Hyoga ( (ヒョウ) () Hyōga) is a survivor that was revived by Tsukasa Shishio. He is a member of Tsukasa's Empire of Might.


Hyoga is a tall and fairly built man with light colored hair. For unknown reasons, he is seen squinting most of the time. He wears bird feathers around his neck, and a mask covering his nose and mouth because of his terrible de-petrification scar.


Hyoga has an easy going attitude towards everything, even at situation the do not work in his favor he still remains calm. When Gen betrayed him Hyoga did not seem bothered by it even though his weapons were destroyed in mid battle.

Abilities And Skills

Physical Abilities

Hyoga is one of the strongest characters in series, as seen when he faced off against 10 other men and easily defeated them in few seconds. He was able to take on Magma, Kohaku, and Kinro; the strongest three fighters in the village, and was able to stand his ground until his rigged weapon fell apart.[1]



4/5 C
5/5 A
5/5 A
5/5 A
Hyoga's stats, according to Volume 6


Hyoga was alive before everyone turned into stone more than 3000 years ago.


Hyoga was broken out of his stone form by Tsukasa to form the Empire of Might.

Hyoga and a some members of the Empire of might attacked Ishigami Village.[2] During Hyoga's assult on the village, Hyoga faced off against the three stongest members; Magma, kohak, and kinro. Houyga was holding off all the fighters until his spear fell apart, it was revealed that Gin double crossed him and rigged all of their weapons.[3]


  • Hyoga's name is composed of "hyō" ( ice) and "?" ( month; moon) to create Hyoga (Ice Moon).
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