Kaseki (カセキ) is the artisan of Ishigami Village. With expert skill and precision formed by his numerous years of experience as a craftsman, he is a key member of Kingdom of Science, responsible for creating many of their scientific inventions.


Kaseki is a bald and short old man with a large white beard. Although initially appearing to be frail, when fired up, he bursts through his clothes, revealing a muscular body, likely honed by his years working as a craftsman.


Kaseki is an honest older man, pridefully in his work and skill as an artisan. Unassuming unless provoked, he displays boundless energy when excited about his work.

Originally wary of Senku, Kaseki quickly becomes a loyal and prominent member of the Kingdom of Science. His love for crafting since his childhood helps him form strong bonds with advocates of science. Having been relatively isolated for much of his life due to his interests, he now considers Senku and Chrome close friends, despite their age differences.

A genius craftsman, Kaseki picks up techniques with little effort. Upon seeing glass for the first time, he immediately understood how best to work with the material.

As one of the oldest members of the Kingdom of Science, Kaseki is relatively wise. He often imparts wisdom on the other members, and is unafraid to admit his own shortcomings.

Despite his pride, Kaseki often seeks external validation for his work, particularly from women.

Abilities and Skills

Master Artisan

Kaseki is an master artisan with over fifty years of experience. He designed and built much of Ishigami Village, including the island's bridges. He also made the Kohaku's shield, originally for her father Kokuyo as a reward for winning the village tournament and becoming chieftain.

Kaseki picks up new techniques extremely quickly, inherently understanding how to use materials he's never seen before. He can craft objects solely from Senku's diagrams with little practice. He's even able to create extremely complex structures, including engines and vacuum tubes. Senku admits Kaseki's skills far surpass his own.


Along with Chrome, Kaseki is one of the original two members of Ishigami Village with scientific knowledge. He's shown to be extremely knowledgeable, particularly about crafting techniques.

Physical Abilities

Kaseki's physical abilities are high, despite his old age, due to his physically demanding work. However, he has limited combat experience.


Just like the rest of the village, Kaseki is a primitive human. Kaseki is also a descendant of Byakuya Ishigami and his crew. In his youth Kaseki loved crafting all manner of creation however that made the other villagers look at him with disdain in response Kaseki built the Bridges that connect the Ishigami village and started creating the shields for the tribe.


Kaseki swordsmanship

Kaseki crafting katanas.

Kingdom of Science Arc

Kaseki is introduced as one of the inhabitants of Ishigami Village. Upon hearing rumors of Senku, a boy from outside the village, he found it curious.[5]

Suika borrows Lacquer from him to aid in making the generator.

In order to create glass vessel, Chrome solicited Kaseki's assistance, tying him and dragging him back to Senku. The old man at first refused to help them due to his treatment but became intrigued by their attempts at glass work. When Senku and Chrome attempted to amateurishly blow glass and fail it infuriated him to the point that he broke through his bonds and took over the process.[6]

He later aids in making Gas Masks. He inspired Ginro to be less cowardly and this caused him to save Chrome from the acid.

Vs. Hyoga Arc

After Senku became the village head, Kaseki helped in the advancement of their people in his ways. For the village's advancement, Senku along with Kaseki start forging Japanese swords for all their warriors. Senku explains how the task of making these swords is very difficult and tedious, but Kaseki easily learns it. Kaseki was able to make enough swords to equip every capable fighter in the village. [7]

Communications Arc

Kaseki along with Chrome spent three days to build a water wheel/mill, but to their surprise Senku already knew about this invention. The water wheel was then used along with the cotton candy tool to create an electrical water powered generator.[8] He aids Senku and Chrome in making Cotton candy machines, light bulbs and a phone. He aids in making a tank to attack Tsukasa's forces. He aids Senku in freezing Tsukasa.

Age of Exploration Arc

Kaseki aids in building Cameras and a hot air balloon. He makes a car to travel. Kaseki aids in building the Perseus and finishes it in a year. He joins the Perseus as part of the crew.

Treasure Island Arc

Upon reaching Treasure Island he is among those that are petrified by Ibara and his forces. Kaseki's body is shattered and tossed into the sea by Ibara and his men. He is rescued by Taiju, Ryusui and Soyuz and is the third member of the Kingdom of Science to be depetrified. He is recruited to help Senku make a drone.


Senku Ishigami


Kaseki is on good terms with Chrome due to their similar interests in science, craftsmanship and material gathering. The two often work together on projects like glass and vehicles.


  • His name Kaseki is the Japanese word for Fossil.
  • Kaseki has a habit of ripping apart his clothes when excited, even while wearing difficult-to-produce clothing crafted by Yuzuriha.
  • He ranked 9th in the 1st popularity poll and 14th in the second poll.


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