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The Kingdom of Science Arc is the third arc of Dr. Stone and is the first arc of the Ishigami Village Saga.

Presumed dead by Tsukasa, the trio of friends split, with Taiju and Yuzuriha returning to Tsukasa's side while Senku seeks out the person who lit the fires. Saving her life, she leads him to her village, where Senku gains allies in his fight against Tsukasa.


In a flashback, Senku's revival is shown, along with his subsequent actions: saving all the information he could about his revival, then getting the basics for survival. He calculates the new date and carves it onto a nearby tree. Senku tries to make fire, but fails with the tools he has, so instead he learns to knap rocks and makes some stone tools, then uses them to make rope, then uses the rope to make a bow drill and then creates fire. Later, he makes clothes for himself using deer hide.[1]

With the survival basics done, he begins working on undoing petrification.[2] Back in the current time, Senku comes back to life. The trio decide to pretend Senku is still dead, and have Taiju and Yuzuriha return to Tsukasa, while Senku goes to find the person who lit the fires from before.[3] However, Tsukasa finds the girl first, and they fight, ending with Tsukasa trapping her under a tree. Senku frees her using pulleys.[4] She leads him to her village, and Senku meets the guards, discovering a primitive community.[5]

After a show of science, Ginro runs to get Chrome, the village's sorcerer. Senku and Chrome have a battle of scientific techniques, which Senku easily wins and gains access to Chrome's hut. While they talk in the hut, Chrome tells him he collected everything to try healing Ruri, chief Kokuyo's daughter. In return, Senku tells him about the old world.[6]

Since Ruri is Kohaku's sister, she also agrees to help Senku to save her sister. They decide to make Sulfa drugs, an antibiotic.[7] First, they collect iron sand from a river and find Suika, a helpful young girl who wears a watermelon on her head. They try refining the iron in a blast furnace but they don't have enough manpower to make it work.[8] Using Suika to find out what the villagers want, Senku decides they'll make Ramen in exchange for work. It tastes awful, but it works for their purposes.[9] While everyone is eating, Gen slips into the village: a spy from the Tsukasa Empire. Gen and Senku interrogate each other for info, and it's revealed Gen simply wants to be on the winning side with an easy life.[10]

Wanting to make a power plant, the group rush to make a magnet and lightning rod before the thunder storm is over. They're almost delayed by Magma and his gang, but get diverted by Gen's basic magic tricks.[11] To make the rest of the power plant, they make a crank-powered dynamo, and to test it, light up a bamboo filament which awes the villagers.[12]

Gen's depetrification is revealed, showing Tsukasa having collected hundreds of statues ready to be revived as more nitric acid is collected. Gen's task is to confirm whether or not Senku is truly dead. Instead, Gen appears to die by a mysterious person's hand, but cheap magic tricks save him. He returns to the Empire and tells Tsukasa that Senku is dead in exchange for a certain item.[13]

Meanwhile, Kohaku explains why Gen was attacked, assuming it had something to do with her and the last Grand Bout. Senku decides winning the bout would be a great opportunity for more manpower, and gets Kinro and Ginro to enter on their side, and they train with Kohaku.[14] Next, they make glass and glasses for Suika.[15] They try glassblowing, but fail, so Chrome kidnaps the village's craftsman Kaseki. After some persuasion, he easily picks it up and the Kingdom of Science acquire a lab.[16]

The following task is getting sulfuric acid, a dangerous substance that they can only get from a specific lake, however to get close enough to collect the acid, they need to make gas masks.[17] Initially Senku wants to go alone, to make sure they don't all die if the gas masks don't work, but Chrome insists it'll be safer with two people.[18] They go to the lake and get the acid, Chrome almost falls in but Ginro saves him.[19] They return triumphant and begin making the drug, with the Grand Bout happening the next day.[20]

Story Impact[]

  • Senku's time alone before Taiju revived is shown.
  • Kohaku introduces Senku to Ishigami Village after he saves her.
  • Senku decides to look for a cure for Ruri.
  • The Kingdom of Science is founded.
  • Suika, Gen, Kinro, Ginro, and Kaseki join the Kingdom of Science.
  • Gen is introduced, stabbed by Magma, and returns to lie to Tsukasa.
  • Kohaku, Kinro, and Ginro prepare for the Grand Bout.
  • Chrome and Senku collect sulfuric acid from a dangerous spring and almost die.

Characters Introduced[]

Inventions in Order of Acquisition[]

For a complete list of inventions in more detail, see Inventions and Discoveries.

  • Blast Furnace
  • Ramen
  • Iron
  • Magnets
  • Hand-cranked Dynamo
  • Glass
  • Gas Masks


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