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Not much known of his background, but he was either acquainted with Tsukasa, or he was famous enough for Tsukasa to know him. He also learned fighting with a spear in Kan style in his childhood, a technique accumulated over generations in his family.[1]


Vs. Hyoga Arc[]

Hyoga is broken out of his stone form by Tsukasa to aid the Tsukasa Empire. He shows off his skill after the warriors were skeptical of his battle prowess. Hyoga and Tsukasa spoke about the world, agreeing that it can't sustain billions of humans in its current state and that the bureaucracy of the old world would return once the entirety of the population is brought back. Hyoga states that the current world needs a "culling".[2]

Hyoga and some members of the Empire of Might attack Ishigami Village. Hyoga easily overwhelms the guard Kinro, however, his group were forced to retreat because of Senku creating a firearm illusion and Gen warning them of the alleged gun threat. Hyoga was amazed to actually meet the still living Senku and by the fact that he created a firearm to combat Tsukasa. [3]

Tsukasa's warriors are angered at the unexpected retreat, while Gen suggests they attack the village during a storm to eliminate the possible threat of guns. Hyoga warns them that since they know Senku is alive, they need to plan the assault carefully and regroup with the main army as they could be going into another trap otherwise. He is then called out by the rest of the warriors who think that he's scared and can't fight properly without the hollowed-spear technique he uses as he's not very muscular. This prompts Gen to inspect the spear, only to be threatened by Hyoga unless he lets go of it immediately. Hyoga thinks to himself that using present warriors as fodder is fine, as long as it gives a clue on the Kingdom of Science's strength.[4]

As the Kingdom of Science shows off their newly crafted katanas, Hyoga's men are quickly losing morale to fight them with less efficient weapons. Hyoga scolds his group for giving up even before engaging them into a fight and claims his spearmanship won't lose to the katana. He counters all of the 5 warriors from the Ishigami Village, Kohaku noting his tremendous strength to be far different from the rest of the group.

He is quickly informed by Gen that the strongest warriors in the village are Kohaku, Magma and Kinro and that once Hyoga defeats the three of them victory is guaranteed. Hyoga receives this and says the information was fairly obvious to conclude. Magma rushes in to fight him but is once again swiftly defeated, as Kohaku jumps into the air to attack him from above. Hyoga anticipates this and returns the strike right at Kohaku's abdomen by twisting his spear at the base with a fulcrum which thereby increases the circular motion of the spear - effectively making Kohaku unable to observe the spear's position. Before making contact however, his spear's tip breaks apart.

Hyoga remembers Gen tampering with his spear and observes that the cut on the weapon was precise, small and very hard to see - almost like a magic trick. He accuses Gen of being a traitor, which the latter confirms.[5]

Senku's adversary compliments the Kingdom of Science on doing things "properly". But, as it turns out, Hyoga has Homura set the village on fire while his attack was intended to be a distraction. As the flames engulf the entire residential area, Hyoga explains that Ishigami Village couldn't even abandon one of their gatekeepers, and therefore they will take another hostage as the residents flee the smoke to gain leverage over Senku. As Suika intends to act as a decoy so others can escape, Hyoga comments on her naivety, saying that it only makes their plans easier. While Tsukasa's group pursues Suika, Senku yells for Suika to get above the oncoming poisonous gas carried by the winds. Hyoga notices this and climbs the tree along with his henchman.

The rest of the warriors climb the tree Hyoga and Homura are on, and as mask-wearing Senku confirms that he is the one allegedly responsible for the inflow of poisonous gas, Hyoga pushes a few of the muscular men to the ground where the gas has accumulated. Once they are killed by the effect of the gas, Hyoga concludes that the Kingdom of Science already has diverse amount of resources at their disposal. He states that their force should be conquered with an onslaught of Tsukasa's entire army.[6]

Communications Arc[]

Considering they need a significant portion of manpower to prepare them for the winter, in his conversation with Tsukasa, Hyoga adds that Senku's Ishigami Village is surrounded by water. They note even attacking the frozen waters in winter would require a wasteful supply chain. Tsukasa agrees that the decisive battle is to be fought in the spring.

Hyoga inquires whether Taiju and Yuzuriha should be allowed to roam freely. Tsukasa replies that they should be carefully monitored, but not cut off. The important thing is to keep the knowledge that Senku is alive hidden from them, in case they don't already know. Even if they are double agents, they have no means of conveying information to Senku. Tsukasa states that what the group should focus on is a preemptive strike from the Kingdom of Science instead, as Hyoga replies that Homura is standing watch, albeit with an information delay too as there is no means of direct communication either on their side. Hyoga reflects on the critical importance on information communication at the primitive stone age.[7]

After Tsukasa's sister, Mirai is recovered, Hyoga assaults Mirai while claiming that he had no chance in a fair fight with Tsukasa unless he had someone to protect. Tsukasa steps in to protect Mirai, being pierced with Hyoga's spear instead of his sister.

As Senku rushes to grab a falling Tsukasa's hand, Hyoga pushes them both of a cliff into the river, following them until the reach the shore. He then states to Senku that he has planned for the current of the river to carry a wounded Tsukasa and him to a secluded spot so he could have a conversation with him alone, threatening him with torture if Senku does not comply.

Hyoga then claims that the initial petrification phenomenon which happened thousands of years ago was for the purpose to purge humanity - only those who excel and are competent enough to survive have the right to live. As Senku disagrees with Hyoga's philosophy, Hyoga begins to threaten Senku with torture unless he accepts his proposal to join him.

While the supposedly panicked Senku attempts to throw stones at him, Hyoga scorns him for being a coward, not realizing the stones are petrified birds on which Senku used miracle fluid prior to throwing them. In a brief moment of confusion, he gets assaulted by Tsukasa.

After Senku and Tsukasa team up in order to beat Hyoga, he says he will not be giving them time to organize a plan while "chatting" and swiftly attacks them. While clashing, Senku and Tsukasa goad him into a gunpowder trail, igniting it while Hyoga stands on it, but to no avail as the latter quickly neutralizes it with his spear. Senku then threatens to take Hyoga down with "just one fingertip" to which Hyoga responds by calling it a bluff and striking him.

Tsukasa engages Hyoga once again as Senku is pushed aside from the strike. Hyoga eventually overpowers Tsukasa and inquires why the latter is still fighting - Tsukasa saying that it was fun having a short-term alliance with Senku and that it was worth spending his last moments for. As Hyoga prepares to finish Tsukasa off, Senku reveals two wires protruding out of his fingers that are fueled by manganese batteries. Tsukasa then quickly grabs Hyoga's spear to immobilize him for enough time for Senku to electrocute him, knocking him out and ultimately defeating him. Afterwards, he, and Homura are placed in cells and given food by Kohaku. Even while detained, he mocked his foes for not killing him and doubts Tsukasa would survive but Kohaku told him not to count Senku out on not finding a way.[8]

Treasure Island Arc[]

He and Homura are still imprisoned onboard the Perseus, Senku wanted them to come just in case.

While still on the ship, he and Homura were petrified off-screen by Kirisame. His statue was spotted by Ibara who left him alone.

Senku revives Hyoga out to aid him in fighting Moz and Ibara. A battered Kinro gives Hyoga his golden spear. [9]

Hyoga's revival creates a stand still, as the people of Treasure Island were shocked to see a statue revived and the Perseus crew worried about his threat. Hyoga then sees Moz's strength, deducing Mozu is why he was freed. Hyoga weighs his options to either destroy or side with Senku. When Gen and Nikki are hatching a plan to trick Moz into attacking Hyoga so the latter would be forced too fight back, Hyoga stopped him. However, he praises them and the rest of the Kingdom of Science for being so efficient at what they do - schemes included - hinting that deciding to side with them would be easy if they weren't so dedicated to reviving everyone. Moz attempts to get him on his side, secretly planning to kill him later, but Hyoga chooses to side with the Kingdom of Science instead.[10]

Moz goes on to fight Hyoga, after failing sway him into allying with him. In the fight, Moz noted Hyoga was the first warrior to get him to struggle. Hyoga then dove into the water and Moz pursued him. Hyoga's act was to meet up with Senku, as he knew the latter could modify his spear to use his fighting style. In the end, Hyoga defeated Moz when he used the Kan Style with Kinro's spear. [11] When the island was being engulfed in petrification beam, Hyoga remarked that the others see him and Moz as dangerous and its unlikely they'd be freed. However, Hyoga promised if they are that they would spar again, and that Moz would be free to pursue the Kan Style for himself as long as he strove to do it well. He, along with Moz and everyone else (but Senku) on the island was petrified by Ibara. [12]

New America City Arc[]

During the journey to America it is revealed that Hyoga's statue was taken by the Kingdom of Science. Hyoga is revived by Senku at Tsukasa's request to teach the Kingdom of Science's fighters modern weapon fighting techniques. He gives Tsukasa a tense glare after seeing he's still alive, before he agrees to do this on the condition that he gets to revive Homura and Moz. He then starts to train Matsukaze and the others.[13]

Very soon, the Perseus reached land and Hyoga was pleased with this.[14]

When the Perseus arrives in San Francisco, the warrior team follows the exploration crew. Soon alligators attack, though Hyoga and the other warriors defeat the beasts, they soon use the Alligator meat to restock on supplies. Hyoga is exceptionally pleased with the hamburgers that François made from them. [15]

At night, when Tsukasa senses a bloodlust and a smell of gun smoke somewhere hidden, Hyoga remembered the trail of kernel that kept floating downstream, bobbing along down the river. He soon realizes that there's an enemy luring the Science Kingdom into his trap, causing Tsukasa to alert Hyoga and everyone else to retreat and take cover inside the boat before the enemy shot with a machine gun on them.[16]

The group then flee the scene being pursued by the attacker who is revealed to have built an aircraft. When Yo desperately tries to shoot the plane, Hyoga tells him it's pointless and a waste of ammo. Hyoga then watched Senku have Kirisame bring down the ship, before they procure the downed plane.[17]

Hyoga was chosen as part of a exhibition team in combating Dr. Xeno alongside Suika, Tsukasa and Ukyo. [18]

Hyoga and his group soon arrived at the colony fortress, where they find Chrome and Kohaku surveying. The two are relieved because of the extra help. However, they soon get a message from the Perseus in our shocked when it is revealed that Senku was shot. Chrome realize that everything now depending on him as the last scientist of the kingdom.[19]

Chrome soon came up with the idea to create a drill, Hyoga sat by perplexed while Ukyo and Tsukasa already knew what it was a drill. [20]

To prepare the drill, they have Hyoga create a hole with his spear. Hyoga was dismayed that his ancient arts was being used for something trivial, only to loosen up as Kohaku describes it as a unique. They are surprised when Taiju arrived with the drill and Carlos, one of the enemy colony members. Hyoga was pleased, as with Carlos drawing a description of the layout it would be easy for Gen to guide them. While surveying the fortress, they note radio waves could be tracked.[21]

South America Arc[]

After taking a rest on a small island, they discover Chelsea across the continent is via motorcycles, prompting Senku to create a roadmap in the steps needed to make one.[22]

While escaping Stanley and his unit, Hyoga obliged Xeno's suggestion to be used a shield. However, he wondered to himself on the latter's intentions.

While observing the enemy, After taking a rest on a small island, they discover Chelsea across the continent is via motorcycles, prompting Senku to create a roadmap in the steps needed to make one.[22]

While observing the enemy, Hyoga soon witnesses Maya Biggs suddenly halt, questioning on why. When Maya says that her "instincts as the all-American women's-division MMA champ" are telling her something. After this, he is surprised when Maya immediately spots where he, Kohaku and Tsukasa were hiding. Realizing they were seen, the group decide to engage them in battle.[23]

A brawl breaks out between them and Maya Biggs was defeated by Tsukasa who ended up being shot. When Kohaku was distracted, Hyoga took a bullet from Stanley Snyder and weakly reminded her of the mission. Kohaku then destroyed the communicator of Leonard Maxwell before she and Hyoga were dispatched by Stanley. That night, Hyoga's lifeless body was spotted by a dying Tsukasa who noted on how Hyoga's efforts. [24]

Hyoga would be petrified alongside the rest of his comrades as the petrification beam that was launched from America reaches South America.[25]

New Stone World Arc[]

Three years later, Hyoga's statue is collected by Suika who was revived earlier. She places Hyoga with her other collected allies.[26]

After the revival of Tsukasa, the latter noted to Senku about Hyoga who Senku said was next. Despite worries of Tsukasa, Hyoga is revived with all of his injuries healed. He shares words of thanks to his allies for bring him back. Hyoga and Tsukasa later hunted several animals and used their pelts to make new outfits for everyone.[27]

Several days pass with a factory being created, Hyoga helps Tsukasa with hunting so the meat could be preserved in the alloy cans they've made for the long journey and the people they intend to revive. After countless days, Superalloy City was established once several people were revived.[28]

Globetrotting Arc[]

Hyoga is placed with the group that travel back to America and revive those in Corn City while being partnered with: Taiju, Ukyo, Luna, Carlos, and Max.[29]

Moon Mission Arc[]

Hyoga is shown doing the clothed swimming test, beating everybody except Tsukasa.[30]


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