Kirisame (キリサメ) is one of the two strongest warriors in the Petrification Kingdom, the other being Mozu.


Kirisame is a slender woman comparable to Kohaku in height, with black dreads with caps at the tips, and stone ornaments in her hair. She has narrow, green-colored eyes and is usually expressionless. She has facial markings of unknown origin that extend from the top of her eyebrows in a curl, similar to Mozu’s.

She wears a loose, ornate dress with a gap that exposes her torso, and a strange mass of unknown bulbous objects covering her chest, and a necklace that covers most of her neck made of stone.

A few years in the past she wore a similar, see-through dress with dark patterns in the middle to cover her lower half.


Kirisame is a cold, collected individual who, unlike her colleague Mozu, appears more professional, rarely smiling or relaxing, coming off as unflappable.

However, she occasionally shows cracks in this personality, for example, towards romance. When Kohaku kissed Senku under the pretense that he was her boyfriend, Kirisame was incredibly flustered. She also blushed at being hinted to have an attraction to Kinro.

Kirisame is loyal to the head of Treasure Island, unknowingly committing evil in his name due to Ibara's wicked manipulations. After learning she had been duped into unjustly petrifying the islanders for years, Kirisame was angered.

Since accepting Soyuz as the leader of Treasure Island, Kirisame has noticeably mellowed out. She joins the Kingdom of Science on his request, following Senku's orders.

Abilities and Skills

Physical Abilities

Kirisame is strong and fast enough to overwhelm Kohaku in combat, making her a threatening adversary. However, it should be noted that Kohaku was restrained by her dress and couldn’t fight well. In their recent sparring match, Kohaku proved to be an equal to Kirisame.


Kirisame wields the mysterious Petrification Weapon and uses it under the command of Ibara. She keeps it inside a pocket on her chest, when not in use. When fighting Kohaku after her revival, she uses two handheld versions of the club-like weapon Mozu uses.



When Kirisame was a child, she spoke to the head of the Petrification Kingdom, and he told her that the range of the Petrification Weapon must never be abused.

5 years before the present, Kirisame and Mozu confronted a group of teenagers attempting to leave Treasure Island. After expressing disinterest in Mozu’s perverted thoughts, she activated the Petrification Weapon and petrified all of the teenagers, with the exception of a young Amaryllis.


Treasure Island Arc

She is petrified by Ibara after learning of the Head's true state. After she is revived, she takes Soyuz's place aboard the Perseus, becoming a member of the Power Team for the Kingdom of Science.



  • Her name Kirisame is the Japanese word for Drizzle [4]


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