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Kokuyo is her father. She loves her father, who in turn cherishes her and her sister. Kokuyo often finds his patience being tested with her, such as the fight with Magma or bringing an unknown figure to the village, even considering disowning her at some point for being constantly disobedient.[1] Nevertheless, he wished for her to hold onto the shield he gifted her, but was dismayed that she let Senku have it.


Ruri is her older sister. They care for one another and are close enough for Ruri to notice something off with her and tell Kohaku not to push herself so much for her sake.[2] Senku was amazed by Kohaku's strong determination to help her sister, carrying a huge amount of weight in order to bring fresh hot water to help her sister's condition[3]. Kohaku was willing to help Senku in anything he needed in order to find a cure for her ailment.[1]

They share a tomboyish side, as Ruri immediately making a full dash running around the village, something the villagers remark Kohaku would do. Following the second Petrification event, Ruri lifted her sister in the air in happiness in their reunion.[4]


Senku Ishigami[]

They first met after he goes off on his own. Kohaku saw Senku as a gentleman and she is rather impressed by him. She first saw him sacrificing himself to save Yuzuriha and since that moment, she admitted that she was very interested in him.[3]

She invited him to her home, Ishigami Village, where Senku met all the other villagers.[5] She did not trust in Senku at first but, over the course of their adventures, she accepts him and trusts him with very important things, like Ruri's life. Also, she may consider him a very close friend as she is not very offended when Senku calls her a lioness and especially a gorilla[3] while Chrome doing the same thing always earns him a good fist to the head by Kohaku, and even admits to him that she finds him physically attractive.[6]

She was particularly shocked to see him marry her sister, who he divorces promptly.[7] However, she opposes her father along with the rest of the group, believing Senku despite her sister getting the sickest she has ever been when consuming his drug.[8] She is also amazed to hear that the legends of her village were a reference to him and to learn of the past wonders of his time.

In turn, Senku greatly relies on her due to her physical strength and skill as a fighter. She often helps him in his scientific endeavor by gathering material or lending her physical power. Though he enjoys teasing her by calling her lioness or gorilla (which she hates), he genuinely cares for her as a close ally and friend and trusts her abilities, as shown at Treasure Island, where he has her spy on the tribe by entering into the harem and the two manage to communicate their plans and deliver materials to each other in secret.

Kohaku once kissed Senku, in order to cover from Kirisame but he was in shock rather than joy.[9] In spite of this she hugged him after he revived her and Ginro. She also comforted him when he was thinking about his late father being on the treasure island and what he endured.[10]


She and Chrome are good friends. They are the first two of the villagers who side with Senku, and as such aid him in making a cure for Ruri.[1]

They are close enough for her to know his feelings for her sister, which Kohaku finds cute due to how innocent it is.[11] She said multiple times that she wants Chrome to be her sister's husband, once during her training with Kinro and Ginro to stop Magma, and then again during their plans of acquiring sulfuric acid for Ruri's cure.[12] Despite punishing him for comparing her to gorillas[12], Kohaku cares for him and nearly rushed to his aid after hearing Tsukasa had him but was impressed when he escaped on his own. In turn, Chrome cares for her and is always in amazement at her skill and resourcefulness.

Gen Asagiri[]

Kohaku and Gen

Kohaku had a deep distrust for Gen when they initially met, as she could tell he was putting on an act and lying to their faces.[13] Likewise, Gen was very scared by her insistent threats on his life, often pulling knives on him. They didn't have many other interactions besides such violence early on, over time she would start to embrace him as an ally but would still be cautious and react at the slightest indication that he had possibly treasoned the kingdom of science. She did seem worried for him after Magma supposedly killed him, though he survived with fake blood packs.

Once Gen's allegiance to the kingdom was solidified they developed a dynamic in which they could mutually read each other and she would once call Gen out for pretending to be detached and self serving while truly caring for their friends.[14] Meanwhile, Gen would use his mentalist skills and trickery to make attempts to stop her from being recklessly unreasonable for her own good, but with irregular success.

They also seem to enjoy teasing and having jabs at each other. When Gen failed to trick Amaryllis into hitting on him, Kohaku jokingly offered him a hug which he declined for the sake of his own physical integrity.[15] Later he would take the chance to embarrass her from a safe distance once she had infiltrated the harem in Treasure Island.[16]

They have strong faith in each other's capabilities, when Gen wandered into the American Territory, Kohaku was confident that he was alive and well in the heart of the enemy base due to his mentalist skills.[17] Once news got around that Francois and Suika had been captured by the enemy not far from Fort Medusa, she rushed to their aid as expected. Gen seemed very distraught that Senku and Ryusui decided to just let her go, but later he was confident that Her, along with Tsukasa and Hyoga who had followed, would not have passed on without first succeeding in disabling the enemy's radio.[18]


Kohaku hugs Suika

Kohaku hugs Suika.

Suika is one of her good friends.

Kohaku finds Suika amusing with her antics, viewing her like a little sister.

However, Kohaku also thinks of Suika as a valuable ally, often relying her for recon. She will also protect her, as she rescues her from the Tsukasa Empire who nearly chased her to the sulfur gas.

Kohaku was also impressed by Suika and Ginro retrieving the mobile lab after the Perseus was taken by the soldiers of the petrification kingdom. [19]

When Gen tells Kohaku to 'make a cute pose', she instinctively thinks of what kind of behaviour Suika shows and thus tries to act like her, more or less successfully so.

After her revival in South America, Kohaku was amazed to see Suika now as old as she is. Suika noted she couldn't ask for a hug but Kohaku proved her wrong by tearfully embracing her, proud Suika accomplished the mission.[20]


They are good friends, as Kohaku gets along well with him, as they are both warriors for the village.

When he is wounded in the raid led by Hyoga, she wanted to assist him but her father held her back. She was greatly relieved to see him recovered from his injuries and been given glasses to overcome his fuzzy eye sickness.


They are good friends even though she is annoyed by his perverted nature and laziness.

During the Treasure Island Arc, Kohaku worried over her allies and shouted the word “Lab”, in the hopes someone from the Kingdom of science would hear the message. Although annoyed that it was Ginro, she put her faith in him and was happy that he got the mobile lab.[9] [19]

She saved Ginro from Ibara and was pleased that he got valuable info. Although Ginro was prepared to die, he knew Kohaku got them petrified to save his life. [21] Once they were revived, he thanked her but she punched him away, knowing he had lecherous intentions, though accepted his gratitude.[10]

She was later annoyed when he skipped out on training and chased him only for him to be saved by a newly revived warrior who became his bodyguard. [22]



Amaryllis gives Kohaku makeover.

Kohaku became friends with her after her arrival on Treasure Island. Despite being opposite in personality, both of them get along.

The scouting group that ventured into Treasure Island, including Kohaku, met Amaryllis after finding hints of a living human and tracking her down to meet her. They find her while at the same time Amaryllis is being proposed to by multiple suitors. Amaryllis allied with them after she saw that their intentions matched up with her own.

For the sake of their infiltration mission, Amaryllis gave Kohaku a makeover, and did her best to make the otherwise abrasive warrior girl Kohaku act more ladylike. The two work together when they (along with Ginro) are infiltrating the harem to seek both the Soyuz capsule and attempt to steal the petrification weapon. Ginro noted that both of them are surprisingly a good team in their work.[23]

When Kohaku was petrified along with Ginro, Amaryllis was horrified and immediately reported to the others about Kohaku's situation. After the conflict was over, Amaryllis was happy to see Kohaku being revived. [10] When the Perseus set off, Amaryllis waves her allies goodbye.[22]

After the second Petrification Event, they are reunited when the Kingdom of Science return to Treasure Island to revive its residents. The two friends shared a happy embrace, showing they missed each other.[4]


Tsukasa Shishio[]

Kohaku saw Tsukasa as an enemy after watching him take Yuzuriha hostage and nearly kill Senku.

After their battle, Kohaku recognizes Tsukasa's strength as a fighter. She recommits the warriors of her village to intense training so that Ishigami Village would have a better chance to hold its own against someone like Tsukasa.

After Tsukasa was forced to surrender to Senku and it was revealed that he had an ailing sister, similar to Kohaku and her ailing sister, Ruri, Kohaku began to sympathize with him on a personal level.

It is later shown that Kohaku and Tsukasa are on better terms, working together as warriors for the Kingdom of Science.


Hyoga helps Kohaku up

Hyoga helping Kohaku up.

Kohaku heard of Hyoga through Gen and was worried about his skill, said to be comparable to Tsukasa. She was left awestruck when Hyoga easily overwhelmed the combined might of herself and the Ishigami Village warriors. During the final battle between their two kingdoms, Kohaku challenged Hyoga to a rematch. Though Kohaku was defeated she still persisted.

During the voyage to America, Hyoga is revived by Senku and it appears that Kohaku and Hyoga have set their differences aside for group weapons training.[24]

Despite now being allies, Kohaku has a lingering distrust of Hyoga. Kohaku warns the others that Hyoga's proximity to Dr. Xeno seems to be a bad idea, and an oversight which could harm the Kingdom of Science due to Hyoga's previous actions. Kohaku was also worried that Hyoga would let her fall after she had jumped to save Suika, but is pleasantly surprised by Hyoga, as he pulls both Kohaku and Suika up from the cliff, saving them.

Homura Momiji[]

Kohaku initially saw Homura as an enemy after she accompanied Hyoga to intimidate the Kingdom of Science. Kohaku detested her for destroying Ishigami Village.

Kohaku found Homura's skill as a gymnast to be impressive, as well as her accurate recon.

During the voyage to America, Homura is revived, and Kohaku appears to no longer hold ill will towards her, Homura becoming the lookout for the Perseus.[25]


Kohaku detested Kirisame for petrifying her allies on the Perseus.

They met formally with Kohaku making it look like Senku was her lover and kissing him to prove it. When they fought Kirisame looked down on Kohaku for not being able to fight, since she was restrained by her dress and couldn't fight well.

After Ibara was defeated, the two had a sparring match, with Kohaku proving to be an equal Kirisame. The surprised Kirisame had to acknowledge Kohaku's impressive skill.

While no further interaction has been seen between the two, it can be inferred that they are now on neutral terms.


Moz and Kohaku met during the harem selection. He was impressed by her skill, stating she was strong but declared his status as strongest and engaged her battle nonetheless. Kohaku was in awe at his skill, especially when he easily overwhelmed her and he offered her the chance to be with him if she gave up her friends. Kohaku refused the offer but the battle between the two never reached an outcome, as she was petrified.


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