg was alive and people from the United States were coming to help.

In the anime, she can be seen triumphantly holding Minami bound on a leash after she was defeated by Nikki [8], which may suggest suggest she is not a fighter herself. Later on, she can be seen rather heartbroken when it was revealed Gen was faking Lillian's voice and no help was coming. This battle was her final appearance in the manga, however, in the anime she went on to appear throughout Dr. Stone: Ryusui and occasionally during season 3.

Her near shoulder length brown hair has been compared to Ginro's, while her eyes, of a dark purplish-grey colour are similar to Yuzuriha's. Her petrification mark is a line that coils once around her left upper arm. She is often seen hanging with a man with somewhat similar looking hair.

Her rather elaborate attire is a pale sleeveless dress that is form fitting from the waist up, with a very full skirt below, that seems to have fur on the inside as well as a few nondescript tentacle-shaped appendages hanging from there. A large, darker bow adorns the front around the lower belly area. The top part of the dress, which is sewn on the front and ends on a tight collar that wraps most of the neck, bears a strong similarity to Gen's attire.

The Mom from Treasure Island[]

A mature woman, widowed with two children; whose sheer ambition and remarkable self-confidence led her to dress up and volunteer for the harem selection, where she was disregarded despite her best efforts.

She has a rather muscular build, a large mouth and a unibrow. She was very confident about her chances in the harem before showing up to the selection and even after being rejected for it, insisting that she almost got in; and completely disregarding the pleas to stop from her ashamed children.

American Grenadier[]

American Grenadier Stressed

American Grenadier stressing

An American soldier specialising in grenades and other explosives who is consistently seen among Stanley's forces. We first see him in the midst of the American's ambush on the Kingdom of Science, standing proud and ready to face Moz and Matsukaze while his fellow soldiers run away in fear. He throws several grenades towards the pair, which modern humans immediately recognise. Matsukase, making a connection between them and the medusas he fought hundreds of years ago, hits them all back towards the Americans, scaring them. The grenadier in a moment of anger or perhaps surprise, prepares to throw an assumably large explosive, as Maya Biggs warns him to not use it in such close quarters as it could kill many people, even some of their own perhaps[9].

The grenadier is later one of the first to land in Araxa and charge in alongside his commander, Stanley Snyder[10]. When the Americans begin their assault on the Kingdom of Science's base, they use large amounts of explosives, and the grenadier can be seen as one of the main attackers using these explosives, perhaps even supplying the rest of the force with their grenades[11].

American Grenadier Attacks

American Grenadier attacks

Appearance wise, much like the rest of the American soldiers, the grenadier has a rather rough looking face, with very square looking features. He has a rather long beard and tied up dreadlocks with sharp objects at the end, similar to Kirisame. He wears the standard American uniform but with the addition of two grenade belts crossing over each other on his torso, strapped to the brim with grenades. Around his waist, there is a belt which holds the larger explosives with the word 'goodbye'.

Personality wise, the grenadier is a rather brave man, perhaps even braver than his peers, as when facing Moz and Matsukaze, he chose to face them alone while his fellow soldiers retreated. Similar to Leonard, when something doesn't go his way, the grenadier is easily put off, as seen when he begins to sweat when Matsukaze easily hit back his grenades. He was also willing to use his large explosive as a last resort, which is suggested to be incredibly dangerous in close quarters, showing he is prepared to go to extremes to get the job done.

American Naginata User[]

An American soldier who is typically seen armed with a naginata, and one of the more consistently seen soldiers of Stanley's force. We first see him in the ambush of the Kingdom of Science's ship, where he is among the first to board. With just a single blow of his naginata, he destroys the iron fence of the Perseus and boards, towering over the KoS members. He orders them to put their hands behind their heads and 'kiss the floor kiddos', and threatens to shoot them where they stand if they attempt to fight back[12]. Later in Gen's fantasy of the American's, he is seen amongst the key figures of Stan's force[13], and is seen in another fantasy, once again as one of the key figures in Stan's force[14].

American Soldier charging

His usual appearance in most panels

As Stan's force enters Araxa, he can consistently be recognised by his large naginata which he keeps on his back. On the way to the base, he was one of the hostages key guards, being either in front of them[10] or behind them[15]. He is not seen using his naginata in the battle.

Appearance wise, he is a very tall man, who towered over the KoS members and his fellow soldiers. Similar to the rest of the background soldiers, he is mostly bald except for a patch on the top of his head. He has a rather round nose and no eyebrows, and much like the other soldiers, very square facial features. His petrification scar forms a cross on the left side of his face, and his mouth is usually covered by his armour and mask.

Rodex CEO[]

A modern woman found in the territory of the former United States and depetrified by the kingdom of science. Before petrification, she was the CEO of the Rodex watch company, of which Ryusui was an avid customer.

She was revived with the purpose of having her help identify a skilled watchmaker from Rodex who could help dismantle and analyze the petrification device brought from treasure island.

She has a rather classy demeanor and a face that suggests a woman who's either in her 40's or 50's with white or possibly blonde hair that is slightly wavy and cut at ear height. She is provided with a fancy suit upon being revived by Yuzuriha, and has a petrification mark on her forehead that resembles a pair of clock hands roughly in a 10:09 position.

A scientist that looks like Senku[]

A scientist woman brought from overseas to do research on the petrification device. Her uncanny resemblance to Senku led the newly wed and excited Taiju to mistake her for his friend, to which she reacted with slight confusion. She is nearly impossible to tell apart from Senku when her back is turned.

Her background and areas of expertise are not specifically stated although she demonstrates being versed on particle physics.

Much like Senku, she has long white hair spikes with dark tips, with the slight difference that some of said tips are thin and curl into little spirals, as do the two Senku-like bangs that fall on her face, and her sideburns.

She is of stature slightly shorter than Gen, with her eyes also partially resembling Senku's but with a softer, more feminine look, and long eyelashes. Her mouth is small with full lips. She wears a rather form fitting lab coat, with the chest area left unbuttoned to reveal a white collared shirt underneath.

After clarifying that she is indeed, not Senku, but rather a visiting scientist like many others, she goes on with some of her peers to make an attempt at explaining the workings of the medusa's anti-gravity to Gen, who is hopelessly confused.

Being introduced for a gag in the final chapter of Dr. Stone, no elaboration was made on her origins or whether or not there's any explanation for her bizarre resemblance to the leading scientist of the Kingdom of Science. It's been speculated that her appearance may be due to her being a fan of Senku and adopting his look, similarly to Charlotte's imitation of Stanley Snyder.

She is the last character that was introduced in the series.

Characters not from the main series[]


"Doctaro" (translated) is a character from the stageplay Dr. Stone: Science World. From the scarce information available, it seems like Doctaro plays a role similar to Mecha Senku, explaining science experiments and possibly dispense safety warnings. A translated description of them reads as follows:

A science doctor who pursues science day and night at a certain research institute. I love science, I love experiments, and I love Senku! My job is to let people know the wonders of science through the story of "Dr. STONE". He usually speaks in a great tone, but in reality he is a little sloppy. Experiments are always unsuccessful!

Doctaro wears a very bright yellow jumpsuit, decorated with a large rainbow collar and tie, and the symbols of chemical elements such as Manganese (Mg), Iron (Fe) and Vanadium (V). They wear an oversized yellow academic cap as tall as a top hat, which has a large red S in the front and a set of oxy-acetylene goggles strapped to it, with matching red strap, and four test tubes with colorful chemicals hanging from the corners.

They also wear a fannypack seemingly stuffed with test tubes, pens and other useful items.

It's been speculated that, other than a quirk of translation, "Doctaro" may be a portmanteau of "Doctor" and "Momotaro" but there is no evidence to support this hypothesis.


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