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As the two used to work for Ibara, the two seem to have known each other for a long time. While Kirisame is focused and dedicated to her duties, Moz tended to focus more on women and fighting. Despite her disgust at him, she did seem to hold respect for his abilities. Kirisame once found it troubling if he was betraying the Petrification Kingdom. She also described Moz as "the last person you'd want to make as an enemy, but a surprisingly reliable ally".[1]

In turn, Moz has never been seen flirting with her nor did he seemed to view her as a potential romantic partner unlike other (beautiful women) despite her not being unattractive. He also did hold some respect for her strength and considered her a good warrior but correctly deduced he would be able to beat her in a one on one fight if she ever lost the Petrification Weapon. The two now work together again under the Kingdom of Science and are more casual.


They met formally with Kohaku making it look like Senku was her lover and kissing him to prove it. When they fought Kirisame looked down on Kohaku for not being able to fight, since she was restrained by her dress and couldn’t fight well. After Ibara was defeated, the two had a sparring match, with Kohaku proving to be an equal to Kirisame. The surprised Kirisame who had to acknowledge the impressive skill of Kohaku.

Now that Kirisame has joined the Kingdom of Science, they now work well as the Warriors and are surprisingly a good team.

Senku Ishigami[]

As Kirisame was originally working for Ibara under the misconception that he was taking orders from the leader (unaware Ibara had already petrified the real leader and was abusing his power) she was enemies of the Kingdom of Science. Despite this, once Ibara's deception was revealed and his betrayal of her, Senku showed kindness and mercy. He revived her, revealing how she was tricked and claimed he did so to learn of Ginro's and Kohaku's location after she petrified and disposed of their bodies.

But despite this, Senku didn't mind when Soyuz ordered her to follow them. While the two have little interaction, the two seem to get along fine as she is often amazed at the scientific wonders he creates and also surprised at his personality.


After her induction into the Kingdom of Science, Minami Hokutozai notes they have similar serious attitudes, which results in a very typical flustered reaction from Kirisame before she denies it. The two have never interacted.[2]


Initially, Kirisame was loyal to the leader of treasure island who was Soyuz's father. When he arrived at the island with the Kingdom of Science, she was initially under Ibara's orders (who she believed was proxy for the real leader but that was not the case) and went against him. But after Ibara's deception was revealed and he was defeated, Soyuz reclaimed his rightful place as leader of Treasure Island she swore her loyalty to him. He sent her with the kingdom of science because he felt they would need strong warriors, and she immediately obeyed.


While the two did not have much interaction, she did seem to care for him as when Ibara concocted a scheme to take down the Kingdom of Science that would require Oarashi being petrified, she showed concern for his wellbeing. Despite Ibara's obvious lack of care for his wellbeing, Oarashi still trusted Ibara over Kirisame's worry for him.


She initially acted under his orders believing his words were the leader of treasure island's words. However, once his deception was revealed, Ibara wasted no time in petrifying and betraying her, while Kirisame referred to him as scum.


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