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The Kingdom of Science (科学の王国 Kagaku no Ōkoku) is a state created by Senku Ishigami as a means to rival the Tsukasa Empire and bring science and technology back into the world.

General Information[]

The Kingdom of Science is a technocratic nation founded by Senku with the purpose of rebuilding civilization.

It originally started as a small tree house built by Senku when he was released from the stone on April 1, 5738 and after Senku revived Taiju they built the first laboratory.[2]

After Senku was revived, he parted ways with Taiju and Yuzuriha to ensure that Tsukasa doesn't know about his revival. Senku later discovers Ishigami Village, with the help of Kohaku, a resident of that village. While there, Senku gains the trust of Chrome, Kaseki, Kinro, Ginro and Suika. Together they create the official location of the Kingdom of Science headquarters, located right next to Ishigami Village in the clearing that originally held only Chrome's storehouse.[3]

Major Locations[]

Kingdom of Science Main Grounds[]

Kingdom of Science Main Grounds is the original location, located on the outskirts of Ishigami Village. The Kingdom Main Grounds consists of these:

Ishigami Village[]

Further information: Ishigami Village

Ishigami Village (Anime)

Ishigami Village

Ishigami Village is a small community in the Stone World. It is located on two small islands in a large lake surrounded by mountains. The inhabitants of Ishigami Village are direct descendants of the six astronauts that survived the petrification event more than 3715 years prior. The village has a population of 40+.

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower[]

Further information: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower (Manga)

Tsukasa Empire

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower was a building located in Roppongi, Tokyo in Japan. Hundreds of years after the petrification event, the Mori Tower collapsed[4] and the ruins were later used as a base by the Tsukasa Empire. A hut was later constructed on the ruins, used as the Kingdom of Science's second base of operation, and houses the other half of the cellphone for long-distance transmissions and GPS functionality.[5]

Wheat Fields[]

KoS Wheat Fields

Wheat Fields

The wheat fields are located on the plains of Kanto, where Taiju and the power team construct wheat fields to harvest wheat so the Kingdom of Science is able to produce a long preserving bread.[6]

Sagara Oil Fields[]

KoS Sagara Oil Fields

Sagara Oil Fields

The Sagara Oil field is located in Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture. The Sagara Oil Fields is used by the Kingdom of Science to acquire oil from the Earth so that it can be used as a fuel to power machines.[7]

Treasure Island[]

Further information: Treasure Island

Petrification Kingdom (Manga)

Petrification Kingdom

Treasure Island is a small volcanic island where the astronaut team led by Byakuya Ishigami originally landed. Upon their arrival, the astronauts found that the sole inhabitant of the island seemed to have been a hermit who now stood petrified; thus the inhabitants of treasure island are the descendence of the astronauts, some of which left for mainland japan at some point, creating Ishigami Village. The habitants that stayed behind at the island belong to Petrification Kingdom (named after the threatening power of petrification wielded by the master, later found to be a weapon), this population was led by minister Ibara. After the events that unfolded after the arrival of the kingdom of science, it is now led by Soyuz. A radio tower is built on the island, establishing wireless communications with the mainland. The tower bears a flag signifying it is now part of the Kingdom of Science.[8]

It is later the location of the rocket's launch pad.[9]

Corn City[]

Corn City is the result of the Kingdom of Science entering into an agreement with Brody, one of Xeno's original group, with the goal of reviving a city of a million people using the corn fields as a source of food and the alcohol needed for revival fluid.[10]

After the final battle in South America, the American Colony officially allies with the Kingdom, making Corn City the Kingdom's main site of manufacture.[11]

Superalloy City[]

Further information: Superalloy City

Superalloy City is new settlement founded in Araxá, South America.[12] It has Fort Medusa, the location of the Kingdom's last stand against Stanley Snyder.[13] After the second petrification and their subsequent revival, the Kingdom of Science set up a workshop on Isla Martin Garcia, and proceed to begin producing the superalloys needed to rebuild the Perseus and start building rockets. It is populated by the revived locals along with a few Americans from the American Colony.[14]

Fluorite City[]

Despite not being originally listed as one of the main cities necessary for building the rocket, the Perseus arrived in Barcelona, Spain in order to create a small colony for mining fluorite.[15] The fluorite was then used to make better telescope lenses for observing the moon in the hopes of locating Why-man, and for crafting the spacesuits.[16] This is also the only source of olive oil.

Math City[]

Located somewhere along the west coast of India, Math City was created to help with the calculations necessary for space travel.[17] The main resource found for this was Sai, Ryusui's brother and a genius mathematician, however a small community was revived as well.

Aluminum City[]

Aluminum City was founded on the northern tip of Australia, the Cape York Peninsula. There, they begin a large-scale mining operation for getting bauxite, a source of aluminum. People are revived here as well, and corn is brought over from America to feed everyone.[18]

Rubber City[]

Rubber City is located in South Kalimantan on the island of Borneo in Indonesia. Here, they acquire more rubber trees than they had in South America, and remain for a few months in order to farm rice for their return to Japan.[19]


Stone Formula Arc[]

Soon after Senku and Taiju created the Revival Fluid, they were attacked by lions, forcing them into a corner and reviving Tsukasa to save themselves. They would find out that Tsukasa's philosophies differ strongly from their own. His goal was a classless society where only the strong could live, while Senku together with Taiju aimed to bring the world back to how it was, and restart science from the Stone Age.

Vs. Tsukasa Arc[]

Tsukasa is very brutal in trying to achieve his Empire of Might. He smashes every stone person he sees as unworthy. Because of this, Senku aims to directly oppose Tsukasa. He decides the best way to beat him is to create gunpowder. While he does successfully make the gunpowder, it does not stop Tsukasa, and he snaps Senku's neck. Thanks to a bit of stone on his nape still remaining, he is revived. After Senku escapes from Tsukasa, Tsukasa is able to take total control of the Cave of Miracles. With this, Senku becomes determined to build his own Kingdom of Science, meant to take down the Empire of Might and bring science back into the world.

Kingdom of Science Arc[]

Shortly after Kohaku introduces Ishigami Village to him, Senku founds the Kingdom of Science on the land nearby the bridge leading up to the village, he soon learns of Ruri, the village's priestess who contracted a disease during childhood which makes Kohaku have to take care of her by bringing her special water.

Senku decides to develop a sulfa "cure all" drug to cure Ruri and starts to befriend some of the villagers in order to get help making the drug, he meets Gen Asagiri who originally planned to spy for Tsukasa's empire, after seeing all the advancements Senku made Gen decides to defect and join the kingdom.

Senku and his newly found friends end up harnessing the power of electricity and inventing the gas mask in order to collect sulfuric acid for the drug.

Village Games Arc[]

In order to complete the making of the drug the kingdom must acquire alcohol, Senku learns of the Grand Bout and that whoever wins them wins the prize of becoming the village chief and marrying the priestess, but more importantly the winner gets a large supply of alcoholic drinks.

Senku and his friends scheme to cheat the village games, however they end up in a situation where Kinro is defeated by Magma and Kohaku has been tricked into looking for Suika after Mantle has suggested that she may be in trouble, Chrome is forced to face Magma and manages to defeat him by lighting his clothes on fire and pushing him to the water with the help of Gen, Chrome soon passes out and since Senku was set up to face off Chrome Senku ends up the technical winner of the games.

Senku is handed over plenty of alcohol which has turned into vinegar, after he is informed he must marry Ruri, Senku decides to divorce her and proceeds to go make the drug, after plenty of work and with the help of Chrome, Senku finishes the making of the sulfa drug and together they all head over to give the medicine to Ruri.

Senku becomes the village chief and thus de facto annexes the village into the Kingdom of Science.

Village Origins Arc[]

With much resistance from her father Kokuyo, Senku manages to deliver the drug to Ruri and she gets cured. Kokuyo proclaims Senku as the new village chief she says the name of village out loud, which causes Senku to realize the village's name is the same as his own last name. After Ruri tells Senku of the 100 stories, it is revealed to the audience that the origins of the village lie in Senku's own father Byakuya Ishigami and the rest of the ISS crew who survived the petrification event and founded it. Ruri leads Senku to the graveyard where his father is believed to be buried, as he reminisces about the past for a bit, before returning to the village where Gen informs Senku and the others that Tsukasa is planning on invading the village very soon whether Senku is alive or not.

Vs. Hyoga Arc[]

The Kingdom of Science officially go to war with the Empire of Might, due to Tsukasa reviving more followers. They face his second-in-command Hyoga but create a firearm to scare him and his forces. Through this, Hyoga confirmed Senku's living status to Tsukasa.

A second raid is commenced, though the Kingdom of Science have built swords to literally cut through their defenses. Gen also defects to their cause after betraying Hyoga. However, the battle ends in a draw, upon Homura Momiji's destruction of the Ishigami Village.

Regardless, the Kingdom rejoice at pushing the enemy back with false claims of creating poison gas.

Communications Arc[]

After months of preparation, the Kingdom of Science prepared to engage the Empire of Might. With their strategy, the fierce lost to the Kingdom of Science upon Senku's invention of dynamite as a method of forcing a stalemate.

In the end, the Kingdom's numbers grew with Tsukasa's defeat and Hyoga's capture, and the faction merged with the Kingdom of Science.

Age of Exploration Arc[]

Due to Hyoga destroying the cave of miracles, the Kingdom decided to travel the world for the source of revival formula.

In the year 5741, the Perseus was constructed and they set sail for Treasure Island, the island where the astronauts landed on Earth.

Treasure Island Arc[]

While on the Island, they discover that there exists another civilization of primitive humans called the Petrification Kingdom who were under the thumb of a tyrant named Ibara who secretly ruled from the shadows. It also turns out that one of the Kingdom Science's villager Soyuz came from the Island and told them of a weapon that petrified people. Indeed, Ibara used the Petrification weapon to silence anyone, including the original leader.

However, Senku outwitted the old leader and petrified Ibara. The Petrification Kingdom was liberated coming under the possession of the leader's son Soyuz while allying with the Kingdom of Science.

New America City Arc[]

The Kingdom of Science gathered a new weapon and learned of an ominous threat called the Why-man, who had previously been enigmatic to them before.

After weeks of traveling and reviving new warriors, the Perseus reached America.[20]

The Kingdom saw that America was still petrified, as statues were seen in the ocean.[21] They overcame attacks from wildlife and were close to gathering corn for their supplies but came under attack by a revived American Stanley Snyder who attacked them with a machine gun and a fighter plane.[22] [23] It is soon revealed that few Americans were revived on their own and under leadership of Xeno who built a large fortress of weapons. Xeno is unaware of how to create the revival formula.


Inside the Kingdom, Senku split the components into various sub-factions, allowing them to do the job according to their specialty.

Five Wise Commanders[]

The Five Wise Commanders are the sharpest minds in the Kingdom of Science at the time who heard the first message from Why-man. They hold the responsibility to plan out strategies on how they should proceed. The main decision normally comes from Senku, as he is the official leader of the Kingdom of Science. Chrome is the only post-petrification human among them.

Five Wise Commanders

Power Team[]

The Power Team normally do the hard work in order to fulfill the bidding of the Craftsmanship and Development Team. They do hard work such as mining, processing the materials that require great strength, and farmwork. They often help the craftsmanship and Development Team, especially when it comes to the work that requires much manpower to complete it.

Taiju is leader of the Farming Division, with Yo and Magma assisting. Kohaku, Kinro and Ginro forms the Defense Division. After the Treasure Island Arc, Kirisame joined the ranks. Matsukaze's petrified body was found among the bodies thrown into the ocean and revived. He then joined the Kingdom of Science to serve Ginro, who looks similar to his former master (most likely being a distant relative). Later, after Tsukasa's revival he joined the team as the main leader. Tsukasa suggested reviving Hyoga, who agreed to join in exchange for having Homura and Mozu revived and have them join as well. With the joining of the Americans and the KoS, Maya would lend her strength to them and help alongside Taiju. As of now, there are fourteen total members: Taiju, Kohaku, Kinro, Ginro, Magma, Nikki, Yo, Kirisame, Matsukaze, Tsukasa, Hyoga, Homura, Mozu and Maya.

Power Team

Yo Portrait


The Intelligence Team mainly rely on gathering information, such as reconnaissance, espionage, finding a suitable person to revive, and relaying the information back to an appropriate person to do the job. Normally, they report it to Five Wise Commanders so they can make a decision.

Information Team

Craftsmanship and Development[]

The Craftsmanship and Development Team mainly consists of members that excel in manufacture and have knowledge about materials. Senku was mainly responsible for synthesizing chemicals with Chrome as an assistant. Senku does some minor crafting work but this job is mostly done by Kaseki, as he can develop complex items and equipment based on what Senku wants to make. Chrome plays a dual role and often helps Kaseki with crafts, occasionally coming up with his own inventions (though often Senku points out they existed in the old world). Ryusui excels at designing and creating the ship, along with the ideas that can boost the economy of the Kingdom of Science. Yuzuriha is also exceptionally skilled at crafts, mostly soft crafts such as sewing and tailoring, allowing her to create a large variety of clothes with her handicraft work. She occasionally does a degree of hard crafts as well and has worked with Kaseki a few times. Suika later joins this group after the New Stone World Arc, learning under Senku.

Craftsmanship and Development


Further information: Inventions and Discoveries


Kingdom of Science

Soyuz Portrait


  • It is a "kingdom" in name, but clearly functions as a technocracy.
  • According to Gen, including those from Ishigami Village and the revived humans, the Kingdom of Science's population is 150.
    • This number later boost up to 200 with the discovery of Treasure Island.
  • Each of the Five Wise Generals brings a different, but equally important skill.
    • Senku is an encyclopedia of modern chemicals and technology.
    • Gen is an expert trickster and negotiator.
    • Chrome is aware of resource locations, is a craftsman and quick learner.
    • Ryusui is well-versed in sailing and business.
    • Ukyo is knowledgeable about tracking, is an expert marksman and a good scout.


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