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Senku Ishigami[]

He finds Senku's stories about science amazing and eagerly builds the invention. He respects Senku as his new chief and a person while Senku values his capabilities.


Kaseki is on good terms with Chrome due to their similar interests in science, craftsmanship, and material gathering. The two often work together on projects like glass and vehicles.

Gen Asagiri[]

He has been said to have a soft spot for Gen. When the Kingdom of Science splits into different groups for a project, Kaseki almost always takes Gen aside to work with him. Kaseki is the only person who can force Gen, who is normally able to outwit anyone, into helping him (mostly because Gen is intimidated by the old man's physique).

Yuzuriha Ogawa[]

While the two don't have too much interaction together, the two get along well as fellow artisans. Both are close to Senku and often help him create his more complicated and intricate inventions. Kaseki helps build her a loom and is saddened when he believes it was not what she wanted. Similarly, when Senku assigned them the task of building a 3d model of the Earth based on his plans, he claimed it was fine for it to be sloppy but both Yuzuriha and Kaseki got angered by his remark, saying that as fellow craftsmen they could not allow their work to be poorly handled and both shared the same level of satisfaction and excitement at its completion.[1]


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