The Kingdom of Science (科学の王国 Kagaku no Ōkoku) is a state created by Senku Ishigami as a means to rival Tsukasa's own Empire of Might and bring science back into the world.

General Information

The Kingdom of Science is a technocratic nation founded by Senku with the purpose of rebuilding civilization.

It originally started as a small tree house built by Senku when he was released from the stone on April 1 5738 and after Senku revived Taiju they built the first laboratory. [1]

After Senku was revived he parted ways with Taiju and Yuzuriha to ensure that Tsukasa doesn't know about his revival, Senku discovers Ishigami Village, with the help of Kohaku a resident of that village. While there Senku gains the trust of Chrome, Kaseki, Kinro, Ginro and Suika with their help they create the official location of the Kingdom of Science HQ located right next to Ishigami Village. [2]


Kingdom of Science

Ishigami Village

Empire of Might



Stone Formula Arc

Soon after Senku and Taiju created the Stone Formula, they were attacked by lions, forcing them into a corner and reviving Tsukasa to save themselves. They would find out that Tsukasa's philosophies differ strongly from their own. His goal was classless society where only the strong could live, while Senku together with Taiju aimed to bring the world back to how it was, and restart science from the Stone Age.

Vs. Tsukasa Arc

Tsukasa is very brutal in trying to achieve his Empire of Might. He smashes every stone person he sees as unworthy. Because of this, Senku aims to directly oppose Tsukasa. He decides the best way to beat him is to create gunpowder. While he does successfully make the gunpowder, it does not stop Tsukasa, and he snaps Senku's neck. Thanks to a bit of stone on his nape still remaining, he is revived. After Senku escapes from Tsukasa, Tsukasa is able to take total control of the Cave of Miracles. With this, Senku becomes determined to build his own Kingdom of Science, meant to take down the Empire of Might and bring science back into the world.

Acquisition of Ishigami Village

Kingdom of Science Arc

Village Games Arc

Village Origins Arc

The Stone War

Vs. Hyoga Arc

Communications Arc

Research of the Petrification

Age of Exploration Arc

Sub Factions

Inside the Kingdom, Senku split the components into various sub-factions, allowing them to do the job according to their specialty.

Five Wise Generals

Five Wise Generals are the five Commanders of the Kingdom of Science. They hold responsibility to plan out strategies on how they should proceed. The main decision normally comes from Senku as he is the official leader of the Kingdom of Science. Chrome is the only post petrification human among them.

Five Wise Generals

Power Team

Power Team normally do the hard work in order to fulfill the bidding of Craftmanship and Development team. They do hard work such as mining, processing the material that requires great strength, and farmwork. Taiju Oki is the known leader when it comes to farming. They often help craftmanship and development team, especially when it comes to the work that requires much manpower to complete it.

Power Team

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Information team mainly rely on gathering information, such as reconnaissance, finding a suitable person to revive, and rely the information back to an appropriate person to do the job. Normally, they report it to Five Wise Generals so they can make a decision.

Information Team

Craftsmanship and Development

Craftmanship and Development mainly consist of members that excel in productions and have knowledge about materials. Senku was mainly responsible for creating a scientific component with Chrome mainly as his assistant. Kaseki does the craftmanship work as he can develop complex items and equipment based on what Senku wants to make. Ryusui excel at designing and creating the ship, along with the ideas that can boost the economy of the Kingdom of Science. Yuzuriha excels at sewing and tailoring, allowing her to create varies of clothes of her handicraft work.

Craftsmanship and Development


Ishigami villagers are working for the Kingdom of Science after Hyoga attacks them.

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Spear Team

  1. Kohaku
  2. Kinrou
  3. Ginrou

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Kingdom of Science

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Clinically Deceased

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  • It is a "kingdom" in name, but clearly functions as a technocracy.
  • According to Gen, including those from Ishigami Village and the revived humans, the Kingdom of Science currently numbers at 150.
  • Each of the Five Wise Generals brings a different, but equally important skill.
    • Senku is an encyclopedia of modern chemicals and technology.
    • Gen is an expert trickster and negotiator
    • Chrome is aware of resource locations, is a craftsman and quick learner.
    • Ryusui is well-versed in sailing and business.
    • Ukyo is knowledgeable about tracking, is an expert marksman and a good scout.


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