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When Kirisame was a child, she was tasked by the head of the Petrification Kingdom to keep the petrification device, and she was warned that its range must never be abused.

5 years before the present, Kirisame and Moz confront a group of teenagers that attempted to go exploring past Treasure Island. After expressing disinterest in Moz’s perverted thoughts, Kirisame activates the Petrification Weapon in order to petrify all of the teenagers, Amaryllis however escapes thanks to the efforts of her friends and Mozu who causes Kirisame to change the Medusa's trajectory in the last moment.[1]

Treasure Island Arc[]

She was responsible for petrifying the crew of the Perseus after they arrived on Treasure Island.

Kirisame comes across Kohaku, as the latter tried to reach the captured boat. She overwhelms Kohaku (as the latter was restrained by her dress), though she is confused by her shouting the word "lab". Unknown to Kirisame, this was a code word for the Kingdom of Science to see if a survivor was present. Gen took advantage of her confusion by making it look like Senku (Lab in this instance) was Kohaku's lover and the kissing him to prove it. Flustered at the sight, Kirisame told them to go away as she headed off to join Ibara.[2] [3]

On Ibara's command, she petrifies Kohaku and Ginro after they learn of the Head's true state, something Kirisame doesn't know. [4]

To defeat his foes, Ibara orders Kirisame to petrify everyone on the island. She is horrified by the request, as he commands Oarashi to carry it out while she voices her concerns.[5] Very soon, Taiju Oki reveals to the entire island that their leader was a statue all along. Learning of the Head's true state, Kirisame is horrified and turns to face Ibara for an explanation but he activates the weapon and she tries to stop him only to fail. As she is petrified, a tearful Kirisame curses Ibara, while Ibara thanks her for her service.[6]

Kirisame petrified

Kirisame gets petrified.

After the battle, Taiju locates her statue and concerns are made about her statue before Senku revives her. Once she is revived, she is updated on the situation and notes there must be a reason Senku chose to revive her. Senku asks her about Kohaku and Ginro, with her telling him where the statues are and watches them revive. Kirisame blushes after watching Kohaku hug Senku. At the party, she bows to Soyuz after he is revealed to be the son of their ruler.[7]

New America City Arc[]

During a training session with Kohaku, she questions the latter if she was holding back after being in awe at her true skill. Kohaku explained she was limited by the dress. Their display of strength scares Ginro who runs away, to their shock. The pair chase him, before he is rescued however, he is saved by a newly revived warrior who joins the Kingdom of Science.[8]

A day later, she and the other islanders bow to Soyuz after his return home. Kirisame takes Soyuz's place aboard the Perseus, becoming a member of the Power Team for the Kingdom of Science.[9]

Kirisame then travels with the Kingdom of Science to America. She is asked by Senku on the Petrification Device and is shocked when he reveals the power supply nearly ran out, due to a command mishap and she remarks that she never considered it deplete.[10]

During the voyage to America, she is interviewed by Minami Hokutozai on her thoughts of the journey, she replies that she has been given the command to aid them and won't fail. Minami notes on her stoic behavior, before she notes that she is similar to Kinro and asks for comments. Kirisame is particularly flustered and blushed at this statement, while denying it.[11]

She later participates in the weapons training with Tsukasa, Matsukaze and the revived warriors.[12]

Kirisame and the other Stone World residents of the crew were amazed by the sights of the ocean such as whales and structures like icebergs. She is excited to reach America. [13]

When the Perseus arrives in San Francisco, she is happy to be on land and looks forward to hunting. Very soon, the warrior team follows the exploration crew. Soon alligators attack, though Kirisame and the other warriors defeat them and use the Alligator meat to restock on supplies. Kirisame is exceptionally pleased with the hamburgers that Francois made from them. [14]

During the escape on the river, the group saw they were being chased by an aircraft. Senku quickly combines water and calcium carbide to form acetylene gas, which he gives to Kirisame. Using Taiju as balance, Kirisame throws it at the plane, knocking the engine down and making the plane crash. The Kingdom of Science finds the aircraft downed, which at the mutual behest of Ryusui and Senku is procured. [15]

She is on board the Perseus when a mysterious woman named Luna approaches, asking for help. Kirisame is annoyed by Moz being infatuated with her before helping the woman on board. After the others express their mistrust of the situation, Kirisame is annoyed that Moz only wants to help because she is cute. She soon helps the girl on board.[16]

Once Luna is on board, Kirisame begins to follow her around the ship, perhaps out of instinct from her years of being a warrior and guard for The Head. She is later disturbed to watch Senku be nice to Luna and thinks he is going to work manipulations on her but is shocked by him outright admitting his intentions. She is later amazed by the recreation of ice cream.[17]

When the crew are alerted of Stanley Snyder's arrival, Kirisame and the other warriors are seen standing ready for battle.[18]

While the crew were watching the aerial battle, it came under attack by the American Colony warriors. Kirisame and her group were confronted by a warrior who threatened them into surrendering. [19]

As she is tied up, Kirisame witnessed Moz and Matsukaze stand against the enemy. She remarks to Minami on Mozu's arrogant personality but tells her that he is a reliable warrior. Despite the pair putting up a good resistance, they were never the less defeated by Stanley who made his entrance.[20]

South America Arc[]

Following the alliance between Senku and Brody, Kirisame and the other members of the Kingdom of Science are forced to go to the castle of the American Colony. While there, she aids her comrades in creating a diamond on Senku's orders to power the Petrification Weapon. In the course of doing so, they get a charred piece and Kirisame suggested turning down the temperature as alternative.[21]

After a while, they succeeded in powering the device but it is promptly confiscated by Brody Dudley and his men. When Senku gave the order to fight, Kirisame joined her allies in launching suicidal attack to take over Corn City, leaping into action, determination and grins plastered over their faces.[22]

Having decided to rebel, Kirisame aided her allies in defeating the soldiers to reclaim the device, in spite of many members being gunned down. Once Moz and Homura Momiji succeed in getting the keys from Brody out of reach, Kirisame throws a sharpened rock to stop one the soldiers from claiming the keys after Kinro clears a path for her, allowing Magma to reach the vault. She was soon attacked by the soldiers and laid wounded. However, she would be petrified once Joel reached the weapon and used the signal of Why-man to petrify the whole world.[23]


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