Ishigami Village (石神村 Ishigami Mura) is a small community in the Stone World. Thousands of years ago, it was created by Byakuya Ishigami along with the surviving crew of ISS.


Ishigami Village is located on two small peninsulas in a large lake surrounded by mountains. One is covered in huts with a road down to a few boats, the other hosts the village chief's house and makeshift stadium for the village games.

Ishigami Village is the home of multiple key characters, including Chrome, Kohaku, Ruri, Suika, Kaseki, Ginro, and Kinro.

Kohaku, Kinro, Ginro, Magma, and Kokuyo defend the village. [1]

The village later becomes a base of science operations for Senku to redevelop lost technology such as the Steam Engine, telephone cable, and Katana, etc.


Ishigami Villagers

Ishigami Villagers

En Portrait

Dia Portrait


  • All of the Villages inhabitants appear to incorporate a rope somewhere into their style. It is unknown if this a ritual developed by the village or just a style the village has.
  • Kohaku, コハク Amber
  • Ruri, ルリ Lapis Lazuli
  • Kokuyo, 黒曜石 (コクヨ) Obsidian
  • Jasper, 碧玉 (ジャスパー) Jasper
  • Turqoise, ターコイズ
  • Genbu, 玄武 Black Tortoise
  • Magma, マグマ
  • Mantle,マントル
  • Shirogane, 白金 (シロガネ) Platinum
  • Soyuz, ソユーズ
  • Hagane, ハグネ Steel
  • Argo, アルゴ Argon
  • Tetsuken, 鉄犬 (テツイヌ) Iron + Dog
  • Kinro, (キン) (ロー) Gold + Wolf
  • Ginro, (ギン) (ロー) Silver + Wolf
  • Carbo, カーボ Carbon
  • Beryl, ベリー
  • Natri, なとり Natrium (Latin for Sodium)
  • Alumi, あるみ Aluminium
  • Kaseki, カセキ Fossil
  • Titan, チタン Titanium
  • Suzu, すず Tin
  • Sagan, サガン Sandstone
  • En, 工ン Salt
  • Ganen, ガン工ン which means Halite aka Rock Salt
  • Suika, スイカ Watermelon
  • Unmo, ウンモ Mica
  • Chrome, クロム Chromium
  • Shovel, ショベル
  • Namari, ナマリ Lead
  • Sho, () Coral Reef
  • Sango, (サン) () Coral
  • Azura, あずら Azurite
  • Kujaku, () (ジャク) Malachite
  • Chalk, チョーク
  • Alabaster, アラバスタ As is (Type of gypsum)
  • Dia, ダイヤ Diamond
  • Ruby, ルビイ
  • Sapphire, サファイア
  • Garnet, ガーネット


  1. Chapter 47, page 16

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