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Homura Momiji[]

Homura is Hyoga's lieutenant.

Hyoga is very appreciative of skilled, self sufficient and disciplined people, and Homura is all of those things. Hyoga delegates critical tasks to her with little to no doubt on her capabilities to see them to completion, an example being how he knew she could handle the job of setting the Ishigami Village ablaze and wasted no time in bragging about her.

Homura is extremely loyal to Hyoga and will never dare disobey him. She gave no opinion when Hyoga disposed of his troops in the poison gas, and supported him on his plan to betray Tsukasa. She also made an attempt to rescue him from Senku after he was defeated by electric shock but was stopped immediately by the kingdom's battle team.

Homura's bond with Hyoga seems to be much more emotional on her side than on his. During her days tracking the telephone crew as they made their approach towards the empire, she could be seen occasionally whispering his name to herself, when she wakes up alone at dawn, or mentally bidding him farewell as she's ambushed by the battle team and thinks her life has come to an abrupt end. When she was put in prison, she saw the silver lining of the situation in that she got to spend this time with him. It was shown in an extra that during this time she thought of playing word games with Hyoga, which he bluntly refused.

After his third liberation, Hyoga requested he be allowed to revive Homura, something that was agreed.

His Spear[]

Hyoga is heavily reliant on his spear, called a Kudayari, which is a spear with a sliding handle tube, which serves both to slide while thrusting, and to apply torsion in order to make the spear oscillate with a circular motion, a technique called the Kan-Ryu style.

Hyoga's power only reaches the overwhelming level he's known for when equipped with the spear, and is relatively weak otherwise. He's dedicated a lot of time in his life to master the Kan-Ryu style, and besides relying on it for fighting, he takes great pride in the technique, being eager to train fighters he deems worthy in the skill, such as Moz.

His connection to his spearmanship works the other way too, as when the Kingdom of Science revived him as a last resort (while still being an enemy), he chose to side with them only out of disapproval of Moz's shallow appreciation for women; his allegiance to the kingdom was only solidified further when it provided him with a new, scientifically enhanced kudayari. It is then that Hyoga realizes that the martial arts perfected through continuous effort through generations is a close analog to the scientific process.


Tsukasa Shishio[]

Hyoga and Tsukasa appeared to have known each before the petrification, as Tsukasa searched for Hyoga to revive him. Hyoga become one of Tsukasa's commanding officers, as Tsukasa sent him to find the Ishigami Village and Senku. As noted by Gen, the pair were in agreement with each other on dealing with humanity's revival and made a deadly team with their skill.

After Tsukasa surrendered to Senku and got his sister back, Hyoga betrayed him, stating he waited for an opportune moment when Tsukasa was defenseless and left him severely wounded. Tsukasa would of died, had Senku not froze and later petrified him.

Soon Tsukasa realized Hyoga was once more needed to train the warriors in weaponry. To this end, he asked Senku to revive Hyoga, believing that he was better suited. Tsukasa appeared to still hold a grudge for the attempt on his life but promised to put it aside for humanity's future. Hyoga also took time to glare at Tsukasa at his revival but seeing the latter is at full strength agreed.[1] Tsukasa also tries to make sure Hyoga is involved with the activities, specifically asking for his input.[2]

When Hyoga was gunned down by Stanley, Tsukasa was concerned and briefly mourned him. After his revival, Tsukasa witnessed Hyoga returned in good health.


They first meet when Moz helped in cornering Senku's group on the Perseus.

Senku resolved to free Hyoga to have a chance against Moz. At first, Moz was amazed to witness someone awake from petrification. He then wondered if Hyoga was a strong opponent. Hyoga grasped the situation easily and converse with Moz on why he should ally with him and was disappointed with the answer. After his offer was refused, Moz wasted no time in engaging Hyoga.

In the fight, Moz noted Hyoga was the first warrior to get him to struggle and Hyoga was surprised to actually meet someone like Moz. After Hyoga modified his spear, he turned the tables on Moz and won the battle, Moz gave a sign of acknowledgement for his skill.[3] When the island was being engulfed in petrifaction, Moz and Hyoga promised if they’d be freed then they would spar again.[4]

After Hyoga's third release, he agreed to join the Kingdom of Science if he was allowed to revive Moz, keeping his promise to spar.[5]


They met during his second attack on the village. He was impressed by her in defeating his lackeys, stating to Gen that he wasn't surprised by her status as strongest but engaged her in battle nonetheless. Kohaku was in awe at his skill, especially when he easily overwhelmed her and the village warriors. During the final battle between their two kingdoms, Kohaku challenged Hyoga to a rematch. Though she was defeated she still persisted.

After the fall of Tsukasa's empire and its integration into Kingdom of Science, along with their many advances and hurdles, Hyoga's relationship with Kohaku changes. Although the group suspects that Hyoga could potentially hurt Kohaku if he deems the situation appropriate to betray the group, Hyoga instead helps Kohaku and shows no animosity towards her. On his dying breath, Hyoga berates Kohaku for being distracted because of his wounds, and tells her to destroy the communication device Stanley's team carries to make their advance towards the Kingdom of Science harder.[6]

Senku Ishigami[]

Hyoga and Senku have a complex relationship.

They first meet as Senku scares Hyoga's men off with a gun, during the raid. Hyoga was impressed by Senku's skill, as Senku bravely asks Hyoga to tell Tsukasa that he is still alive, thus invalidating Gen's earlier claims. Senku was aware of how dangerous Hyoga was and prepared a method to defeat him. Senku manages to create Japanese katanas for the Kingdom of Science in the second raid became further impressed with him.

After the Stone Wars to claim the Miracle Cave ends in a truce, in exchange for reviving Mirai, Hyoga betrays Tsukasa by stabbing him in his lungs, with Senku following soon after. Senku refused Hyoga's offer to join him and didn't want to listen to his justification regarding the culling.[7]Thanks to Tsukasa and Senku's joint effort, Hyoga is finally defeated and has been imprisoned on the Perseus.

Later, during the attack of the Petrification Kingdom, Senku and his group were back into a corner but Hyoga is revived as Senku's last-ditch effort.[8] In the end, Hyoga decides to help Senku in battling Mozu, and trusted him enough to modify his spear, which allows him to defeat Mozu.[9]

Afterwards, Senku seemed to let go of any animosity towards Hyoga and revived him a third time and didn't mind to honor about Hyoga's "one condition" for agreeing to help the Kingdom of Science and train Matsukaze.[10] He also didn't think much of Hyoga's potential desire for reprieve because, casually telling him it would not mean much in a scientific civilization.

On Hyoga's side, even though he respects Senku's intelligence and work ethic a lot, Hyoga doesn't make any attempt to get closer to Senku apart from what is strictly necessary during meetings.


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